THIS EPISODE MADE ME CRY | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 2

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    Itsy bitsy teeny tiny Little Nightmares 2
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    1. • Konomi-san •

      I love how everyone roasts the bullies lol

    2. viv is not a fujo

      sean find’s new hat: me: PUT THE HAT ON SEAN. *PUT THE HAT ON.*

    3. Sydney Millender

      Wait I just had a theory is the empty clothes were six killed the pig human creatures in the end of the last game?!?!

    4. -Salt.

      lmao the Gordon Ramsay impression was really good

    5. Napsugar Banfalvi

      do any of you know what all the clothes without people stand i notices that they were always adult clothes but other then that i got nothin

    6. JNeal

      @36:09 lmfao. That impression was spot on. Haha

    7. Blashmaster

      “It takes two six, together we are twelve” -Jacksepticeye

    8. Jin Slif

      teacher reminds me of a Rokurokubi

    9. ManedWolfMonarch

      someone needs to make a compilation of all the time the character gets bonked with the Taco Bell Bong sound byte.

    10. lyvia ;-;

      I don’t know how I fell asleep watching this

    11. - DP07 -

      I get this is a month late comment but he ran straight past a hat:(

    12. Baby Quinn

      Kids have lost their mind

    13. lala Bath

      53:49 😂😂😂

    14. Lord Explosion Murder

      children: *get obliterated by falling bucket* Sean: *Proceeds to laugh his ass off*

    15. Bradley Dragon

      she looks like teh snake thing from darksouls

    16. Kenneth Howe

      u r still six he has ur coat u shall eat him like u did the nome u r the nightmare

    17. Mr12Relic

      12:40 Every fail vid where a kid goes under a swing at the park

    18. KatAnimeFan

      They might be smaller than the adults to emphasize how little power they are given from the start because of their age. That would also explain why there are tools for their size in almost every building. It's because the adults aren't actually giants compared to Mono and six, it's just that they feel tiny and helpless and see the grown ups as people who can tower over them easily.

    19. The White Raven


    20. Ells

      Did anyone else notice that they were singing the same song that was on the tv in little nightmares 1? At around 39:33 ish (you can still hear them at 39:33)

    21. roach the cat

      20:00 Whelp, I ain’t sleeping tonight

    22. Raymond Grapes

      Someone watched a lot of Home Alone to set up all the traps.

    23. TerqR

      58:05 the music relaxed

    24. TerqR

      At 46:21 the music is so peaceful why don’t they make that the end music?

    25. TerqR

      At 20:03 that neck tho

    26. The ADDventure

      I'm so mad that you figured out what you needed to do right away to close that garbage bin, that took me far longer then I would like to admit to figure that out

    27. cocoa king9

      Jacksepticeye you could have gotten a achievement if you would have left the triangle head guy alone and just went through the door

    28. Toyuki Ch.

      45:06 “u wanna go too?” Bully: *YAH*

    29. C h e l s e a C o r d e z

      I was drinking Fanta during the teacher directing and putting organs into that puppet thing in the lab. That was probably a bad idea

    30. smartboy201

      34:56 "Their head's already in next week..." ... NECK-ST week?

    31. Crazy Kayla


    32. Shelby Ames

      At 37:41 u can see his entire face if u pause it at the right moment

    33. Erika Summer

      13:35 "Uuuh, Six. Could you lock me in here?" 16:22 Bully: "Gladly."

    34. Kyle Lien

      Hey jack i like you cool pennywise voice

    35. Roooky

      Wait. The yellow jacket thing made me realize, this might be a prequel to the first and something happens to many near the end of this game

    36. cybernetjr

      The sound in the chess area sounds kinda of 7 day to die


      Their called nomes


      The beginning of kids on sugar 37:08


      Best giraffe neck reaction 20:03

    40. Andy Rooo


    41. MrDoodless

      45:58 ima f#%k you up Top 10 best one liners

    42. FL4K the Gamer

      Hey son, why don’t you go hang out with the neighbor’s kid? Me: 53:49

    43. Emma SMITH

      ‘All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall’

    44. Brock Forsse

      And there is an EYEcon in the bottom right looking at you

    45. Dione Martins

      55:43 that's wallpaper material right there

    46. Luin Rentrop

      When the teacher uses the piano she always plays D E A D and we all know what that means

    47. Linda Veasey

      19:04 it was at this moment that he knew... he f*cked up.

    48. Luin Rentrop

      You cannot sub to over 1999 people, trust me. Now USfilm thinks I’m a bot

      1. Luin Rentrop

        Random stuff

    49. Tank Girl

      When does he cry?!?! Im confused

    50. Clover_Leaf_

      if this takes place before Little nightmares one, do you think bag boy is the boy who was captured and turned into the gnome that six later ate?

    51. Xpro Psychotic

      For some reason it is exactly like normal school

    52. Lotus Farrand

      Me falling asleep while watching this also me *tries to watch the things I didn't see*

    53. Whitney Westfall

      It's after Little nightmares 1

    54. Kyle Mccann


    55. Chrystian Tipton

      50:06 Jack : oh😦😳 Me: uu and me both😭😭

    56. Chrystian Tipton

      When the main character walks up to 6 with us thinkin they’re dead. The “hey” My heart was touched like aw🥺

    57. ghosty

      48:57 omg she's trying to make the frog come back to life... that's so sad.

    58. Kylie Garver

      jack: her head’s gonna come through the vents at some point us: ☝️😃 ✊😶

    59. Tyler25

      I like how Sean says he's gonna sound weird in the video and he sounds exactly the same

    60. Kevin Tan


    61. Miles Christian

      So that's what it feels like to be a rat

    62. fps gamer

      Oh and thanks you help me continue my day. I have stage 1 lung cancer I’m 19 and I’ve been watching since before sunbnautica the first series

    63. fps gamer

      Hello jack I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but the tv hanging in 0.48 - 0.58 (video time) that tv is alive hanging there and moving

    64. incog neeto

      I'm sure he won't make a let's play of it but just for his own lore based pleasure, there's a mobile game of little nightmares. It's chronologically the first game. This game takes place right after and little nightmares 1 is the last one chronologically so far

    65. Icenbryse

      I felt that with the invisaligner, took me a couple weeks before my lisp went away. Eventually you'll get used to them haha but for the first while its brutal

    66. I'm Troll, I guess?

      any mockery


      the first episode was jack saying he wasn't spoiled to the game but yet he knows where he's going

    68. Premlal Dhanilal

      Awesome game love it so far going to watch part 3 and part 4

    69. monica mendez

      Hi jacksepticeye can you give me a shout out on your next video you make I'm a big fan

    70. William Black

      When Six went feral on that school boy and killed it with their bare hands I loved how surprised Jack was. Six has seen some shit. Porcelain school kids aren’t even a issue for them anymore.

    71. Talan Gniewkowski

      what part does he cry

    72. Taylee Davis

      At 39:57 if you did grab the hook, it would've brought you all the way down to the bottom, you wouldn't die

    73. Taylee Davis

      At 35:26 if you go through the door on the left, there is a secret dead lunch lady

    74. Ecky Boi

      8:25 the hat was right there...

    75. Brant Collett

      Jar falls Jack: scared face Teacher: imma end this mans whole career

    76. Gareth Preston

      Thats fucking team work! What's your favourite posishhhhh?

    77. 。r a t z 。

      I watched undertale and his voice sounds to much like papyrus

    78. Thomas Mills

      Maybe six is georgie

    79. galaxy bycraft

      Can you do a ro blox video with me in it

    80. Thomas Mills

      55:44 would be great desktop wallpaper

    81. GachaLucifer lol

      Jack: CATCH ME! Jack: *misses* *Jack's face gets serious* Six: dude ur really stupid

    82. hxhpopy

      Nothing better then watching Jack play little nightmares 😌

    83. Bruce Wayne

      As a Muslim, I can say that the eye symbols mean a lot in Islam. The Eye symbols the Antichrist known as Dajjal. The Eye has significance in Islam and is viewed as evil or bad. If someone is ill or has bad luck, someone looked at the person with an evil eye and it had an impact on him. I don't know if the game is implying this but I thought I should share this.

    84. Anik Rahman

      33:23 what!!!!

    85. hxhpopy

      Me:l thinking that I’m in little nightmares because I had a nightmare of little nightmares Oof me dumb

    86. Matt Hino jr

      21:59 i dont know can u

    87. Skiddy Barrel

      At 58:24 "Plin, Plin, Plon"

    88. Timmeh PlayzRoblox

      I actually before I played I got nightmares where there were huge people compared to me in a huge world.

    89. Omar Reyes

      Fr Jack actually sounded like Pennywise for a second. 57:19 "What a nice boat".

    90. wxddlle

      Is the boy in the chess room the friend from before

    91. Katie


    92. Art Lover

      Do you notice how six gets hungry after killing that kid? She never got hungry before that point, but after that point she occasionally grabs her stomach and crumbles up like the first game. I think this symbolizes her huger for killing and her struggling to control it. The hunger grows throughout the game and she snaps at the end of Little Nightmares 1, where she kills and eats the gnome.

    93. Cерафим Ковтанюк

      Very long video

    94. OctoGam3r

      When does he cry?

    95. little artmares

      And when I mean six is the lady I mean like grown up six

    96. little artmares

      *they* I meant

    97. little artmares

      And also everything is just a loop and yes the vanished and there clothes and and in little nightmares 1 six is the lady that six eats at the end of the game so it's just a loop and little nightmares2 is the prequel of little nightmares 1 and very little nightmares was the first game that's the timeline of little nightmares and the signal tower the one at the end of the game also known as the eye needs a host like the thin man and in the maw the lady(six) is the host. This are not my theories just wanna point it out and if somebody already said this theories here in the comments plz be sure that I did not copy, bye have a good day 👋

    98. little artmares

      Ye six and mono I'm a little nightmares fan!

    99. Adrubb Adventures

      the Teacher is just playing tag with Mono...with her teeth.

    100. Adrubb Adventures

      Jackcepticeye: "I hate school." the Teacher: "how dare you."