I Set Off 1,000 Fireworks And Broke Reality in Fireworks Mania

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    I set off 1,000 fireworks and broke reality in Fireworks Mania
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. jacksepticeye

      What was your favourite firework??

      1. Corona virus


      2. Austin The gamer


      3. Nothing

        Well yes but yes

      4. epic gamer

        THE One that destroyed THE gas station

      5. Blue Hair Boy

        The Propane Tanks

    2. wolfy Speer

      Well I guess we know what to do when the zombies come

    3. behindthescreenX atreyu rea

      Please do more

    4. Elijah G

      Robin's editing is the only thing perfect in this entire world.

    5. Samuel Lea'ea

      Sounded like WW2 in that church

    6. Jordyn18_hello

      You should blow up the whole city with fireworks

    7. Logan Caron

      Frames? What are those?

    8. Gunnar Harmon

      He is in war it sounds like

    9. Gunnar Harmon

      The start I was ok ok ok ok

    10. fluffy Wolf

      12:50 is there sound of a nightmare

    11. nobelest gaming

      *lights world stopper* Jack:...... soooo- Firework: ZA WARUDO!!!!!

    12. Paperjam Sans

      Sean: Plays Fireworks Mania USfilm: Ah yes Hello Neighbor

    13. Steelixian

      The pure enjoyment on your face made this whole video so wholesome :D:D I couldn't stop laughing!

    14. Kangar00

      "24/7 convenience..." BOOM

    15. Jeremy Konieczny


    16. Sexy Ramen

      12:40 That smile he had when he set the church in flames was so blasphemous ...I love it

    17. Yuki Amijochi

      The Editor is huge

    18. Ryyi23

      10:57 "THIS GAME IS NUTS!" * peanuts appear * some guy who's probably real fun at parties: "Um actually, peanuts are legumes."

    19. JoeDoePotato

      “Let’s see what happens when you put 50 propane tanks near a service station, 24/7 convenience-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH“-Jacksepticeye 2021

    20. Tim Reilly

      I feel everything in my eyes has just been nuked

    21. Anton Buur

      Start of all jacksepticeye videos be like: 0:00

    22. GOLDENskipth

      12:35 the bomb dropped

    23. Jacob Hakizimana

      Jacks F***ing insane! I love it!

    24. Darrow manlol

      You get to blow up churches in this game? I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

    25. aditya tomar

      12:42 holy church's power

    26. Aiden Vincent

      why is this labeled hello neighbor?


      20:44 sounds like an airstrike

    28. Kimberly Derks

      Part 2?!

    29. Michael Ferguson

      This y i love jacksepticeye he do things like this and make it funny.

    30. Ismail AldienRazi

      I am just here from risu stream

    31. your local mafia yeast

      You told us you'd be using fireworks, not nukes

    32. Anayo

      This made me laugh way more than I expected myself to

    33. JxstZachy

      3:28 That kind of looked like the Virus

    34. stary knight

      You missed one. It's called tim

    35. Yasmin Bjelic

      Funnest part was the Ox lantern fire work when it went every where suddenly A HEART ATTACK A PEARS.

    36. ho ho

      9:37 His face tho 😆👍

    37. David

      I’ve never set of fireworks before... *legally*

    38. The Ironic Monster

      i... is that danganronpa music???? pft sorry that threw me off lol.

    39. Nimthiriel

      I can smell this video lol

    40. Declan Warner

      If you play this again try using the "cakes" to setup some sort of realistic firework show you would see IRL

    41. CreeperKilla420

      12:20. Sounds like an auto tuned tie fighter

    42. Harry Potter

      arson simulator 2021

    43. Elvinza Nadif

      10:49 you can unlock thta door behind that door there is a the most biggest firework

    44. Ouf

      *Breaking News: Irish man destroys entire small town with fireworks and propane tanks.* This just in, an Irish man that goes by the name of ''JackSepticEye'' destroyed an entire small town of [redacted], while claiming to have been "trying to open a interdenominational portal" using a variety of legal and illegal fireworks and propane tanks. It's very lucky that no one happened to be home in this small town at the time, and thus there has been no serious injuries, and/or deaths. The explosions, however, did appear to make it to other small towns in the area, causing numerous homes and trees to catch on fire and a few local petrol stations to be disintegrated. "I was just coming home to grab my laundry basket when I noticed a small Irish man standing in the streets," says Steven, one of the locals of this small town. "He was in front of the church, staring rather aggressively at it, as if something were about to happen. My instincts told me to stand back, and I'm rather glad I did." The local church and petrol station seems to be a few of the centres of the explosion. It is unknown to authorities if this crime was religion-based, though there are doubts. "The next thing we know, the man just starts laughing manically," says Greg, another local and significant other of Steven. "Then, all of a sudden there's a bright flash and a loud explosion. We ran to the car as quickly as we could and drove away. It was like straight out of a horror film." More on this later. END OF BROADCAST

    45. the c a c c o

      Séan finding a big firework that’s loud and dangerous: *metal hell slowly gets louder*

    46. Tstormer

      That was fucking hilarious

    47. Diamond Sprite

      I loved the look of regreat on jacks face when he let the first big firework off. 8:19

    48. Nathan Zook

      Plz play more

    49. Jason Cielo

      So we are not going to talk about the fact that the fear of to dark sounds like war world 2

      1. Jason Cielo

        Or like a air strike

    50. ROAR

      12:33 Dude that's actually hella beautiful! XD I love how the camera shakes and the lights pulsate, really good game physics!

    51. ROAR

      4:52 I think that's really why Jack moved out of the cabin, he blew it up farting around with fireworks. XDD

    52. Naruto needs meds

      when you live in Massachusetts you have to improvise

    53. Ahem

      The discription says hello neighbor? hmmm...

    54. Spaz357 Music

      12:41 Jack, you literally set a portal to fuckin hell my man Jesus Christ, sounds like the tormented demons from my basement.

    55. Whatever Animations

      now we know what would happen if famous potato man had ANYTHING to do with fireworks

    56. scepx

      only sean can turn a church into a disco

    57. Tom Lolly

      Graystillplays I know you are here Play this game

    58. GeeklingNo1

      The rapture happened and the only kid left in this devout town is a pyromaniac with way too many illegal fireworks.

    59. Connor Moore

      Jack: what do male toes look like Me: takes off socks

    60. aidan uvall

      Lords of chaos season 2 lmao

    61. Jack Hosier

      12:40 Me: has WWII flashbacks

    62. Jaylen Hewitt

      4:53 you can see the excitement in his face that's what we love to see.

    63. Lauren Hawes

      Honestly you should jam a street full of fireworks

    64. ethan

      *Breaking News! Irish man starts gun powder factory. Uses it to commit war crimes.*

    65. Jon

      17:35 felt like an airstrike

    66. Techno Gears

      I look forward to graystillplays finding this game

    67. Caleb Riley

      IT WW3 RUN!!

    68. ipigs

      USfilm wants this game to be Hello Neighbor.... its not...

    69. ipigs

      Here before 2,000,000 views!

    70. Heather Fischer

      "Just think of them as church goers" Moments later: whole church blows up

    71. Reaper


    72. Calerma zooo

      I lost it when The Rockets blew up in his face

    73. Kadon

      Have You meet tim yet hes in the place infront of the gas station hes a nuke lol

    74. true lord

      jacks tinnitus go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    75. HawkeyePC

      I can't help but think the Developers of this game knew that when they added a church into the game they KNEW someone was going to blow it up... What they didn't know that a world famous Irish man was going to do it while laughing like a maniac.

    76. Mr. Watermelon

      13:29 Germans at Market Garden when they see planes:

    77. Chayton Brooks


    78. Arthur Morgan rd2

      Theres a firework in the building next to the gas station

    79. Phantom Challenger

      The things Jack does for entertainment. One example, breaking reality itself.

    80. ismael Rodriguez

      Next dangerously funny

    81. Out Dorothy

      You missed one of the big fireworks it’s in one of the buildings but you probably won’t even read this so

    82. TheRealMrRobotGaming

      Today’s lesson: DONT GIVE SEAN FIREWORKS

    83. Alex Matherne

      Forgot the nuke in one of the stores

    84. Prince Ryan

      3:50 aaaaaahhhhahhhhh

    85. Prince Ryan

      1:09 Sean, holds blowtorch: oow fire Me a pyromaniac: yes, burn it, burn it all

    86. AMDG

      Yeah... this is probably my favorite JackSepticEye video

    87. TheGamingSwagger

      Why does it say hello neighbor? 😂

    88. Fishy Playz

      Don’t forget to punch that like button in the face like boss and high fives all around but thank you guys and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO

    89. Lauryn Grubb

      And this is why arson is ok c:

    90. DeathDog

      “Is it wrong to fill an entire church up with fire works... Nah” 11:28

    91. DeathDog

      I die at 9:50 every time

    92. Iron dog 98


    93. Kzero’s memes

      "how do i fireworks" jack 2021

    94. the penguin with a gun

      Karlson reference :)

    95. the penguin with a gun

      Wait till let's game it out plays this

    96. Phoenix Firedragon


    97. Teohar Tanev

      I instantly recognized the first soundrack he used in the video

    98. The Dark Arts

      So no ones gonna talk about 18:59

    99. Sam Keating-Anderson

      When he says : something to cheer about . Cheer or scream

    100. TOXIC Dragon0014

      You should fill the whole town with fire extinguishers