We're SO LOST | Minecraft with Gab - Part 3

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    Minecraft + Girlfriend = YAY
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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Daemon Thayer

      Who else watched this video after he cut his by hair and was like “Yes Yes you did get sick of it halfway through and cut it” lol

    2. Gman Pman

      9:32 he is a real villager

    3. Kill Streak

      Are you using sildurs shaders

    4. Mac Adams

      house looks like Murderface i love it

    5. Markus Nilsson

      Jack is gentleman

    6. Spoopie Loopie

      What texture pack is this? It looks so good!

    7. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    8. Denki Kaminari

      Are you a Father?(sorry if that was a personal question)

    9. Dj_ 2270

      You and gab should do a modded stone-World Series (Idk the real name of the mod pack but Feed the beast has one I believe) it’s where you begin in a stone space underground and need to twerk to grow trees

    10. That1powergamer

      I usually just bring a Locator map to make sure I don't get lost if I go far enough away from camp.

    11. Tokyo Zoldyak

      did jack just refence break stuff at 1:10 ???

    12. ItzRafael

      Where is your Irish Castle

    13. Stikbot 6

      More plz

    14. Alvaro Bechtel

      Hey jack(or if anyone knows) what’s the shader your using

    15. Darth Vader

      You know you Cindy's voice and are old series right

    16. rissa

      drop your Minecraft ID or gamer tag below so we can play together :)

    17. Haylie Claire

      He seriously quoted lord farquaad

    18. Nathaniel Perez

      Gab straight up failed jumping in the water. She hit the floor and experienced kinetic energy.

    19. Sarah Stevens

      Need more of this series please!!!’

      1. Gutekx x

        doubt it

    20. Sarah Stevens

      That treasure planet reference tho 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    21. Darkwolfhunter4 music and reviews

      what shaders is he using

    22. destinitra

      Anyone know the music at 16:30 its awesome?

    23. Joyce

      ah yes, jack imitating llamas

    24. Joyce

      lovely house you got there

    25. itz Maggus

      9:14 did he just say "Scheise"? 🤣

    26. itz Maggus

      9:14 did he just say "Scheise"? 🤣

    27. Nery azael ROSALES vasquez

      It's 3 in the damn morning and I got so scared when that skeleton attacked Jack when that ender man was mad at him I had a fuckin heart attack

    28. Ashe Meadow

      Oh Sean your girlfriend and I have the same laugh, is that what you call a dutch laugh? I'm not even dutch lol

    29. Scorpionstrike7

      Playing Minecraft with ur girlfriend. What every man of culture dreams of.

    30. Ehren Woehrmann

      *Flying pig of Sean, what is your wisdom?* " JackSepticEye and his girlfriend are great at Minecraft." *Thats a good wisdom.*

    31. Sapphire Williams

      We need more

    32. Peter Haritos

      What shader are you using

    33. KratosCooLer The Myth

      Jacks POV: talking about balls Evelyn POV: dies

    34. Tstormer

      The only time I don't mind couple gaming is you with your girl

    35. Benjamin Simmons

      Petition to name the enchantment mushroom to the magic mushroom

    36. 030 Atul Kishan

      Still waoting for part 4

    37. hiitssiah

      If you put a minecart down next to the stairs, after breaking the rails underneath them of course, you can use a piston to push them into the stairs and make chairs you can actually sit on.

    38. Livflolo 08

      Oh floating pig, I FIXED THE ROOF

    39. ThxTrxckstxr

      Ik ben er zojuist achtergekomen dat Jack's vriendin Nederlands is en ik snap niet hoe ik dat niet eerder wist. 😂 Uhh, groetjes van een Nederlandse kijker! English translation: I just realized that Jack's girlfriend is Dutch and I'm so confused how I didn't know that any sooner, I feel kinda stupid now.😂 Uhh, greetings from a fellow Dutch subscriber!

    40. Elliot Graham

      Does anyone know what texture pack he used?

    41. The xpert gamer

      mine carrot lol 10:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Norbi Sab

      Can someone tell me what shader he's using? I really want it

      1. Mr _Lozza

        @Norbi Sab no problem always happy to help people out

      2. Norbi Sab

        @Mr _Lozza well if you're right you were very helpful, if not I still appreciate you for taking a few moments to reply and try an help.

      3. Mr _Lozza

        he is using optifine but with rtx gpu so he has it at max settings i think hope this comment helps

    43. James Carrington

      Please do another!

    44. Chris Grassa

      Still waiting on a part 4... Jussayin

    45. md saiful

      Irish potato for life😎

    46. Jorina Lüdemann

      "How do I get the cows in the pen"? me: "how about build a separate pen"?

    47. Jorina Lüdemann

      "How do I get the cows in the pen"? me: "how about build a separate pen"?

    48. Lizzyivy3

      8:30 pause Ur welcome

    49. Tree Frog gaming

      Do you know enderman say hello what's up and look for the eye

    50. Gabriel San Juan

      Just a tip to get more taters. Use a fortune enchanted tool to mine them and more will drop

    51. PyroZon420

      I love it when he plays with Gab, he becomes so soft and sweet, it's so precious to see him like that ❤️

    52. Tiago Melo

      this series is very wholesome and great

    53. George Munns

      jack you know that the axe is the strongest weapon? right???

    54. Zeerak

      this is a general tip too, but jack, name your sword in an anvil with your home coordinates in case you get really lost. It doesn't have to be a weapon, just something you keep on you all the time.

    55. BLeX Says Hola

      Sean did the Sonic Boost from Sonic Forces16:26

    56. Devin Willis

      jack you know the pigs that get mad cause of gold welp wear 1 peace of gold armor an they wont atack

    57. Mr. Moose

      Anybody know how Sean is playing with Gab? I can’t figure out how to do it without doing a minehut server. Can someone pls help?

    58. F H Jones

      What texture pack is this

    59. Ava M

      is no one gonna talk about how he quoted the pumpkin pie grandma (lili hayes) from tik tok "I WANT THE PINKIN PIE"

    60. 2 cold productions

      Part 4 😩😩😩😩


      Sean and Felix are both back in Minecraft- could that mean the return of their series together?

    62. O w O

      17:13 every female saying that even they're ugh...


      That thumbnail is my sleep paralysis demon.

    64. Lord Axstro


    65. inhumanWarlock

      *bee buzzes happily* my heart....

    66. just_got_ butter

      What a top of the morning house

    67. Landon Taylor

      17:13 That's what she said

    68. Lee Kilby

      Me: When will we get another SeptiSmolders Minecraft video? USfilm: When pigs fly. DONE!

    69. Sorrow Guerrero

      Is it just me or I'm getting huge carl and ellie vibes from UP while watching

    70. Too lng

      He ordered top of morning coffee

    71. AdelL PlayZ

      I didn't understand the joke 😓

    72. someone else


    73. Francis Bulaon

      ITS PROTT 3 NOT 2

    74. Maxym Guay

      whats texture pack does he use?

    75. Fizalex

      Your thumbnails have gotten so cringey lately.

    76. Vangard 668

      Jack: i broke my ankles and its your fault i broke my ankles in 4k Me: Aaaaaaahhhhh I Broke My Glankles!

    77. Skye backeberg

      you should try putting the language in pirate speak

    78. Waddup Jason here

      9:13 & 9:44

    79. Meloncat

      I like where your brain is *headed*

    80. Jammy Gacha

      Have you ever played hollow knight,if not can you please play it? It's a really good game and I think you'll like it!

    81. Fionn McDonnell

      Father ted reference???

    82. Kara-louise

      Day 15 of asking you to do awful asmr #3

    83. Emerson Lucius Maevory

      The moment Séan started lisping, and began rambling as a dapperboi who loves "vølnut" I began laughing my ass off. XD

    84. Thomas Delgado

      I’ve been watching jackaboi for ages now and he is still the BEST USfilmR!

    85. THICK BOY

      Why does Minecraft look different?????

      1. Avacodo Boy

        He's using a texture pack.

    86. John Jr Bosetski

      This just in jack does not want to be like agent 47

    87. Ethan Purser

      What texture pack is he using

    88. TheTopHatGuy Android

      How and why does this series feel like popularmmos with his girlfriend back in the good old Minecraft days....

    89. mobile madness 247

      Ooooooooooooooh is that rtx

    90. Jon FNAF

      Anyone know what Shaders he is using?

    91. Mc Firefox - Build tutorials and more!

      Me when my mom is gonna beat up my ass with a BELT: 13:23

    92. rex0000_

      what is the name of the shader pack

    93. Olivia N Sage

      What is the mod pack you guys use for this world? It is so cozy!!!

    94. TeanieBeanieTV !!!

      Wait I'm confused is gab jacks girl friend or....just friend like idk

    95. Saan Selan

      How do you call bisexual witch Bitch

    96. Cayden Evans

      Jack if you hold crl and then hit the drop button while In your inventory it will drop the whole stack

    97. Scott martin

      does anyone else log onto minecraft to just hear the music for hours

    98. Del Saldivar cruz

      hi jack what type of shader did you use make minecraft look pretty

    99. Julie Henley

      see how at 13:15 gab is slightly moving her head when she's afk feeding her cats

    100. Lil' Kat

      "I am speed!" _SPEED IS KEY!_