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    Jimmy got me screaming my head off in At Dead Of Night
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    Published on 22 days ago


    1. jacksepticeye

      Smash the LIKE button or Jimmy will get those toes!

      1. Presley Hanzlik

        Can we have part 3? Please?

      2. Oliwer Mattsson

        Play more at dead of night

      3. Siobhan Williams

        Where’s the new dead of night video jack 😩😩 I can’t wait to see more!!! 🔥🔥🔥

      4. Diana Barcenas

        when is part 3 coming up?

      5. adamthecoolkid 9

        The lawnmower already got my toes (This was a joke I still have toes)

    2. Emily Martin

      Please don't forget about this game Jack!

    3. Catrina Ruyle

      I think jack forgot about this game🥺

    4. Mad Flossing

      3 weeks later... (Crickets chirp.) At Dead of Night is spooky. I wouldn't blame Jack if he doesn't touch it again. Of course, generally when you touch a game... You finish it.

    5. XxUniT_SnipeZzZ

      Where's the next episode at tho

    6. Spoopy Moth


    7. joe hager

      Do more of this plz

    8. Tiffaney Haynes

      part 3!! please?

    9. Kersten Noelle

      Please continue this series Jack. it gets better. Trust me

    10. Cabbage Man

      Jack we need more let’s finish the series pleaaasseee

    11. kiara the cat

      Keep playing. It gets more interesting! 🥺❤

    12. Osman Qazi

      Please jack continue the series

    13. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    14. ogSarah

      What happens when you play geo guesser at 3am

    15. Purplegrl646

      Jack!! Please keep playing this series! You always do the best horror games!

    16. Brandon Simpson

      Wheres the first episode

    17. emily million

      every time he talks about locking jimmy in a room i just sigh and when he finally try’s it i just shake my head

    18. Jurassic Hero

      6:50 What I think I would do if someone snuck up behind me. 6:57 What I would actually do.

    19. Kukki Manga VR

      I hope Jack is going to continue this game. I just finished it without being bonked zero times and now I need to watch Jackaboy reacts to the rest of this. ;___;

    20. Aribox

      We need part 3

    21. Cool J

      Ohh my gosh... do not jumpscare me.. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

    22. Cool J

      Ohh. Oh my gosh... the knight scared me:0

    23. MellyMel720

      I hope part 3 is coming. I can’t imagine he decided not to continue with it, so I’m sure it’s bc of the move. I just hope part 3 comes this week 🤞

    24. Ange Lee

      More episode please

    25. Shreyas Dharashivkar

      Eagerly Waiting for next part

    26. Activocado

      I'm constantly on my toes watching this but I still watched it cos ily

    27. SladesGirl

      I hope now that he has the new recording room setup we will be seeing the next ep of this!

    28. David Mirsky

      Thumbnail be like: when you ask how you’re fine but your not really fine

    29. OnlyHerrs Gaming

      Where is pt 3?

    30. Carson Winders

      Are you gonna make anymore videos on this game??

    31. Null Hypothesis

      Here before most realise that Jack dropped this series like he has done to many others XD If it's been 2 weeks, it's most likely getting forgotten about

    32. Therese

      I really hope you will continue with this game now that you are done moving 😊

    33. Sha

      I wish he would continue playing this game! It's the good type of horror mystery!

    34. Alexas

      When jimmy catches you do you respawn some where or what?

    35. Lindsay Oxley

      the editing is just too much for me man ._.

    36. The F-35 Lockheed Martin Lightning ll


    37. Lord Revan

      is this series carrying on? if it is then i'll wait )

    38. JJ is dying

      okay but episode 3 when


      At dead of night upload when?

    40. Matthew Tee

      WE WANT EP 3

    41. Matthew Tee


    42. Samuel

      nice beginn

    43. That Guy With No Sleep


    44. Just an awkward human _

      *Me WaTcHiNg JaCk'S iNtRo: "Wow, this is cool. :)" *gEtS jUmPsCaReD* *Me* "Jack No!! THESE ARE MY TOES!!"

    45. joshua_steex


    46. Micah

      Can’t wait for the 3d video. Jack getting me through this stupid pandemic

    47. Laurel Simpson

      gotta keep an eye out for selenet

    48. swag cat roblox

      a friday night funkin ad came up and jumscared me

    49. BengisBoy

      Yo, where's the next episode?

    50. DoubleDuckSquad

      Imma need a part 2 sir

    51. Elodie

      It's not cool to let this game like this.

    52. Joanique Pretorius

      Pleaaseee go on with this!!🙌🙌

    53. eren ain't a simp!

      Please upload part 3, we're all hungry for more of this game, it's become an addiction, please we beg you🙏🏻😢

    54. Sreejith Pr

      Part 3 please 🥺 👉👈

    55. livv is mad

      part 3!! i miss this so much :(

    56. w13WFang

      Something tells me we’re not getting anymore episodes with this game 😟 Just a weird sort of feeling, ya know?

      1. Matthew Tee

        I dont think he drop this series cuz on his latest vid for the Meme time. He said that he has been gone for a week due to moving to his new house and the vids that u saw recently was pre-recorded. He also said he wasnt able to use his computer cuz of moving

    57. Alexas

      When will you play this game again . I really enjoy watching you play it . I got scared a couple of times 😂

    58. Tim Höfling

      that intro was too good 🤣🤣

    59. Katie Wainer

      Is there going to be another episode? loving it so far

    60. Silver Waffles

      I love this gameplay series!

    61. Josh Lane

      My head lock the door lock the door!!!!!!

    62. Diana Barcenas

      when is part 3 coming out?

    63. Heir to Roma

      The game barely broke a million, on top of that. Marks community spoiled the whole game already. I really wanted more, but I get it.

    64. Mila T

      Part 3 when?

    65. Layla Sophi

      i was in class watching this and i literally pop out of my seat 0-0

    66. Chelsea H

      Did he forget about this game?

    67. Potato Lordess

      *bragging with his katana skills* *minutes later gets scared by a screaming child* 😂😂😂😂😂💔

    68. adamthecoolkid 9

      6:41 I thought it said oatmeal sword

    69. adamthecoolkid 9

      “Why is my mouse on my mouse?”

    70. JunimoDruid

      has Sean stopped recording for this game? too scary for him? was gonna see if Gab is down for it....

    71. Iceclaw Thewarriorcat

      More episodes plz 0w0

    72. Lee Johnson

      Can please do more. I can't wait to see more

    73. Cartylase R

      My goodness! Excellent Jacksfear editing at 4:28!

    74. Amber H

      Pleaseeeee keep posting these!

    75. yxng dxgger

      com ar sean rhowch bennod newydd i ni ast

    76. Louis Boi


      1. Matthew Tee

        I dont think he drop this series cuz on his latest vid for the Meme time. He said that he has been gone for a week due to moving to his new house and the vids that u saw recently was pre-recorded. He also said he wasnt able to use his computer cuz of moving

      2. eren ain't a simp!

        I feel u, it's the same of everyone here, we're all just waiting for him to finally upload the next episode 😔😞

    77. Elena Mejia

      when does part three come out???

    78. jazminestryder

      The real question is how Mya has survived so many bludgeons to the head lol

    79. brookeasaurusrex14

      Still waiting for more of this 😭

    80. Superninja MM

      I just want another part lmao

    81. Space_cadet 101

      Ep 3! ep 3! I am patiently waiting..... uwu

    82. Camryn Harrison

      when is the next Episode of it?

    83. Mackinley Wells

      I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a part 3

    84. Brogan Chimento

      m o r e

    85. Bennyboy299 X AcE

      I havemt watched him in a while and its not the same as before it was better with his intro

    86. Oukino

      15:41 relatable

    87. Clover

      Kinda missing this series not gunna lie 😂😂

    88. Ryan Markle

      Can u do another video of this game

    89. Dr.Arguson

      I saw Moonpresence on Jacks monitor. Did Jack ever play Bloodborne?

    90. Adam Ruth

      I keep checking the channel for Part 3, I need it

      1. Superninja MM


    91. rhiii

      the people deserve a part 3 😔

      1. Matthew Tee

        Waiting for Part 3 for 17 days

      2. eren ain't a simp!


    92. Espeon Mistress


    93. Armin’s pure Titan

      We need more of this! I can’t wait to see happens next!!!

    94. Hollis Zepp

      Is this game going to be finished? I would love to see the rest of it

    95. yxng dxgger

      Did he really already drop this🤣 Dammn bhí eagla ort

    96. Im Tim

      Thanks jack, now im afraid of corners

    97. Viv-Chan

      I hope Jack plays the Medium 😭

    98. Civuh

      18:24 I can tell if that was real or apart of the game 😆

    99. Communist Elmo

      Cover me boys I’m going VR

    100. Merly Bennett

      I need part 3 😭😭😭