I Made A RAP MUSIC VIDEO For This Game

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    Friday Night Funkin is a FIRE videogame it even turned me into a rapper.
    My COFFEE ☕: bit.ly/38CIixG
    Twitter 🐥: Jack_Septic_Eye
    Instagram 📷: jacksepticeye
    Play On Newgrounds - www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/770371
    Support on Itch.io - ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin
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    1. jacksepticeye

      Shoutout to my boy CoryKenshin for inspiring the intro!

      1. Spectre’s Knight

        play some mods my dude vs. whitty is a fun one, and so is Tricky, and midfight masses

      2. When you Cum

        After cory busted a rhyme people really started spitting bars to the theme

      3. Topo R

        Click 7, go to the song tab and type in “Monster” then hit enter, it would’ve been the final song on week 2 but I think the creator got frustrated and gave up

      4. ً

        Make it official please

      5. David Amiel

        Oh so u that intro was inspired by my Boi cory

    2. The Masterpiece Live Streams

      I’m excited for the next part And also there are mods and Week 7 came out already

    3. ¡kikixq!

      Parts I laughed at for no reason. 3:23 3:34 3:57 4:03 4:29 4:37 4:42 5:15 5:39 6:37 6:51 7:36 8:15 8:52 8:56 9:28 9:37 9:55 10:07

    4. devil x angel 365

      Play moar. oh and also a new week just got added yesterday so pls play it

    5. Eric

      That intro was fire!


      jack is very hairy

    7. Danielle’s Space

      He's a pooping

    8. Danny McGehee

      play more!

    9. dark sayain Goku

      This rap was 🔥

    10. Donovyn Reyes

      Put the music louder so I can hear you in music in the game

    11. dununukd 2077

      who did it first him or cory

    12. TheNightKat 56

      you know the creator is a terrible person Jack... 👉👈

      1. dunkev

        you should realize he was truly sorry for everything and that he was just being edgy but i can't change your view so just forget it

      2. TheNightKat 56

        @dunkev i do not accept apologies from someone who thought it was okay to tell people to off themself and was racist.

      3. TheNightKat 56

        @SupMichaelBoi there are twitter screenshots of the creator being racist, anti LGBT and telling people to off themself.

      4. TheNightKat 56

        @dunkev there is photo proof on twitter. get your shit together.

      5. dunkev

        @TheNightKat 56 he's not racist just deal with that

    13. Matthew Hill

      Alright who else wants Jacksepticeye to make a rap single after that intro?

    14. Dan McGuire

      All the dislikes are because they're jealous of your rapping skittles.

    15. Papooo 212

      The old jse will never be topped

    16. kerbe the god killer

      "If only I could live on the fucking future a little bit" -jackskepticeye, 2021

    17. shrek

      i literally played it on controller

      1. shrek

        it will only work with a claw.

    18. Kade Adams

      “Take these sim language raps!” 5:15 And 5:29 kill me

    19. Sage

      How is Jack's rap literally so much better than Cory's, yet cory helped Jack write his?

    20. Tornado6

      Jack because im a fan i got to tell you that was cringe

    21. Bojo

      When monster?

    22. Hilario Perez

      Play more of this!

    23. Sharp towerI

      That intro tho

    24. Arctic nine Tailed fox

      Holy moly jack this was just wow do I hear jack septiceye mixtape in the future yes please

    25. 0deppreso_expresso0


    26. Nader Amir

      Club penguin disco vibes

    27. bigpipsqeak

      Please Jack we need more fnf 👁👁

    28. Richard Ibarra

      *Undertale Controls Intensify*

    29. Colton Pence

      Jack imma be honest. The start was super catchy and well made lol

    30. dragon_army795

      It's funny how jack has a lot of d joked

    31. שחר אטדגי

      It's been so long since The Shadow last committed a hate crime, just saying


      I clicked on this video just for this rap.

    33. the real GNSS_sniper

      Did anyone notice the unnus annus reference when he said timing the weird spiral thing showed on screen

    34. Scorchik11

      Video: *shows intro* Me: I uhhhhh... wot?!

    35. Margssentif Animations


    36. R tanr

      Little disappointed this wasn't a 13 minute RAP but close enough

    37. dreamy daycores

      Fuckin Irish king ✨✨

    38. Estonez

      all the way, to fuckin' victory town

    39. Edward Elric

      i beg of you to check out Sr. Pelo’s channel if you haven’t already. Quality mexican content.

    40. Nicole MacAllister

      Jack at least u are better than me at fnf

    41. Goldfish Son


    42. Team broski

      0:46 best part

    43. Liam Beaupre doan

      Where is pt 2

    44. Funkin Dad


    45. Kuzoyra

      This song is pumping

    46. Luckbox 26

      Yes jack plays fnf

    47. SplizeeGaming

      Straight FIRE

    48. Kazuto Kiriguya

      I think Jack a little to much of the Top of the Morning Coffee

    49. Aiden Jones

      What the fuck lmao

    50. Eyüp Ensar

      Jack you should mod the game like there iş a mod that sans papyrus in the game is

    51. MamaBear

      Can you please make another video about this game

    52. Zer0 Cyber

      Sean: I have the rythm and speed of a 4yo *proceeds to combo only getting 2 wrong*

      1. Zer0 Cyber

        @penny-wise dancing clown OHHHH HELO THERE!!!

      2. penny-wise dancing clown

        Mmm hello there

    53. Zer0 Cyber

      Wait until he does Ballistic

    54. Mister Meyeah

      where is the link to just the rap its fucking lit

    55. jujutsia0002


    56. beeper oil

      I would die if Jack watched spooky month.

    57. sdrawkcab esrever

      Where part 2

    58. Irvi Mehilli

      Why does he breathe so loudly when he wants to sing in the week one first

    59. Zomboy0_01

      Do you still play this

    60. 59 Drako

      jack and cory should collab

    61. Shark bite849

      “I’ll come back” 1 month later

    62. Shark bite849

      “Your a clown”...... TRICKY TRICKY TRICKY TRICKY

    63. yeet that by the star


    64. Winged Tenacity

      Glad to see you still curse getting sick of streamers and lets players pretending ... hugs

    65. Bruh Bois

      sorry but kinda cringe

      1. Goldfish Son

        @Bruh Bois k

      2. Bruh Bois

        @Goldfish Son oh no I wasn’t surprised

      3. Goldfish Son

        @Bruh Bois Well don’t make a negative comment and be surprised when you get a negative reply

      4. Bruh Bois

        @Goldfish Son alright alright But I’m allowed to have an opinion on different things Like how you have an opinion on my pfp

      5. Goldfish Son

        Look at ur pfp

    66. Kia Pandora

      Now all we need is ddr mat controller support.

    67. Puro The Wolf

      Just for jacks boomer brain Week 2 was based on SR.PELOS video SPOOKY MONTH with the characters skid and pump the voice of the characters in that game was sr.pelos voice and the beat was suppose to be a sr.pelo kinda spookie vibe

      1. Puro The Wolf

        @batato simples yes

      2. batato simples


    68. A Portal Turret, with a profile.

      “I’ll come back! I’ll train!” *last online 12 years ago*

    69. Tiny Artist28

      Yeah, Daddy Dearest and Mommy Must Murder are Girlfriends Parents XD

    70. barsoleils

      9:54 // my mans lost and got blue-balled as a result.

    71. KingWeir

      Any chance we can just get the start as a seperate vid? Love the song, lol

    72. Legendary W!ZRD420

      A-A imma go subscribe to his you-tube yo. For the 15th time

    73. GameDoggo

      Imagine playing normal mode smh

    74. Greenbelt Playes


    75. 1bluefrog

      are they your tecticlelleselslex

    76. NotBMINT

      Jack pls do some more can you play Pico Philly nice

    77. Kanii :D

      i love you jack

    78. Cursed Wolf

      Its very funny to me that he said, and the name's Jacksepticeye even though his name is Sean.

    79. Nootmares_?

      what is this

      1. but_ why.mp4

        Its a game on newgrounds called Friday Night Funkin. He has a link in the description to it

    80. Simp


    81. Ashi -Art

      can wait for jack to play sarv's and ruv's mod :D

    82. The Quacking Potatos

      Can u higher up the volume for the next video

    83. Joseph Isaac

      6:37 press this over and over again

    84. Ahmed Zahirovic

      Wow i laughed so hard

    85. The_Green_King

      Patience when hitting notes is KEY recommend trying to hit it when the notes are a bit above the gray

    86. Eeee Ejjhh

      Me: *Hears the intro* Also me: *Sad flashback to Cory quitting*

    87. i dunno

      i will come back! AND HE NEVER RETURNED

    88. heyitszeke cabrera

      I was waiting for him to play pico but he didnt lol

    89. Luke Penney

      The Real Reason Why Jack Doesn’t Tell That He F’s Bxtches Is Because He Knows The Fact That Evelien Would Absolutely Beat The Living Shit Out Of His Ass.

    90. Halima Tlm

      cringe rap

      1. yeet that by the star

        Nah you cant admit he is better rapper then you

    91. LuiLouise

      More daddddd

    92. RandomTV

      0:20 Damn Beast Titan spittin bars

    93. White an Nerdy

      Play this game agen pls

    94. Christian Robinson

      Im worried

    95. x AshKey

      Can you plz play this again!!!

    96. Luckiest Banana

      Why is he taking a shit in this vid?

    97. Rayan Yusoph


    98. Ethan Lipe

      I feel how he feels against the dad in hard mode

    99. Lucy Nash