Reacting To Youtuber's First Videos

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    I recated to my friends first youtube videos
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    1. jacksepticeye

      Copyright claims took it down the first time. But there's still a way you can help the channel and that's by buying a Youtooz!

      1. Aliyah Montes


      2. Ashton Edwards

        I want a youtooz sitting one but I don't have enough money 😭😭

      3. Athina The Great

        This video helped me a lot in regards to how everyone first starts out. Thank you!

      4. DillThePickle 2007

        I GOT IT!!!

      5. Fear


    2. Dreamy


    3. Zebrical

      Man i do miss the original style of hair without the ponytail (im not saying that the ponytale looks bad im just saying that the nostalgia back then is real(

    4. Iloominatyloos

      Ok im 30% mor irish, great

    5. fanyu owa owa

    6. only_maxine

      minecraft multiplayer fun was in my recommended last night

    7. Nicki Jones

      Check out Dantdm

    8. •Electric Bees•

      I didn’t cringe at Sykuuno I just thought it was wholesome

    9. Lynn Direwolf

      Me: **Has videos on autoplay and is trying to fall asleep** Jack: **Deep suductive voice** There comes a time... Me: *JESUS CHRIST*

    10. Video games


    11. Shane

      when you first started out, did you ever feel awkward introducing yourself as your channel name?

    12. Ezekiel Williamson

      Wait evelans (sorry if I spelt that wrong) birthday is on sep 26 cause that's mine

    13. Blair Dillon

      Whatever happened to Cryaotic?

    14. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    15. Mickle Pickle

      lol should do 1 game of league just for the vine. do it for the vinneee

    16. ItsAngelah

      14:03 Honestly 🤠🔫

    17. A Curious Dilemma

      Aw, I would love to see you do this again! I know it's been like, a month, but I'm coming back to this because it's just adorable how you react to seeing your friends at the beginning of their journeys. What you covered is super great though, and big ups to Ethan to share his cringe with you! I'd love to see you react to like, Tina, Leslie, Ken, Dream, Bob and Wade, OfflineTV as a whole, Kevin, Daniel, or Dahi, or even some random channels like the Game Grumps, DanTDM, Dan and Phil, Smosh, etc.

    18. Nadia

      Jack really knows how to get views with his thumbnails huh

    19. Mango chris

      Bro I forgot how long I’ve been a jack sub. I was a little fat kid in 2014 watching some Irishman on a farm play skate 3 and kerbal space program. Times have changed.

    20. jake Auckram

      :No one :Not a single soul :Jack WaR

    21. Audrey

      I’d cry of embarrassment if I was them

    22. Turóczi Timi

      Jack: "you don't wanna be too loud" Me: *yelling randomly in some of my first videos then having some with like annyoing silence bc I was scared of ppl in the house hearing me yell and swear* yeah yeah... ofc

    23. Drew Kirchner

      Old corpse sounds a little like CPG Grey

    24. Perposterown

      Not gonna lie, if I started doing USfilm i would have still unapologetically left my old Skate videos from high school up on my channel lmao

    25. Aydan Thompson

      at the beginning thought this was corpse!

    26. SkyThe_CuteSeal Everett

      Omg... younger Sykuno. 🥺 I remember being a MASSIVE fan of Corpse when he narrated stories. Then when he blew up I was soooooo happy for him.

    27. Ly Li

      😔he didn't subscribe to Sykkuno

    28. Luna Vexen


    29. shygetti ;-;


    30. Zananater 123

      Why are your nails painted black?

    31. h20 lightning

      Hello my Irish brother's I'm only 10 percent but that's enough right

    32. TheAdvertisement

      Felix speaking Swedish in his first video is oddly wholesome.

    33. TheSuicideSquid

      His nails are painted

    34. Beep Beep

      Sykunno really has always sounded like an anime character

    35. Jason Jones

      Why do I think he’s corpse husband LOL I know he’s not

    36. Demon Spaghetti


    37. Jesus christmas

      I wish he watched nigahiga’s videos

    38. jessup hanson

      Where was Markie Mooo? :(

    39. Jazper Bungay

      'Gets flagged for the brief clip of his own content'

    40. stockybox

      BRUH, where's markimoo :(

    41. Ace Pixie

      Jacksepticeye: Oh ho ho yeah, Skullcandy headphones. They're garbage. Me, obsessed with Skullcandy headphones: What?

    42. KyraM721

      I made a sam but I don't know how to put it on the reddit

    43. Kinda Kiara

      BABY SYKKUNO 🥺🤧😭

    44. victoria burton

      Check dream's first out it might be a different channel

    45. HallesHabitat

      14:05 pardon? 😁

    46. Adam Waters

      Maybe do TomSka?

    47. Jayelemou

      Jacks talking about how peoples voices change, I remember back when I started talking after a period (a fwe years) of not using my voice and only whispering if I were to talk, people I played with often said how my voice sounds like this cute little girl/child xD I was about 20 at that time, doubt my voice would still sound like a child heheh, I`m turning 30 this year

    48. Jamal Syed

      anyone else notices nail polish on jacksepticeyes nails?

    49. Rabia Özkan

      Sykkuno sounds like zuko,,,

    50. Vayda Trinitty


    51. Mazhiwe Zakizo

      The first Corpse voice is what i assumed he sounded like in later elementary school, and the 2nd one was more like how he sounded in his 'squeaky' puberty stage (2nd puberty in his case).

    52. Katie Kendall

      yes i have changed from being a tinny little bratty toddler

    53. CalebChan

      Yknow what I miss? The Sims 4 Series, it just Vanished!

    54. Jess L

      I'm Ethan... :) .... heh ........alright This absolutely ENDED ME AHAHAHA

    55. Ashlee ASH

      I JUST SPENT 3 WHOLE MINUTES CRYING OVER 'Dirty Mic and The Boys Happy Wheels Gameplay Numero Uno' ethan i love you

    56. Kyler Swift

      can I get one for free because my birthday please and thing

    57. amanda Sondergaard

      Jack gushing over his girlfriend is the most wholesome thing 🥺😊

    58. Vnder

      corpse's voice passed from David Blaine to Bass Boost

    59. Z-Rus


    60. Lauren S

      I would love if you did Arin (GG or Egoraptor channel) and NSP. I watched an old Egoraptor video game review that Arin brought up on GG and I died laughing it was so funny.

    61. Riley Plamondon

      The intro sounds like the pot mandem. Can’t remember the name but... I remember him being so condescending

    62. Crystal Baker

      I swear I saw his nails painted!! I SWEAR!!

    63. Sonic Hedghog

      There is no way that is what sykkuno sounded like b4

    64. hayhay509

      witty bitty baby jack! this was such a fun nostalgia trip. corpse's voice was SO jarring when i watched his creepy pasta videos. that GERD really kicked his ass.

    65. Pandaboss

      Would that make me 110%?

    66. YEAST MAN

      why does jack look stoned in the thumbnail

    67. GXDLY HEAT

      Can you do Coryxkenshin?

    68. Shady_Wolf018

      When Jack goes back to his first video: War

    69. angel66_jh

      painted nails ❤️👄❤️

    70. Tynan Willard

      I WANT A YOUTOOZ BUT I HAS NO MONEYS!!!!! (and also they dont exist anymore.....)

    71. Nah Man

      Felix sounds so chill and the accentttt

    72. Imran J

      what?? 14:01

    73. EezyGang E

      Jack is such a classic guy

    74. KDG108

      If you search up Ethans Telltales TWD series, you’ll get a playlist of older videos than until dawn

    75. Wvnxed

      the way he smiles when he sees his gf back in the day is so fucking wholesome and cute

    76. Justin Cruz

      Sykkuno could’ve been missing out on an esports commentary career.

    77. Dee Skelliton


    78. Obiyeetkonobi

      Jack sounds like a mafia boss in is old vids

    79. Jacob Valinetine

      Why did Ethan sound like a man when he called IM NO USED TO THIS

    80. hi how are you

      🇨🇮Where my Irish gang at?🇨🇮

    81. Cori Kublank

      I'm surprised you're subscribed to everyone but Sykkuno and Ethan

    82. Anonymous The Noodle

      Why does sykunno sound like a teacher who tries too hard to be enthusiastic 😂. We love him anyways because sykunno is baby 😌

      1. ScoMo • 7 years ago

        ‘Sykkuno is baby’ 🤢

    83. thekittysepticeye1O1

      Jack when he hears Corpse's older voice: OHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    84. N⃟I⃟G⃟H⃟T⃟M⃟A⃟R⃟_C⃟O⃟R⃟E⃟

      So if someone buy the three of them they will be 30% Irish

    85. Celeste C

      Younger Sykunno sounds like a cinnamon roll:3

    86. Felwinter

      hes having a Corpsegasm

    87. officially zp

      Hi Sean

    88. Gourinandana J

      Me a Niall Horan fan hearing that by buying the plusses I can get 10% more Irish but not having money to buy it 😒😔🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    89. Száva Fritschi

      why does sykkuno sound like toast?

    90. Shimizu Yui

      14:04 I am speechless

    91. raze

      I legit LOL"d when Jack did the Corpse impression. He's really good at that one lmao

    92. kaleb beale

      Jack:im only gonna wacth my scary vids Me: shit shit shit shit SHITTTT!!!!!!

    93. Phillip Tyndall

      The second the computer error sounds at the beginning started my computer almost crashed lmao

    94. This Nitwit

      Try closing your eyes during some of them, its so much different

    95. Charlotte Taucher

      If I ever somehow I got a picture of Corpse and he still hadn’t shown his face I wouldn’t show anyone. I would revel in the fact that I was one of the few who knew what he looked like.

    96. Leo the flitten

      Jack: u spoke in an American accent! Me: which one? Southern? Mid west? Illinois? Our accent is different in different places.

    97. Xxmoonlight Xx

      Is it just me or when he was younger he looked like mrbeast

    98. HaPpY_cloud mAh3890

      Sykkuno went from a Chad voice to a whole new person

    99. Godless Voice

      Sorry. I'm poor. HAHA! POOR!

    100. aditya tomar

      sean kinda sus at 13:59