I watched Naruto for the first time in 2021

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    I started watching Naruto for the first time ever and the fans were mean to me!
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    1. Goolen Ttv


    2. Aimzzy

      He's gonna fucking love shippuden

    3. Gabriele De Nardi

      Those people don’t know between their favourite character and a her impact in the story (which is not there)

    4. Gaming with Sabre


    5. kaito joker


    6. HangerWolf

      Oh my god I also just started watching Naruto recently. Its one of my best friends favorites and I'm so happy I started it! Everything he said at the beginning I could so relate.

    7. Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA

      naruto idk if i love it or not

    8. Chase Richert

      funny thing is what he said about sakura after 31 episodes is still relevant 720 episodes later

    9. dabing Kingdom

      nah sakura is completely useless

    10. TrueJEM

      2021 where all the bandwagons hoped on the naruto train

    11. Xur’s Location

      Here comes all the gayjitsu and gayball fans

    12. Stitchboy11_11

      in the pain arc she's kind of op for like 10 seconds

    13. Joshua Hubble

      Sakura is by far the most useless character and I will stand by that until I die

    14. Sol Steals

      Lmao the thing is everyone hates Sakura anyway 🤣🤣🤣

    15. RexTenebrarum Sum

      but sakura accomplished almost little to nothing in part 1. she learned chakra control, was praised for it, was useless for a good bit of the show until towards the end, and then she started her medical training at like the tail end of part 1. going into shippuden, as jack has seen, she's advanced miles beyond what she was in part 1, and is an actually cool character then. i hope you keep watching jack, but don't feel like you have to give in to the sakura stans if your opinion on her changes again and you don't like her later.

    16. keira jacob

      I started watching it too this year !!!!! I am happy that I shared and agreed with ur take on it

    17. Sword King

      if anyone says sakura isnt useless theyre lying to themselves

    18. Witdat Flow

      Who agreed with him when he said Sakura is useless

    19. JC CHAD

      Make Reaction videos

    20. Luke Manuel

      I didn’t like Sakura even after her “turning point”

    21. Jacob Koteras

      I started Naruto back in the beginning of march and im already on episode 130 of shippuden

    22. nate dent

      i just watched it this year too. one of the best decisions i’ve made, and i’m not even a super big anime fan

    23. chloe

      i’ve been waiting for this

    24. Jaden Mayes

      Wait how is saying sakura bad-

    25. mymajc

      this show is amazing believe me it's amazing

    26. Japanese chicken Niwatori

      I saw the icon and was like oh a Naruto vid then I saw the name me:”HES NEVER WATCHED NARUTO⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️”

    27. Saul Flores

      people dont really care sean dont worry about it

    28. BILAL

      Sakura thinks she's relevant as a strength-based shinobi after learning Tsunade's skills. The bish complained abt an orphans lack of parents to an orphan...

    29. BILAL

      What do you guys think is the scummiest Hidden Village? personally, Suna is hella dirty.

    30. Mohammad Saqlain


    31. malachi sargent

      Soon Jack will know Pain.

    32. Vikram Nithyanandam

      Naruto summarized: SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    33. Mohammad Saqlain

      *your right sakura is Useless*

    34. Tofflan 1234

      Sakura is useless anyone saying the opposite is delusional

    35. Mr Musk

      now watch the anime: another

    36. Encoded Yt

      so true

    37. Corey Long

      Some things are dragged out. But its Japanese. Americans are wayyy more impatient.

    38. Broken Videogames

      I recommend fairy tail. If you haven't seen it. Also I will recommend watching a fight scene from boruto but other than that I wouldn't touch the boruto series.

    39. Shadow_Warrior

      Honestly so happy for you man. I can tell you that as you go through the show, there are just so many moment that hit you so hard, it's the beauty of the anime and being able to look back at the og Naruto to the end and everything in between, the words and actions, these philosophies go deep and really stick with you. It's a really emissive world, that is really special.

    40. Winterfang

      Yo those are not true fans, true Naruto fans will enjoy you not knowing shit. Shit talking Itachi, mourning Chojis dead and other fake stupid LOL

    41. Ethan Owen

      Sakura = worse than tenten pre-timeskip

    42. AL-WARD SH

      Naruto is a life lesson

    43. Unseeable

      If you haven’t watched shippidened then do it

    44. bully free boys

      The weens excitement raised to a thousand

    45. Victor

      I don't agree with Sakura being useless but I still wouldn't try to fucking spoil the show because of a difference in opinion when he's just 31 episodes into the show.

    46. Matato Potato

      Hinata is best girl jus sayin

    47. Marko Balažević

      Most likely nobody will see this, but like Sean, i legit wanted to watch naruto for the longest time and it was my first (probably the last) anime i was gonna watch, and now im 10 episodes away from finishing it. Oh boy what a journey it has been.

    48. 8-bit acid

      read one piece sean!

    49. Otto Kraus

      It makes me happy that sean is watching anime 😁

    50. Gustavo Eestefania

      Man u have to agree sakura sucks it's not the worst character but it's just a fucking copy of tsunade and she doesn't even have any original personality she doesn't even develop over time

    51. UrFavoriteBigBoy

      Yes good boy she is useless

      1. John Perez


    52. OVR

      Naruto was my first anime and I started it year ago

    53. harvey hall

      sakura is the worst

    54. SHRUG

      But sakura is trash tho... (except when she in shippuden but the first series she's so useless)

    55. Gianni Suite

      I see you have an akatsuki in the backround

    56. game world


    57. Leightonsa007

      Im genuinely shocked u got hate for hating sakura

    58. Lag 2k

      “I have taken up to much of your time” bruh how could you end the video

    59. game world


    60. Carlo Enriquez

      Try watching jujutsu kaisen. Not much of that episodes has fillers.

    61. Digital Spirit

      Shippuuden is the BEST!

    62. Backstabbing karma

      I respect Jack even though he thinks Sakura is the worst character.

    63. Jason Brancroft

      it's either ''YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED NARUTO??!?!?'' or ''Oh you watch mainstream anime huh?'' there's no winning

    64. SeñorJigglypuff

      Bro wait until you see the kirby episode where he comes in and fucks up the akatsuki

    65. SCOD72 Pushkar Khirude

      imagine defending sakura

    66. kirop7

      Sakura IS useless tho

    67. Takezo


    68. Ras Gras

      ppl on youtube: Video games, meme review. meanwhile i am looking at a guy explaning a series ive already seen. HMMM Interesting now explain more

    69. God of hyperdeath

      Sakura is like by basically no one

    70. Rasheen Keel

      You need to make another video right after u finish Shippuden🥺🥺

    71. Rocco Minetola

      If someone spoiled naruto for Sean I would have been so pissed don’t wish that on my worst enemy

    72. In0sens3 YT

      im 252 ep in to shipuden and sakura is still just as useless with the first season of shippuden as an exection

    73. CXB Coments

      I thought the whole time Sakura and naruto would get together

    74. Prathamesh Chandurkar

      i still think sakura is useless character

    75. Elias Roberts

      sheep - a - den I know it's probably his accent but bruh

    76. KTG __

      Never watched naruto, but now it's next on my list.

    77. RG 77791

      I'm not a big fan of Sakura she does freak out at and hit Naruto half the time for NO REASON... BUT I LOVE the bro-ship between Nartuo and Saska (apologies for awful name spelling) I have watched ALL the naruto and Shippuden eps I have also watched as much of the dubbed Boruto as is available. Kakashi DEFO best Sensi aha Gara is AWESOME too ahaha SOOOOO AWESOME love it !!

    78. Caiden Patterson

      Most people hate Sakura

    79. Kitso bafhenyi

      the storm games are amazing

    80. Lizet Chakerian

      I want to add that I haven't ever watched the anime, but I did read some of the manga, like up to volume 40-50 or maybe around the 60. Btw I read the manga in middle school and let me tell you there was always a little shit that kept renting the volumes that I needed to read (never found out who) and I had to resort to skipping volumes (which I didn't want to do). So anyway, I kind of don't remember shit and I want to watch it/ read naruto again

    81. Naruto Nite

      Yes if I hadn't say any video you did is my best. Well I did now. This video of urs is the best

    82. exselgaming21

      Damn same

    83. TheUnholyPuffin

      How funny, I finished naruto recently.

    84. Jagannath kv

      Please do a reaction when you see madara😌

    85. Farmer With a shotgun

      If that’s the backlash he got from saying Sakura sucked imagine what would have happened if he said itatchi sucked

    86. Ayokxmbxz -_-

      Sakura is useless

    87. TS Memes

      your not wrong about sakura being useless till the end of naruto and in boruto

    88. Sebastian Pino

      It’s okay Jack! I started Naruto last summer during the pandemic. Stopped. Continued in fall. Started shuppuden in November, cuz of College, watching it off and on, *BUT* I’m in the Great 4th Ninja war ark! No spoilers just, *MADARA!* came back just to flex on the modern ninjas!

    89. Zavie Gravy

      Don’t worry. She is always useless and annoying

    90. TwoStroke Invasion

      cant wait until he sees pain arc

    91. AayKay


    92. Петар Николић

      You should watch mixed canon/filler cause its still mostly canon

    93. EpicGamer 2002

      im gonna feel bad for sean cuz he might get attached to jeriaya

    94. MyDude

      watch one piece next

    95. Z4CH-Flow

      Sakura is fucking stupid. I understand that she likes Sasuke but at the beggining she didnt even like her. And she doesnt even realize that naruto LOVES HER ENOUGH TO WANT TO SACRAFICE HIS LIFE. But I am happy that Naruto and Hinata are married know it was a good plot.

    96. Zay

      I did the same thing and now im debating on if i should start One Piece or Hunter x Hunter

    97. AJJohnny68

      sakura early on is useless

    98. Ayaan Khan

      long story short: Naruto is an amazing show

    99. Gabriel Green

      Don’t worry your opinion is right she don’t change at all even in shippuden

    100. Jezelle Galeano

      Bro can you watch tokyo ghoul plz plz plz its good plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz