A NEW NIGHTMARE | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 1

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    Itsy bitsy teeny tiny Little Nightmares 2
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    1. jacksepticeye

      Appreciate all the support you can give on this video. First series back hit LIKE! 👍🏻

      1. Tshering Choden

        @Savannah Albrecht {p-Mimi;,

      2. Jennifer Bruckner

        I like how your pfp is shig

      3. A Useless Channel


      4. A Useless Channel


      5. SupItsChoppa


    2. Vincentgamertv Francis

      The game is the time loop that six

    3. Jessica Palardy

      Nothing scary so far instan carma

    4. Donut Gurl

      13:10 B O O T

    5. Althea Macaraeg

      My nth time watching this playthrough cause i love this so much and i love the game more

    6. AnonymousCoffee Ghost

      Life’s greatest questions 1) how the universe began 2) did dinosaurs exist 3) *why we’re so tiny*

    7. Brina Lynn

      To everyone who's confused about the timeline and how mono and six met. Where very little nightmares ends is where the mobile comic begins which is leading up to this game little nightmares 2 so in the comic Six is running from the hunter she sees Mono in a tree and stares at him he then stares back at her but the hunters catches her so Mono goes to save her which is where this game starts and then at the end of this game is where little nightmares 1 begins so it goes very little nightmares, mobile comic, little nightmares 2, and then little nightmares

    8. Abdul Whakeel

      I miss when jack used to have an intro and an outro man

    9. Baby Quinn

      That is actually super creepy and super cute at the same time. I love it !!!

    10. Blake King

      I dunno if this is canon, but it's implied that the mirror lady from the first game might have been six's mom. I'm pretty sure she was keeping all the kids around so she could feed them to her customers, and then drain they customer's life force. So my theory is that six ate the gnome kid so she could steal his life energy or whatever it would be called

    11. remi lover boy

      we stan jack for using they/them pronouns on six

    12. DailyDoseOfDepression

      もの ‹Mono› in japanese means thing. Take that information with what you Will

    13. Sara Camfield

      I see Jacksepticeye and Little Nightmares, I click. 🙂

    14. Fierce Warriors

      Im here because this happens before the first 1

    15. smartboy201

      7:40 "I love _shoes!_ I love *_feet..."_* Lubdan from _Leprechaun:_ "Finally! A Lets-Player for ME!"

    16. Mutella C

      my dad thought I was watching a movie, sean you are movie star

    17. Jordyn

      okay but why does "Build-A-Bitch" sound like a store only Sean would create???? lmaooooo

    18. Katy Lussier

      Like...that house gives me low key resident evil 7 vibes...anyone else?😂

    19. Almogozi

      Is it just me or there is something weird with Sean's voice on 31:31

    20. Lucky Roblox

      26:54 I like how he creates what nomo would say if he would speak

    21. Meleewulf

      my only gripe is that the sound mixing for this video didnt have the game sounds/music up loud enough; was trying to listen for cues but didnt want to get earraped by Jack suddenly yelling lol

    22. FishyJr

      I am stuck on the thin man chasing me part and I don't wanna do it cause it gives me goosebumps and plus Im a wimp :)

    23. Macsen Alvarado

      "Oh fuck" jack said shitting his pants.

    24. one of these is not like the others

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 the way your voice change lol

    25. one of these is not like the others

      Tell me if you guys want me to make mono in roblox I mad 6 my username is funnypigspoopp so you can see it :]

    26. The Paddy Films

      *Ahh shit, here we go again*

    27. WaterFa11

      17:43 Thats what i hear at night BTW

    28. Poisonous Cupcake

      Oh, jack..... the p i n e c o n e s

    29. Poisonous Cupcake

      I didn’t want spoilers of the first one ;-; I’m here cuz I played the second one and wanted to see you play it ;-;.. eh

    30. Jody Lox

      Complete sidenote ! The Hunter reminds me of the elephant mans disguise, the bag with one hole and the cap on it .

    31. Violette.trepanier


    32. T.B O.E

      Anyone else think this girl is six?

    33. Paul Doman

      Jack: (when entering the basement) "Down there is nothing but death and torment". Me: Well, technically he's not wrong...but it isn't the basement ITSELF he should be afraid of.

    34. Bradley Freeman

      I fokin love Sean’s girly scream 😂🤣

    35. Youngin Rexkless

      Jack I use to watch you bro

    36. Digital · Gutz

      do you know how fucking terrifying this game would be if it was in FIRST PERSON?

    37. Kayleigh Reynolds

      hi Jack ur my hero.i love your vids.Keep going

    38. GamingNiko

      Jack: sneaks hunter: turns around sees jack:RUN hunter: get back over here game:deletes hunter hunter:ded game:nah spawns hunter hunter:kills six mono:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    39. GamingNiko


      1. GamingNiko


      2. GamingNiko


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      4. GamingNiko


      5. GamingNiko


    40. HaleyMich3lle

      Anyone else see The OA in the very beginning of the opening sequence??

    41. mystery man

      I just got this game 2 seconds ago !

    42. YunaLuvGamez

      I just started playing this as well! It's very well done I feel, I love the music as always. Six feels strange without the raincoat. And some of the jumps have been hard for me 😅. Keep up the good work!

    43. Anonymous on 30fps

      Did the shooting of the boxes remind anyone of the final boss fight in Uncharted Drake's Fortune?

    44. Six :/

      -sort of spoiler- Jack: fuck music Six: and I took that personally

    45. Spencer Armistead

      Jack, this made me so happy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you have fun with a great game like this one! Welcome back!

    46. LonelyLucaGaming

      I watched you, Marks, and a few others do a play through of the first one. I’m so excited that you are doing a play through of this one!

    47. Tallulah.

      is he called mono because he's number 1? like there's six, three, five and seven

    48. Zerobird4456 Zero

      Jack: nothing scary has happened Also Jack one second later: RAAAAAHHHHHH

    49. BlaisePlays

      Jack: nothing scary Jack in two seconds: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    50. Amalija Bregar

      "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but aah follow me into the woods, and murder maybe?"

    51. suls is done for now?

      *with a misfortune voice. The ears of a fox huh u mean Benjamin yay

    52. Linda Harris

      Six music box goes like this the the the

    53. Hirad U

      The first minute I was so scared

    54. princesswithashotgun


    55. Paylow

      Why does everyone want to see the Hunter’s dead body lol

    56. Jennifer Bruckner

      I've watched this about - 10 times now and its still funny as shhhit

    57. Ecky Boi

      The version he played has multiple save files?!

    58. Emma Mirando

      That rule at the beginning though-

    59. croquette

      I love how they show us how kind the character here is they helped out the first child, led them through the house and made sure they were safe,, or maybe I'm reading too much into it and the character only helped out the child for their own gains lol

    60. Ajay Makin

      I have just started playing it today

    61. Vivian Weinmann

      Your so funny, I'm subbed on my other acc but I'm signed out on phone at the moment. And I am watching because I'm stuck XD

    62. Sentinal

      my school just had a real fire and everyone in the online class just saw the teachers chair go up in flames [everyone is fine]

    63. GachaLucifer lol

      Jack: *calls six the d word* Six: TRY ME BIOTCH

    64. Bruce Wayne

      Jack: If you haven't seen the first one, why would you be here? Me: *who watches anything that Jack uploads* ...ok.

    65. Tokki

      This is so similar to limbo especially the beginning!

    66. shane Jaekel

      Here we go again

    67. Gage Landon

      Jack really doesn’t know how close he was to dying in that shack

    68. Killer_Note Xd

      can u play roblox? :( Just asking

    69. Trysten Hemmah

      I just wanted to know if I’d like the game, not what every little thought that goes through your head while you play it.

    70. RainedRoses

      Six and Mono: repeatedly pull themselves up and climb on things but malnourished Me: can barely do pushups and has nutrition

    71. Jesus Valenzuela

      Jackson guy shoes eat Shoes eat a bunga Jackson guy you don't call him a mushroom guy don't call him the little mushroom typing just call him a bunga it's a bunga

    72. Cynquilla

      I honestly could buy the game itself and play it and enjoy it, but Jack's commentary is priceless

    73. Monroe Watkins


    74. Ultra NJ Games

      Jack: Nothing scary yet Log: Are you sure about that

    75. Kal Val

      Stereotypical leprechaun is what my girl called you XDXDXD... sorry, I needed to share that

    76. Dust sans #murder intro

      jacksepticeye: I met je but this is crazy Me: hey I yust met you and this is crazy so heres my number and call me maby XD

    77. bonnie

      “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but follow me into the woods, and murder maybe?” This is the best thing Sean has ever said

    78. Smileheart110

      10:47 - I died laughing at the noise Sean made.🤣🤣🤣

    79. KJ.sketch arts

      I just realized you look like my uncle, very epic

    80. MavisRead

      I'm still wondering why Mono is birthed from a TV in the middle of a random forest at the start. Lol it seems so random. Maybe the comics go over that.

    81. Vivienne

      i disliked cuz he did not say top to the morning laties

    82. Stickman Vibes


    83. Charlie Lichfield

      Time 8:48 When a 6 year old try’s to beat box

    84. Luna Bunny

      Hi Jack! This game is very cool, as are you. :3

    85. Painted Rhino

      When you see an morbidly obese person 2:44

    86. Jo Smith

      Jack not holding Six's hand every chance he's given is stressing me out and I don't know why

    87. Flora Mae

      Seán: plays this game. Seán after playing this game: I now have a shoe fetish

    88. Wyntah Ngata Tangitamaiti

      You are in the hunters house hit behind the boxe and try to dodge him that's also a doctor but you but you get to banner in a furnace

    89. Carmela Igar

      Me:👁👄👁💦 am frekin scared

    90. Burrito Uzumaki

      Bag person:yo kid I dont know dont go towards the guy with a gun Boy:so anyways I started walking

    91. JackDaSnacc Productions

      I put on my headphones to watch this and the 1st second absolutely burst my ear drums and I want to cry

      1. JackDaSnacc Productions

        @Opus The Leftie yeah, I used to watch him, but I didn't have headphones, except for the one time when it was 3 Am and I was on my 3rd bag of menthol cough drops as he played fnaf 1. I don't think I was there enough to realise how loud he was lmao

      2. Opus The Leftie

        You should hear his old intros. These are FAR better.

    92. bendy 64

      The boy in the paper bag his name mono

    93. bendy 64

      I'm going to give you a like and support you

    94. Charles Scholten

      Litle night mares 3 is coming also I know it.

    95. JordanJ

      26:10 missed a hat

    96. •xiiTøxicDemøniix •

      me viewing this on april 3: -downloads the game- yÊè3éēës

    97. TeanieBeanieTV !!!

      When jack went into the room where the child was I was like SIX IS THAT YOU!

    98. Sneezer Twizzler

      It would be nice if you could have a shoe as a hat

    99. Rosalind Beatrice Wade

      I've just purchased a playstation 4 and I got two games. One of them was this one and now I'm regretting it 😂

    100. GamingwithCam Cap

      Oh my God his on Xbox