THIS PART IS SO SO SCARY | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 3

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    The doctor will see you now in Little Nightmares 2
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    1. jacksepticeye

      The doc comin for dem toes

      1. OctaviaYT


      2. Marla Wettstein

        Not dem toes!!

      3. ّ


      4. Gamer Jamie


      5. Malik Gayle

        Six is a evil bean. He aint dumb >:[. (Sorry for this comment. I love and cherish you.)

    2. Gacha Meany

      “What’s the door way for” it’s the door to hell jack 😏

    3. spencer the hero

      manikin, my worst fear.

    4. The enigma system rawr :3

      God trying to eat during this was a mistake

    5. Claudiu Danciu

      CLIMB FOR F̶̼͑U̵̫̕C̸̭͐K̴̗͗ SAKE!

    6. Maya Sanchez

      "You are tugging my testies" - ive never done a spittake before but of course i had to do it with a mouthful of chocolate right onto my laptop

    7. David Cooper

      3:16 I am the Globgogabgolab

    8. Donja Marjetka Koler

      31:36 Profesional Donald Duck Impression

    9. Liora Enciel

      I died laughing when he suddenly yelled "FUCK YEAH CORN!!!! YOU WANT CORN???"

    10. Baby Quinn

      I haven't watched all the game play yet but i feel like Six is gonna make it all alone. Obviously we all know she was all alone in the first game. I don't know what is gonna happen i can't wait !

    11. Cadence H.

      Yoshikage Kira wants to know where that hospital is

    12. JJanimation

      32:52, they can actually catch the ball.

    13. STT Burgerjones

      If Jack is ever in a life or death situation he will 100% offer them cheese instead of his life

    14. Mr12Relic

      33:33 Jack: compliments game design the game: 33:48

    15. Armen Stevens

      Sometimes, i wonder how did this guy succeeded on youtube... He literally cannot play the game.

    16. Sofi -chan

      When you notice six hasn't been hungry for the whole game

    17. Merlin Grimes

      omgg i wish i play the game .-.

    18. Some nerd with an albatross picture

      Those mannequins remind me of weeping Angels; they get faster every time you look away.

    19. Mariah Harper


    20. Mariah Harper

      Ja-FUCK! 😅😅😅

    21. 돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli

      That weird mannequin part when I first played the game I was so scared I almost quit the game and never played it again 😭🥺

    22. TenzinC 151

      “this music is giving me the heebies and i already had the jeebies, now i have a set!” is a phrase i will use to the end of time

    23. Tucker

      I'm howling because Jack had such an easy time with the hands at around 36:00 Meanwhile, Charlie Slimecicle spends hours trying to get past it LMAO

    24. Bastion Robin

      What if instead of 6 pulling the thing it was him when you go into the box

    25. kejokaya

      One of the hands does actually grab the ball in that electro chair room if thrown properly ...and then throws it back to you. Fun little detail.

    26. Zuriel Kian

      Jack Why Did You Say THAT?! THAT'S BAD WORD

    27. Jonathon King

      37:13 Speaking of faces

    28. Guard #3

      Wait that’s fuckin horrific. I feel so bad for the dude, he was just trynna play doctor and make some people 😭

    29. Kyurem The frozen

      Thanks Jack for the idea of nocturnal maniqueens as a horror movie

    30. purplejam

      Dr.phil is that you?! -For legal reason this is a joke

    31. Penne Board

      I love trying to imagine Mono actually saying what Jack is and six is just constantly confused

    32. Achilles B

      25:13 JESUS CHRIST ON A BIKE Lmao i loved that

    33. Dual LOL

      37:10 "noice, eheh DeBOUEJD eheh AUW"

    34. blitzo

      I love how jack killed some dude by turning off his life support

    35. Curly Q

      Other Scary places: jails and carnivals....

    36. Hazzawuzza

      Jack: Corn is the life giver Potatoes: Am I a joke to you :(

    37. ThisAnimatedPhantom

      Why. Did it have to be. MANNEQUINS?! 😨

    38. Aubrey

      Jack walked into that room with the body in the tub and said, "Oh it must smell like a summer picnic in here." That freakin killed me.

    39. drahydra

      It's funny how the doc goes "uh oh" once you kill the patient with the lever.

    40. Lemon Mafia

      When mono almost fell six went first to prevent him from getting hurt

    41. Daniel Martin

      It sequel

    42. KaeK Sibayan

      the little moving hands remind me of Thing from The Addams Family , yk if he were evil 😩😩😩

    43. Clover_Leaf_

      Love how Six f'ed up the fuse placement right after he complimented the AI for being smart enough to grab the other fuse for him

    44. Clover_Leaf_

      anybody else reminded of Coraline when the hand chases him around?

    45. niyyy

      fresh hell sounds like a good place to be at actually 😭

    46. Clover_Leaf_

      "pretty sure the key is inside mine and six is just a fucking idiot" favorite line XD

    47. Ari L

      "OH it smells like a summer picnic in here" Me: A picnic for cannibals?👁👄👁

    48. gavin LAFORGE

      Never have I ever actually been scared while watching someone play a horror game. Until I saw weeping angels in your video. Scariest things alive

    49. Gingey Boi

      Top of the mornin to ya

    50. P1K3L

      Oh the mannequins😰

    51. 3mma

      I bought the game, just got out of the school but I heard that the hospital part is nasty stuff, so I'm here, watching Sean instead so I can be prepared 🥴

    52. 3mma

      24:28 I loved this part, it was like a fun and relaxing break from a the horrors in this game🌿🌷🐦

    53. dragonシシkawaii

      I waited a whole month... So i could get the game and play it while watching this 😂


      have you ever played very little nightmares

    55. natasha

      jesus christ my anxiety level when he entered the area where the mannequins started moving- man i love watching his gameplays so much. his reactions, comments, and feedback are super great. one more thing, i noticed i always have the same reaction and facial expression as jack when we react to something lmaooo

    56. Daniel Ajjax

      Anyone else notice six after they fall out of the TV again scootch away from mono a bit before standing up 👀

    57. Thomas Vandenberg


    58. BVintage

      Dunno why he keeps questioning the fact that they're so small. That is exactly how all the other ones were lmao.

    59. Incognito

      If you made a horror game that doesn’t rely on jump-scares to be scary, you know you made a good game.

    60. kattastic9999

      24:21 Yeah this was the part where I actually had to stop playing for the day.

    61. • nightmare toca

      bruh im edicted to this and im 7

    62. Brian Stapleton

      not gonna lie Sean, your coffee be fire. It's now my favorite

    63. Koen Meeuwesen

      25:15 one of my favorite moments

    64. Some nerd with an albatross picture

      25:16 “Yikes yikes *yikes YIKES*” Me: Yikes forever!

    65. Jeremiah Diaz

      A fully evolved spider is just a hand that wants to kill you.

    66. Doctor Sirus

      I never realized how cold blooded Six really was until she was warming herself in the furnace. Jesus, she's messed up.

      1. ForTaxReasons

        Leave her alone shes just trying to get Warm 😭 hes burning anyway why waste the heat lol

    67. Unknown Dev

      Korn 🤘

    68. yoonseokie

      Mannequins: **move** Sean: **The Walking Dead zombie noises**

    69. yoonseokie

      31:34 Just me or does Jack sound like a zombie from the Walking Dead?

    70. onyx !

      jack screaming at 17:45 is keeping me alive rn

    71. Lotus Farrand

      Before this episode I thought that you were safe above ground but now I'm not to sure

    72. Lotus Farrand

      Jack : Oh look a hammer Me scared as: SMASH THE FUCKING THING DAMN IT

    73. Lotus Farrand

      Jack: *leaves six behind* Me: Go back to get her this is probs one of the reasons why she betrayed you-

    74. advancedwarlord

      The X-ray showed there was something in the toy duck. For those of you that have played the game, what's in the toy duck?

    75. Reyna Mayree

      Ive been trying for 2 weeks to get passed the part at 30 mins from all those people.....ive rage quit about 100 times and you just did it so smoothly!!!! ahhg

    76. anty B

      "Jusus Christ on a bike". I actually had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard!!

    77. twiin armageddon2

      20:55 fuck yeah, korn

      1. twiin armageddon2

        **insert that one part from freak on a leash**

    78. Rin Izunia IV

      Im actually the same way i absolutely love when people use Lighting artistically its just MMF! *Chefs kiss*

    79. Aniverous

      I forever hate the Weeping Angel and everything it has inspired.

    80. Aniverous

      22:05-32:04: NOPE

    81. Slowed Soul

      “Ew. Why does it look like you’re made out of jelly?” -Sean One of the most iconic quotes of 2021 so far.

    82. gamer plush

      who else is watching for advise and feels his pain

    83. Sasha Sims

      I just did 22:35 scared the @#$# out of me

    84. brianna fraser

      the doctor

    85. Sally Maryam Williams

      Six lighter would have been helpful at that lever along with the flashlight

    86. Mr. Unknown

      52:20 Im A Fan,I Dont Hate You But She Was In The Rain,She Was Cold,Of Course She Needs The Fire

    87. Sarena Harmon

      So I have a weird theory for this game. The person you play as is a doll in like doll making company, and this is what it looks like to the young dolls. The body parts are actually doll parts. There are different sets (schoolhouse, Nurse/doctor, etc) and they're trying to escape it but the other dolls need them back. idk if this makes sense its late

    88. Plushlo 38

      7:21 when the show so good it sucks yo in

    89. Lizzards Gamers

      Not gonna lie, I had a full blown breakdown and CRIED with the mannequins. They are a massive phobia of mine and I’m still working on getting passed this area....

      1. Lizzards Gamers

        @sparkishy I will absolutely try that to see if it helps! Thank you for the advice!!! :D

      2. sparkishy

        @Lizzards Gamers my tip for playing scary games is play really fun upbeat music and turn the game volume right down and try and not take it seriously

      3. Lizzards Gamers

        @onyx ! honestly......I haven’t touched it in 3 to 4 days....I’m too terrified. But sèan get though and not liking dolls I’ll have to try tmrw. Fight my fear and conquer it! LIKE A BOSS!!!! ❤️❤️

      4. onyx !

        i hope you got passed it, im trying as well and im having a whole panic attack, it can get reaaally stressful

    90. sidevids

      Can I just say it’s been a while since I got back into his videos and there’s no one better in gaming who makes me laugh that hard😂😂 keep the great work up jack👍

    91. SturdyMarshy YT

      When you tasted something your sister maked : 31:34

    92. Commander Lack Gaming

      Hmm the bag in the light of the flashlight looks like Baby Groot's

    93. KJ.sketch arts

      I'm surprised I haven't seen any Doctor Who comments yet

    94. KJ.sketch arts

      I've never seen someone so exited by corn

    95. Alyssa Morgan

      The mannequins reminded me of the nurses from the Silent Hill movies.

    96. That One Gal

      The hand part made me freak out every single time it moved oh my god

    97. Hajnalka Pénzes

      The teddy bears remind me of FNAF 😂 why does that happen??

    98. Evie Bird

      13:05 Jack: I DON’T WANT YOUR HAND. Six: Will remember that.

    99. prasad shetty

      25:13 360 no scope

    100. Riley

      37:52 Those are masks