Try Not To Get Anxious Challenge #4

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    More heights? Cool, that won't make me anxious.
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    1. jacksepticeye

      well.... this went up at the wrong time lol enjoy the weird upload

      1. Hanna Schoolwerk

        I understand the Australia thing Where i live the only poisonous animal is a common adder

      2. Derek K

        You should do a series where you go back and watch/react to your old gaming videos

      3. Mark Pecha

        Btw a guy fell off a snow cliff and it was 150 feet high and a girl fell 0.1 feet and started crying btw the guy broke 6 bones

      4. Akompliss Akompliss

        If someone gets severely injured doing any of these things, the rule should be no medical treatment. No Search and Rescue. No help. Not a cent wasted trying to fix their stupidity. Just leave them where they land and clean up the mess once they're gone. None of these people deserve to be alive. A few thousand years ago they would've been eaten by something or starved to death and weeded out of the gene pool. Darwin and all that. They're only still around and reproducing because of people way more intelligent than them keep them alive. We should stop that, stop keeping these people alive.

      5. Tanwa Richards

        the bug, just no, no

    2. Snifferdawg 360

      I’ve only experienced vertigo when I looked down the Grand Canyon when I was like 2ft from the edge

    3. Jacob McLeod

      Ugh moment 15:19

    4. owen w.

      its so interesting to me how heights, open water, and small spaces are ALL common fears. personally that ice cave gave me the heebie-jeebies.

    5. Tomiply

      Wait, you find hot air baloons scary, but skydiving seems fine enough? Bruh.

    6. Jj

      When i was 5 i got stung in the eye by a bee and now i have glasses Moral of the story Fuck them bees man 👁👄👁

    7. LupinBun

      Love that Sean has a massive fear of heights and won't go near the edge of a cliff or anything like that. Whereas here's me who gets a massive call to the void and urge to jump off when I'm near a cliff edge.

    8. Tyler Solman

      jack: obviously you don't want to fall off me: I do help it's 4 am I have school

    9. sunbleached.

      Yo i got stung on my eye when I was a kid too! Just under instead of over, but where doesn't matter when the image of the underside of a wasp is burned into your memory in hd forever

    10. Maggie McCauslin

      Well you can hate bees Jack but we still need them lol

    11. Rainbow Hollogram

      The only one I didn't like was the last one lol. Those are the only bugs I don't like

    12. Peppa Pig

      Without short buildings whould tall buildings really be tall?

    13. Brock Zilla

      Jack out here thinking that ppl push ppl off of cliffs

    14. Brayden Uhler

      It’s just a bear Jack

    15. Itachi_ Uchiha_52

      The swing one is not just a swing, its a torture method.

    16. Matthew Lawlis

      I found them all cool but the back flip was kind of freaky

    17. Shivam Aggarwal

      that centipede broke me jeeeeeepers

    18. Joshmega100

      G,day mate I’m from Australia, here we get roo’s hopin across the out back plains (which is very normal) anyway have a bloody good day ya bloody legend.

    19. Scoobarekt u

      14:52 Time to throw away the lid and cuttingboard

    20. GreenSnacks _

      So Iceland is made of ice

    21. Kely Liquid

      Goes to the top of the Empire State Building and looks down Me coooool

    22. LaserM1KE

      ffs are you kidding? you are disgusted by snails? and you speak about their death with no respect... what a lost soul

    23. Adam Alp

      The bug

    24. THE PLENOW

      is it just me or does the thumbnail look like the spire from fortnite?

    25. Trace Reese

      I don’t fear heights but I do at the same time but if I’m in a plane I just love looking down an thinking everyone is a peasant

    26. J A

      I mean, you’re right. It is illegal to feed bears lol they start expecting food from humans 😅

    27. West Side

      Jack: I HATE creepy crawlies! Me: There’s a huntsman spider the size of my hand next to the light switch in my bathroom (I’m Australian soooooo... yeah!)

    28. executive cat

      Feeding bear salmon let me guess russia

    29. Generic Noob

      I get a bit anxious with heights IRL, from the computer it doesn't affect me. I ask myself, *"what if i fall?"* forgot the feeling, but when i stop like looking down the cliff. (Hey i feel fine!)

    30. AugustDK

      11:55 i felt that 😭

    31. Plane Jester

      Suddenly I want to jump from a high cliff

    32. River Harris

      What do you think when you are standing on the edge of a cliff? y e e t

    33. chaw1032

      Shared sentiments concerning heights and Austrailia.

    34. TRNHardy

      My family qalk by the cliff side I'm 100 miles in land. My wife screaming "come look at this" Me "I can see from here, ain't beautiful" She takes a step towards me hand held out and I'm gone.

    35. ChappyOh

      Well Sean australia already got burned so no need to burn the planet because of certain wild life

    36. em

      Jack: "y'know how your test!cles just go wooOOOP?!" Me, a cis woman: YEAH

    37. Robert Blinka

      9:04 this mans like- "i fed this stray dog in russia"

    38. Lou Carvalho

      I have zero fear of heights. My most recent test of how high I can get was the Skybridge over the Grand Canyon. My nephew and I even laid face down looking straight down to the canyon bottom. Pretty sure my next one is going to have to be sky-diving.

    39. Log In

      I'm reversed, when i'm on a high place and look down i don't get scared, but when i look up to the sky i think i'm getting out balanced, even sometimes feel i'm about to fall xD

    40. - Mini - Mochi -

      All of the ones with heights got me, hate them so much... Gah... 😂 Love the video

    41. always tired

      him: caves are not scary... my claustrophobic ass: are u sURE ABOUT THAT-?

    42. Arend King

      the ice cave is so cool!!

    43. Emilia Blackthorn

      I hate heights so much that I’ll start crawling if it gets high enough off the ground

    44. BloodyAssault

      It was the fucking swing that got me, you cannot pay me enough money in the world to get me on one of those things

    45. Eric patterson

      Say hwhat?

    46. Johnny Joestar

      I’ve had a snake in my yard, not fun, it blended in

    47. rc08zzr600

      His irrational fear of watching heights in videos is exactly the same as me

    48. rc08zzr600

      You know the film “ The Walk” about the French right rope walker. I couldn’t get through the whole movie the first time. The second time I felt like I was gonna puke the whole time. I’m terrified of heights.

    49. Epic Name

      Heights are fun but I hate spiders. Everyone's afraid of something different.

    50. The Assassins

      You know I hate bees and wasps and hornets all that because when I was at Summers camp for scouts I stepped on a hornets nest and got stung 18 times

    51. RandomDudeJosh

      0:10 Jack: you look down,oh thats nice I LOOKED DOWN AND I SPIT OUT MY CEREALLL

    52. Sarah IsAGhost

      I cannot watch the people doing flips on skyscrapers... It makes my bones hurt.

    53. Cringeinator

      15:17 bro what’s wrong with snails? Bro snails are my homies 😎

    54. [SDF] BLACKOP2026CJW

      9:19: wtf

    55. Shadowgod 156

      2:22 is no one going to talk about that

      1. Shadowgod 156

        I’m talking about both parts

    56. legendary Dragonzilla

      not me I am afroed of Hight

    57. Optimistic Writer

      I neeeed to go to ICeland to see those ice caves right now!!!

    58. IceMage

      When im up high i have a tingling feeling in my legs and feet XD

    59. Goreman

      Bears are scary, but when you feed them they're great

    60. Kebbo


    61. {Pineapple Carrot}

      Jack: When it comes to heights my flight sense kicks in Me: Over here fighting the air

    62. Kim Painter


    63. Fake Beaver

      2:22. WTF. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    64. Seán Prater

      "The stupid bastards are back" *well jack, you jinxed it*

    65. Timestop Gaming

      I am not afraid of heights, just falling. My nightmares are falling from stuff like the eiffel tower. Hights, however, alone do not scare me.

    66. Ordinary LD

      Jack: you know when your testicles just go woooop Girls watching: yes…. But no

    67. dijjidog

      The one at the end Kind of got me, I'm not scared of insects but in this context it creeps me out

    68. Jennifer St. George

      idk about you but that bug under the pan lid do be vibin

    69. Desmond BMX

      I didn’t get any anxiety but when I saw the next vid and I saw jack with anrnold shwarts and Kermit if fucking flipped

    70. JOshua Cho


    71. lettuce overlord

      I physically recoiled at that million legged nightmare

    72. Rob Ashley

      "Cant go outside or meet your friends" * Laughs in America*

    73. EJ Lowell

      Jack, reacting to the ice: "That's not scary, that's not sweaty palms." My claustrophobic azz: "HHHHHHHHHH but what if it squish you???"


      when a height comes I just get guise bumps and feel all guile inside.

    75. Garcardo Sotan

      Terrascrapers are in the works, but they have many issues with Fire Safety before they can be a major thing.

    76. Default Animations

      A fact I'm sure you're going to love is that in skyscrapers, they are designed to sway a little in the wind, so one day you're in your high-rise apartment and you cant get out because the door is stuck in the doorframe from that bit of flex.

    77. Fra Don't mess with beans

      My blood pressure drops a LOT when I find myself in a high place or look down even from the third floor of a staircase... I was once convinced to get into a ferris wheel and I almost threw up/passed out... never again, I would rather ride a rollercoaster that ends in two minutes than spend almost 10 minutes in a ferris wheel that goes both high and slow and gets shaken up by the wind and people moving seats to take a picture........

    78. Cameron Lindop

      4:41 Mowie from Moana be like!

    79. MonkishRaptor 40

      If you head under the wind at about half way through the video the wind would be horizontal to the plane I think and we don’t even know how they fly (if you don’t know now you know) so that’s probably a bad idea

    80. Mudkip AJM

      Hmmm, you're right... alligators/crocodiles are technically dinosaurs. But that fish looked to be an Arapaima, assuming I'm not mistaken... An Arapaima, for those of you who don't know, are similar to Coelacanth in the fact that they have remained largely unchanged by evolution since the age of dinosaurs.

      1. Mudkip AJM

        So that clip was essentially a modern re-enactment of Jurrassic Park....

    81. Zahid Ajmal

      I don't get scared of heights but am terrified of spiders.

    82. Doge

      I was on the oatankino tower, u won't believe how anxious and scared I was, I literally stayed beside the wall and was breathing HEAVILY then I went downstairs to a little food place and that was how I calmed down. Lesson of the day: food keeps u calm.

    83. GenericList162

      The bug

    84. RBLXCaviarBread

      Is the testicle feeling thing just an Irish thing? because I've never heard of someone having that feeling besides me and jack and we're both Irish or at least mostly Irish

    85. Boring

      I hate ocean , fire , heights and BUGS But imagine this thing 14:56 go into YOUR b*tthole while ur taking a dump!

    86. Jukie

      the last one i didnt even watch it was too much

    87. GamePro _awsome

      The snowboard one with the parachute what about his camera man

    88. AMDG

      The only one that gave me a big of anxiety was actually the ice cave one. I don’t know why really

    89. ravewithyou

      Sean describing the ice caves in Iceland: "That's not scary. That's not sweaty palms." Me in claustrophobia:

    90. Yui Hirasawa

      that really give me anxiety lmao

    91. Call me Chlorine Gas

      Anything that includes heights My Anxiety: it’s free real state

    92. Lillian Crooks

      12:00 u had to jinx us Seán... u just had to

    93. Lillian Crooks

      9:42 same

    94. Roger Fletcher

      Jack erm they have them in england to 🤚15:00

    95. Hanni Khadija

      I like heights, I do feel anxiety when up high because I obviously don’t want to die, but I like the thrill and can momentarily look at where I’m at from a different perspective

    96. If Only You Knew

      I love heights.

    97. Kasey Bradford

      i get like. Reverse Anxiety. being up high makes my heart beat hard but in a good way. I wanna jump off it an fly, but i know i can't so i wont

    98. Styrjborn Porsdagr

      4:40 sounds like Song 2 - Blur

    99. Emeri Ekstrand

      my fear of heights is immeasurable. if i die from heights just know someone murdered me

    100. Emeri Ekstrand

      is it bad that my palms are already sweating and i’m like 2 minutes in