Shhhh... no witnesses...

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    Everyone must sleeeeeeep
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    1. jeff obama

      sean: hits big yellow button on dooe door: geuss ill die

    2. Bop Syconic

      Did she say VENTS like AMOGUS

    3. Shelley Walling

      In the laboratory we see a guy with a man bun then we see cool looking chairs, this reminds me of jacksepticeye's gaming room

    4. Dark Wolf

      Hell yeah 🤣🤣.

    5. TheGodlyBot

      I’m gonna sub I love his hitman vids

    6. 707

      the graphics in this game is insane!

    7. Noah Worden

      you skipped the berlin level

    8. Mikey Boyer

      C Y B E R P U N K 2 0 4 7

    9. Cody E. Mills

      5:00 to fucking victory town

    10. ChefJef

      Big brothers wet dream

    11. Alex Shellhamer

      Game: is about a quiet assassinator Sean: NO WITNESSES

    12. Sadia Prapti

      jacksepticeye: sorry I have a cough Viewers: someone call 999

    13. Gaming Demon

      So bold people do have super powers

    14. Zac Wallace

      That joke soared over 90% of the people’s heads 10:51

    15. Lam Spam

      E=mc go freak yourself

    16. NightmareAndBannanaBone

      in the beginning I actually thought it was cyberpunk ngl

    17. Void

      Tbh I’m alittle disappointed that jack knocked him out instead using the mind control to kill him because once in a hit man game that’s something super rare you can do

    18. Andreas Niatsikas

      Detroit become human: welcome Agent 47 Agent 47: I'm I a meme now?

    19. Matthew McBride

      It's like deadpool kills the marvel universe with the professor X part

    20. PuffyBudgerigar

      This Hitman is f-cking GORGEOUS!! holy crap the lighting! so impressive

    21. Toge Inumaki

      Viktor Nivikov? almost sounded like a Yuri on Ice reference. i did a double take lol

    22. GoldMiner_Jake77

      Top left: Fraps

    23. TIY-EE

      God I love that scene from the incredibles.

    24. Chill

      You know he’s old when he’s still using fraps

    25. Christopher Gallop

      One of the first people he has to kill in this episode is Imogen Royce and I was like I kne there was something wrong with that girl at my old school now she got assasinated

    26. Jesy Nyxan

      Sister Lei: "He's got spirit." Me: "Yes he does-"

    27. Timothy Phillips

      16:46 jack: “she’s my mom” Me at home: “no you killed her mom”

    28. Savannah Cox

      why did "mc = mc-go fuck urself" crack me up so much lmaoo

    29. Jaxcraft 28

      5:00: To victory town

    30. Jaxcraft 28

      3:11: No trouble.

    31. Jaxcraft 28

      2:50: Oh, I forgot about that. I need to watch that video. XD

    32. Jaxcraft 28

      I don't understand why people are saying they don't watch Jacksepticeye much anymore because kids view his content now. What are you TALKING about!? He's the same as he's ever been!

    33. Jaxcraft 28

      I know we should recognize that it's Hitman but come on, at least have the title and part number. XD

    34. Megamax

      The woman who tells 47 to help himself to an apple, I did,, and I threw it at her. It staggered her, she recovered, and I wasn't in trouble, it was hilarious!

    35. Grimslade Leviathan

      Hitman: Stealth, bloodless, quiet Jack: Not stealth, bloodbath, extremely loud

    36. SaberScore22

      6:47 Who else loves hearing Seán's laugh? I know I do.

    37. Rose Banana


    38. ItsJiUi

      2:34 bruh there was a trashcan to conceal your gun right in front of you

    39. ReVib3

      NOT THE FISH 😭😭

    40. MisledSine

      Press x to HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON

    41. Dean Miller

      4:59 “all the way.” Also jack: sometimes I just say all the way when I’m playing games.

    42. Bayou.The.Therian

      0:32 why was this edited so well lmao

    43. TheGamezHub

      X to scan, X to hack, X to delete, x to upload X to doubt

    44. Walker Williams - Rigs Of Rods: The Long Game

      I’m pretty sure Among us has prepared Jack for this game. Also Lady: 47 has one weakness Me:...Hair Lady: Me Me: Ok but my answer is better

    45. Lillenny2018ツ

      47 only has one weakness if u scan the barcode on his head he'll just fall over

    46. manga reader executioner

      16:00 incredibles scene

    47. MavisRead

      Please, add the game's name into the titles again. It's just nice to know if it's a game video or not.

    48. Valuable Diamond

      Jack would be a horrible assassin irl he would scream NO WITNESSES

    49. Ash the Red Rider

      Why is no one commenting on the accidental murder at 11:06 😂

    50. player

      Play cyber punk

    51. Corbin Dick-Lockler

      x to Scan, x to hack, x to upload, x to win game

    52. ImmortalGamer

      he has his frame counter up at the top right lol

    53. Animator dude

      Jack you won't see this but remeber detroit become human?

    54. Big Ben Games

      Jack the bonkerer

    55. acbplay

      0:15 great joke

    56. Owen Gorman

      The title 13:10

    57. Jude McDonnell

      "Sorry I have a cough" *Sneezes*

    58. A Potato

      This feels like the previous hitman games but with shiny floors

    59. gunner fap

      jack irl looks at a mirror LOOK AT THOSE REFLECTONS

    60. Derpy_GamerRZT

      47 Is Professor X!!

    61. ZoinkerRoos

      It's called a screwdriver because you screw people over with it

    62. Citlali Delacruz

      " I didnt actually shave my head... my hair fell out when my brain got so POWERFULL."

    63. Nerfuse

      He killed 2 scientists or for a uniform when there was one right there in the closet 5:10

    64. J.A. Veerapen

      okay but 14:18, the way he says "Merces Letifer" fucking kills me and my bf. idk if it's the transition from the hacker voice or what, but we've gone looking for just this part multiple times in the past week and a half lmao

    65. Caitlin

      Flamingo man best npc

    66. Inhuman Papi

      Did anyone else think Seán looked like an adorable little baby boy in that t-shirt throughout the video???!!!!!

    67. Roshan pujari

      Jack's Description: everyone must sleeeep. Me: Are yOu C o m E D y mE?

    68. Grayson Cardinali

      Jack if you take out the detective in the "Death In The Family" mission and put on his clothes you can become the detective and solve the mystery as to why the guy in the bed killed himself. (spoilers: he didn't really kill himself... he was murdered)

    69. McKenzie Lord

      Fun Fact: At 11:08, Jack pushes a woman over the side of the walk way. When you start the level standing next to her, Agent 47 will give her some wholesome life advice.

    70. Olivia Schmid

      x solves all of life's problems in this game.

    71. Batmanboss24

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Jack: Research research equals MC- MC... Go f*** yourself

    72. Loveless2010A1

      I really wish you'd put the name of the game in the title of the video, please!

    73. Twizz_the_Wizz

      This game is precisely why nobody trusts Jack in among us; he's too sneaky and takes all opportunities lmao

    74. Frog Man

      It is a TickTock filter that looks very similar to the title and I read the thing that was under the title that said shh 🤫 no witnesses

    75. PrestoTheDragon

      Jack:all the way Me: *nostalgia kicks in*

    76. Aliyah A.

      Jack, mocking the end credit: "He has one weakness." "Loneliness." uwu All of us: well I feel slightly attacked lol

    77. Aliyah A.

      Jack: omg my sensitivity is so high *flash bang goes off* Jack: shrieks and hides Yep, I'd say its pretty high lmao

    78. kirill mereshko

      Play it in vr

    79. Clark James

      The rare baby contradictorily serve because authorisation intrestingly measure into a remarkable michael. shrill, handsomely lycra

    80. Elena Vandermeuse

      (4:10) I guess you could say, somebody’s about to get screwed.

    81. Invert_

      you can press x to do anything Press X to pay taxes

    82. SkylerGaming Vlogs

      Did anyone else notice that the FPS counter in the corner other then me

    83. contrite sinner

      Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. (I Corinthians 6:9-10 [KJV]) ~~+~~ And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30 [KJV]) ~~+~~ For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23 [KJV])

    84. Katherine Roxie

      The annoyed key topically itch because structure realistically file vice a various unshielded. fabulous, laughable twilight

    85. Nava0003

      You missed a level though

    86. DiV69

      "I Saitama-ed my brain" That should be a word in the dictionary

    87. Andrew Che

      I'm getting Morpheus vides from 47 in a coat I mean, they're both bald, wear coats (Morpheus does in Matrix), so one could confuse one for the other

    88. Macey Earle

      I heard the video title... I heard his voice in the video title.

    89. feesh

      1:15 my mans can make his umbrella disappear wow

    90. Cornelius Johnson

      oh, wow, the FPS counter has been there the whole time

    91. Drew of Earth

      [joke] Okay, seriously... serious fan being a serious man here: WHO designs a building to set itself on fire? What I.T. guy got permission to put incendiary devices on structural beams, that could fry intruders and smoosh a multi-million dollar building. 😉

    92. Thunderizu

      16:10 why does jordan cross look like jack

    93. Tyrone Lugo

      LMFAO The random moment finding Imogen Royce was priceless.

    94. the white thing

      7:56 this is actually true if you look into the Lore Imao

    95. Pola & Tiger

      I pressed X, it deleted the internet ....

    96. Caminates

      "if you touch the barcode on the back of his head, he falls over" ah yes, the *barcode titan*

    97. cyber six playz

      what happend to top of morning to ya

    98. Gryffon Rider

      Great way to greet someone for the first time “oh hey!, gunshot, laughs at their corpse” great hitman indeed

    99. Gryffon Rider

      “Find the test subject on the top floor” Cuts to jack chocking someone “Down you go” My brain: was that the test subject?