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    I took a shower with corpse in among us new airship map
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Yandere Alice

      imagine getting an among us ad for an among us let's play

    2. One Piece NaKaMa Production

      If Seán had skipped instead of _"betraying"_ Courage he would have actually won

    3. Pink Angel

      I'm suprise that Jack didn't notice poki vent

    4. lxser_vibes_1


    5. Amy Tam

      2:21 :)

    6. David

      4:39 Sykkuno: “Oh, you mean the other Jack?” Jack: *looks at camera and narrows eyes*

    7. Terrarian Creep

      Sykkuno: talks about sherif task Modders: *MMMMMMMM agressivly*

    8. Grace T.

      It's hilarious to me that Jack is possessive of a name that isn't even his real name 😂


      Jack... your title is every thirteen year old girls dream

    10. W

      New camera angle?

    11. LEEve Me Alone

      this looks so cute!! the updates!

    12. CleanupcrewofmyownMurder

      Valkyrae really went Todoroki on this game

    13. Lonewolfx13

      Oh my God you getting voted out was the most hilarious thing no offense

      1. Lonewolfx13

        Can you boost corpse audio he is super quiet but I love his rumbly low Voice

      2. Lonewolfx13

        Also corpse my friends are dying on the ship and we have a Room full of AK47 we're not using

    14. Olivia

      Did anyone catch that moan at 1:00 😂

    15. Tesha da furry

      I think I like sukkuno

    16. Alexander Lund

      I love that the map is based on the airship in henry stickmin

    17. Andy Garcia

      Sykkuno : "No Poki its ok look if you gotta sus you gotta go for it." Or if you read chat like Poki you just know who it is immediately.

    18. Catwalk Sweetheart

      I love how every USfilm video comments section now is basically people quoting the video and being like « Me : »

    19. Boomblox5896

      There needs to be less hesitation on defending and voting. I feel like Jack hesitates too much to vote on people he thinks is impostor, also doesn't speak up enough to defend himself against accusers like Rae.

    20. The Lazy Gamer

      I love how every automatically is Sus of Sykkuno and Toast because they’re so damn good at the game.

    21. melxdiq dooms


    22. Cyrus Newton

      When Jack said I will never kill corpse in a bay voice his face was so damn adorable more adorable than a damn dog

    23. Panther290

      This whole video I just wanted poki to shut up

    24. Dominic D'Arcangelo

      2:27 He just vented dude

    25. FireboltNTN _

      there should be a key master role that lets you open doors by walking two rods them

    26. Emilia is Best Waifu

      Jack’s together strong

    27. Zane W

      At 9:12 Jack sounds eerily similar to Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

    28. Gabriel Longenbach

      If you look at the audio files. Jack getting eliminated is always max. So that means all 7 of them combined beat the sound of a 6 year old on Xbox 360 vc whilst using a Mic from the trash bin he found round the back of your local best buy.

    29. Theodore Kitten

      The soft sound he made before chat exploded just melted me. Gentle boy noises. 😌

    30. floflo

      "MON DIEU"

    31. Kirāツ

      Which jack is the imposter? Both of them

    32. Julia Lee

      My two best friends-sykkuno, corpse, and....o-other jack. 🙄

    33. L K

      Jack is the best

    34. Rip juice Wrld

      How did jack not see Bret man vent at 2.20

    35. Matticus w

      Might as well call this game "Nazi Germany Simulator: who can turn on their friends the fastest?"

    36. Nick Willhite

      I'm really sorry about your loss man I loss my dad to a year ago

    37. Nevaeh Jasso

      it does right left right and you have to pass the zero once when you have to put the next number.

    38. Linda Trefan

      Jack: honestly it sounds like him (sykkuno) we gotta get him out Also jack: *skips and saves sykkuno*

    39. Lore Vorlak

      Poki sussing Seán for legit no reason is kind of frustrating... and then them completely talking over him in the next round...

    40. Rick Drip JoJo

      Who ever said “ ohhh toast ur so funny hehehe” is a simp

    41. MiniliQuid

      oh you really have to sus people back instead of asking why all the time. It is your biggest flaw and probably why you keep getting voted out when you are imposter (and even when you aren't). If they don't give a reason why they want to vote you, that is an argument itself for them to be imposter, trying to vote people without evidence. Use that and any potentially sus information you have on them from other rounds to turn the tables! xD Won't always work, but at least it will probably keep you alive and in the game 50% of the time, as imposter and crewmate. Who cares if they aren't the imposter? Shouldn't have thrown sus on you then. NO MERCY! =D

    42. Alex west

      You literally did the thumbnail dunkey was making fun of

    43. Haidyn Hanton


    44. Aydan Duncan

      Lol after 2 or 3 years of not watching jacksptiguy he swears more then he used to

    45. Jillian Crawford

      Sykkuno: * calls Sean the other Jack * Sean: I want a divorce...


      Please stop swearing or I will unsubscribe. By the way, you are great at among us

      1. Kelsey

        He has never claimed to be a family friendly channel so if you have a problem with it go ahead and unsubscribe.

    47. Leslie Schneider

      Confused toast is the best lol

    48. Rebecca Collins


    49. pinja tansk

      i love how excited he is when he goes up and down in latters :)

    50. Liza Stanton

      THey are talking on how to do the lock and corpse over there wtf? I never went to school, because he dropped out at 12

    51. Hitsuga Tatsuro

      Am I the only one who finds Poki's voice and attitude annoying?

    52. Timothy Guy

      funny thing for me: "and south is a fucking shit show"

    53. SPARTA !!!!!!!!!!!

      I love y'all's content so much 🥰

    54. Terrestrial Creature

      Bretmans voice is so annoying

    55. fang reyer

      That is so cool right now there is a new map right now spoiler alert oh geez

    56. Sky Parker

      please post a video of you watching Local58 on USfilm.

    57. Yuki A.


    58. Yuki A.

      Corpse: .....WTF? I never went to school Me: awww~ my tissue heart 🖤🌹

    59. ForestlanderAJ


    60. Biona Tom

      9:28 - Jack is another version of Sykkuno lmao "I'm voting myself..."

    61. William Holmes

      “Yeah! Kill other Jack! Kill her!”😂😂😂

    62. IndiannaJones5

      "well guys, if something happens to Jodie, just know... it was purely out of vengeance."

    63. Pure Blooded Gamer

      Poki stream sniping, she sus jack for no reason

    64. ThatRandom Person

      What you call an absolute insensitive person: "Savetion ||" 👁👄👁 like bruh, you just gonna reply on every dang comment with a "JACKSEPTICEYE TOOK A SHOWER WITH HIS DAD'S CORPSE IN HELL!" How do people like these even exist-?

    65. Quebin Lopez


    66. Rouge the bat girl

      I deleted among us because the new update is crap on the app, u can't type whatever U want which sucks

      1. Rouge the bat girl

        @Kelsey not on my thing

      2. Kelsey

        You can type whatever you want if you sign up for an account.

    67. Canadian Goose

      I can't even get through 5 minutes of the Among Us videos without getting a headache

    68. c y

      Did vretman just vented? 2:29

      1. c y

        @Kelsey ohhh i c I c thanks

      2. Kelsey

        He glitched. Notice how the vent didn't move?

    69. sovit printer


    70. mari

      Jack it’s okay you did so good on your imp round with courage poki read chat

    71. NOPE Kioftes

      I cannot possibly describe how much I love this outro

    72. simemie

      My favourite Among Us games are when Sykkuno acts shady as fuck and is actually innocent. xD

    73. CodyScriblyn

      Corpse became a literal coprse.

    74. the one who waits

      When are going to return to ark

    75. Phoenix Flight

      Sykkuno: *Calls Sean ''The other Jack"* Sean: *stab* There can be only one This is an aswd reference just in case you didnt know

    76. Bacongetsbullied 1234


    77. Gribblix

      Jack is like the dad waiting for everyone to stop screaming for a second.

    78. Vi

      imagine if he were jester that first game. easiest win

    79. Rainedain

      You can see the pain in his eyes everytime they call him "other Jack"

    80. Trinh Vo

      Players pointing the finger and saying you're impostor without evidence is the reason I stopped playing, it gets so frustrating! At least the new map looks cool, keen to see more shenanigans

    81. FaZe Chase 999

      I never comment on your videos, but imma big fan Jack! 😁

    82. LeftearLigma


    83. Alyssa Simmons

      Someone vented In front of you.

      1. Kelsey

        He didn't vent. It was a glitch.

    84. Universe God

      Sean:ima use the old outro Me:whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

    85. Zriana Espinoza


    86. HvSxUndead

      wait aint this the toppat airship from the henry stickmin games?

      1. Just your typical Emo boy

        Yes it’s the Same creator that have made both games

    87. Alessa Tüchler

      Tats 1:1 my life in Among us: anything: *happens* someone: mmm she kinda sus (without reason) everyone: votes me off and guess what, I only get Imposter like once every 20 rounds X)

    88. Rebecca Garry

      Are you Irish jack because I am

    89. Rory Cat

      seán's excitement after taking a shower in among us is the same as my excitement when i finally find the motivation and energy to shower irl

      1. DBKINGR


      2. Fawwaz Fauzan

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      3. Katie Lou


    90. Aztra Nine

      Poki sure is a game ruiner

    91. Kalah B

      So no ones gonna talk about the fact he’s literally in an among us lobby with Bretmen rock-

      1. Midna

        @Kalah B Yesss I love when he's in the lobby, he's so funny! He made a Twitch channel to stream Among Us if you're interested the name is BretmanRocky. Also you should definitely check one the funniest streams with them, Jack wasn't streaming that day but it's on Corpse's USfilm channel, in the playlist "Corpse Past Livestreams" and the title of the video is "Among Us w/ Toast, JaidenAnimations, Bretman, Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, BrookeAB, Pokimane, & more" posted on February 26. Bret was so funny that day 😭 and had funny interactions with Jack, it's worth watching!!

      2. Kalah B

        @Midna see- I didn’t know that cause I just started watching his Among Us playlist 😩 I liiiiiive for Bret man playing with jack

      3. Midna

        It's not the first time, Jack has been playing Among Us with Bret for quite a while now (usually when Corpse is the one to organize the lobby) so I guess people got used to it by now

    92. QueenAnime

      My English is Broken. I dont know more to My Speak :')

    93. James

      13:07 they're

    94. KiNG BLaZe

      seeing jack bring treated like a second jack makes me want to cry 😭😭☠️

    95. Meh meh meh Aosowpq

      Jack I love you

    96. Knowledge_Itself

      Alternate title: jack and other jack, who will win sykkuno

    97. Stephanie Haswell

      2:30 did blue vent?

      1. Kelsey

        It was a glitch. Not a vent.



    99. creature

      13:07 *they're