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    A body language expert analysed me and said I had IMPRESSIVE growth
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    Published on 29 days ago


    1. Jack Kerr

      "planned improv kinda shit"..... 'scuse me?

    2. 20 21

      You know fuck the hundred people who disliked this video this is such a wholesome video such a beautiful glow up from Sean, keep up the work Sean we love you fuck them haters!!

    3. Emmaly Giles

      "What does my body language say about me?" *My Brain: You look constipated-*

    4. Bacolotl Arts

      As someone who REALLY sucks at reading body language and facial expressions this is blowing my mind

    5. Kamil Jozwa

      I loved old jack playing games like turbo dismount , Evie bot , wreckfest and playing with other people.

    6. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    7. MonkeyMan VR

      Bro the only thing thats intimating about you is how short you are

    8. famguy 69

      You rock that man bun

    9. Reine Joosten

      he is basically just saying that he looks depressed XD

    10. heather woodberry

      Im rewatching this then I'm rewatching Night in the Woods. Which if u didn't know that was when he had green hair

    11. Random Guy

      18:53-21:20 I was like: 😲🤯 for a couple of minutes. THAT'S TRUE AF

    12. Pyre Willis

      19:26-19:36 hit fuckin h a r d

    13. Colin Morgan

      1:54 didn’t even notice hitler till jack pointed it out

    14. The Blanket Fort Cohort

      With the whole "hand pushing stuff away" thing, it could also be a learned gesture, like that's how you learnt to express that particular thing. Personally I'd see that gesture as more on the confident side because you're showing your palm, which is a kinda vulnerable thing, but maybe that's because I'm super anxious and am always a srunched up ball of aaah.

    15. Sarii Ali

      People in the comments: Normal things Me: OMG YOUR NAILS ARE B L A C K

    16. Nicole Smith

      I watch for your personality :) love the vids!

    17. cdtv360


    18. Pop Extra

      14:37 Why did i laugh so much at this. XD

    19. Donny J.S Venatus

      23:12 M'Earth i want him to come back in this channel M'Earth Man XD

    20. Eddie Jones

      Speaking of the hair, your bun grew on me dude. Good shit

    21. mincraft avatar

      Im part Scottish

    22. chelsea duane

      how many razzer blades have you ate in the first face cam video

    23. Mood

      my heart your channel is still my only comfort lmaoo

    24. buble boy

      When you misprinaunc thing its fucking adorable

    25. beargreen1


    26. Dragon YT

      Dude xD I'm a parrot of laughs I mimic laughs

    27. Austin Brake

      i dared what do i win

    28. Imma weird One

      I guess I dared

    29. Shrek Green

      Didn’t he retitle this

    30. GrumpCat Mara

      Self care is important You are important

    31. Zevox

      If you want your accent back just do the opposite of what you did to lose it, just say everything with a heavy accent and eventually it will become normal

    32. filip_boucek

      3:50 that kinda sounds like MatPat

    33. jinownmy soul

      Sean has such a lovely and cute personality who just makes everyone happy💕

    34. Brunno

      Bro the black shelf from the 2016 house is so nostalgic hahahah i miss the opening your gifts videos seeing him put the stuff up on the shelf

    35. Ethribin

      Green hair spent less time on the channel then the hat!

    36. Natural_Nagisa

      Oh my god Jack said shit instead of shite

    37. Digital · Gutz

      Mine is telling me I need to shit.

    38. Tonje Furulund

      o shit i just came from over there! Didnt know this video was gonna be about that lol

    39. Wobblz *-*

      OH! I dare.

    40. Azadiel Space

      Is it weird that I learned how to crinkle eye smile from how I met your mother

    41. Becky Knott

      I get Irish jokes, my grandad is Irish and I love the humour. BELEIVE IN YOURSELF LIKE YOU BELEIVE IN STEVE, We all love you 😁🍀

    42. Shrimpter

      Jack’s scripted title: people viewing expert reviews Irish tomfoolery

    43. The Raven Wolf Gaming

      god, jack is getting real here


      25:50... me who stalks jacksepticeye and lives in his closet: we don't do that here

    45. Casperina

      3:45 Holy HELL Wittle wee baby Seán

    46. Anna Backman

      I am enjoying the current Séan. The "middle" Séan was too much for me, but so it is still with channels with over energetic, word puking persons. Nowadays I enjoy his content.

    47. Sam Powell

      Apparently if you google "How do you pronounce "Mclaughlin", its just like how this guy says it... I'm not surprised >_>;

    48. Kevin DudeMan

      did anyone notice that that guy has a picture of the person that played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter

    49. Dilligafps

      i love when jack says car instead of car. -i know u pronounced the first car differently

    50. •B3nni3 •


    51. Claire Forsyth

      dfkm the emotionless face

    52. Lyric Scantlebury

      I commented

    53. Jeff Peterson


    54. WackMaDino

      i could do it better

    55. Shadow maker

      YESSSS I’m so glad you reacted to this 😆


      Seán we know is totaly genuine version of himself no matter what and thats what counts.

    57. Kickasskee

      18:20 damm you got long neck

    58. ketzu柚月


    59. Nick C

      19:31 I literally began realizing this about myself just a few days ago! And it's so true!

    60. Diego Ramos

      it's Markiplie he said i'ts the bite of 87

    61. uchiha spongebob

      I missed the time when you played goat simulator and gta and all this funny s games and just having a good time and a good laugh... (I dont give damn the time you had green hair i like you both ways) But your contact now is as 1/10 good as before

    62. Sean

      i would just want you to know that when I moved to Australia people love to point out the way I pronounce things. It is impossible to go a day with out someone making fun of what I say. I h a t e it


      My sleep plarisis demon 14:41

    64. Lapaxed

      Tbh I wish I could be as confident as you sean

    65. Bradley Greenland

      Are you analyzing an analyzer analyze yourself while analyzing yourself at the same time?

    66. Savannah Puga

      Hey Sean you should make a whole video dedicated to tell people how to say and spell your last name. - just a suggestion

    67. Pase Hello

      Just so you know do you laugh every every video that you make makes me laugh when I watch it not in the rude way because you’re really funny

    68. SuperFiery

      Sean saying "car" like an American is cursed i love the way he says it normally

    69. Ali Mardan

      Honestly i would be interested in watching the reaction/explanation of Jack's reactions in this video

    70. Makingitwork VollenDesigns

      First were gonna look at nonverbal....proceeds to them talk about how is voice sounded....which is verbal there dear 🙄

    71. Tyler Stevens

      "that clearing of the throat is a sign you're forcing your vocal chords to function in a way that they don't usually function" - me who clears my throat all the time anyway: "dafuq"

    72. Elli_Loves Music

      I refuse to believe he didn't know what "mirth" was lmaooo this guy ❤️

    73. Sam Brutus

      My mom has a Jamaican accent and she says things differently so to hear an opinion from someone else that I also look up to makes me not want to mock her anymore. Thanks Jack! 👏🏽

    74. JesterGamingUK

      It kinda sucks how people have pointed out how sean pronounces certain words....let him just be irish ffs😂

    75. Vastin H

      I'd rather have Sean say caar than car

    76. blaine ogden

      31:26 Being on the Autism spectrum, I often struggle with detecting sarcasm. However, I know that this issue is my own and I can’t rely on other people to adapt to me. I will never understand people that demand the world caters to them.

      1. Nori Vixen

        Being bullied growing up has force me to use my sarcasm as a defense mechanism but im also a senstitive person and i overthink alot due to my anxiety it is hard for me to detect if things are sarcasm. So i feel you on this comment

    77. DudeGoBack

      Man, that part at the end about people overworking themselves and hyping themselves up.. I did that for years straight. I've been on break for over a month now because I was at the breaking point and things have been okay. You're a good human Sean, and I'm happy to say I've been here for most of it. At least before the shout out. Glad you're in such a better place

    78. Emery Faye

      You're amazing Sean. Omg, you're just so... Amazing. You've made my life so full.

    79. baffledBITS

      I too am a parrot, lol

    80. Kole Spellman

      First off, this man is amazing. Secondly, jackaboi has come so far. And thirdly, the painted nails make me really happy

    81. OneBillionTacos

      5:54 "and that makes sense"

      1. OneBillionTacos

        Everyone with an Irish accent: :'(

    82. Nickolas Smith

      It's always interesting, but also terrifying to have someone pick you apart like that. Perspective is everything and we often can get tunnel vision on our own self image.

    83. Mickey Haider

      I'm Irish and the part where he said "people dont get irish humor" I was like "FUCKI'N HELL YES"

    84. Tieran Mate

      I’m Dominate

    85. Ekotaol

      The way your hair moved slightly shows signs of depression Sean are u feeling well?

    86. Kadeo123321

      Jack has always said during the days of his fake accent he wasn’t very happy. Doesn’t take an expert to see how unhappy he looked

    87. Fox X Gamer Plays

      Ahh!! Past Jackaboy! ~Looks Up~ Ahhh Old Irish Man! Is A Joke, Jack Got What He Needed And That’s The Love From Us The People Who Support And Watch This Man Thrive To Be Successful Everyday!! Let This Be A Lesson For Those Who Is Struggling, To Always Keep Going Trying And Doing!!!

    88. Too lng

      We only see Jack during his happy times a day

    89. Too lng

      They thought green hair Jack was like morgz.. Shameless

    90. Too lng

      7:00 happened to me at school lol Now I can't do either, talk with an accent or in between formal and informal. People ask often why I talk so politely

    91. Tony Ortega

      I know right it’s so hard to watch this video....and every jacksepticeye video

    92. Eagles of Death MC

      sean's transformation is like Walter White to Heisenberg. I AM THE ONE WHO LAUGHS.

    93. Callum Mc

      All I can think of you is BOSS MAN

    94. DigitalHarmony

      Just came from Logan’s video. Love them both. Excited to see his reaction.

    95. Skyler

      Note that this “body language expert” is a practitioner of pseudoscience.

    96. taylor kimball

      exhausted and not happy... oh god if only i could spew out all my feelings and make it make sense. i have that dead look on my face and honestly it scares me but i feel like a huge part of it is this. and also i can just be energetic for like not long but then most of the time i am tired and sad and done with my life. i feel like i could be better somehow in the future

    97. AsamiZed

      I really enjoyed this video. I've also enjoyed watching you and your content evolve over the years from new to YT Jack to this comfortable awesomeness you are today. Thanks for all the years of entertainment Jack! 💕

    98. Ivoie

      Oh you @Jacksepticeye we get your humor here in South Africa. Its fairly similar to Afrikaans humor. Dom dom.

    99. Deirdre Jones

      What’s interesting about Americans commenting on your pronunciation, is with our regional dialects you’ll hear the Irish, Swedish or Italian pronunciations distinctly. I get pegged for being from California when traveling, even in other countries. Irish accents are music, don’t abandon it!

    100. Foxy- 101

      Petition for jack to dye his hair green again....not sure if someone.else said this already...