I got voted out and still WON

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    I got voted out and still won as Jester in Among Us
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    1. JJ Venter

      But Sean how do I get them?

    2. nicolas hoskins

      was that karl from mr beast

    3. Daniel Ding

      hwai is how to win

    4. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    5. Alamux

      the galic glizzy gobler

    6. Luciana Lanigan

      omg when i saw the figure i thought it was slytherin jack playing quidditch

    7. jame3960 jame3960


    8. Sofie Arts

      Just 39 more views and we're at 2 million!

    9. Jacksepticeyes's Super Big Fan

      Those youtooz are so fire that it broke the world

    10. AgentSquirrel

      I love the Arin Hansen energy of that intro

    11. David Mossman

      9999999 iq jester play: when u get jester, DONT MUTE. say that u got the imposter, and when someone says ur unmuted, pretend like you didnt realize that. 6 second jester win.EZ.

    12. Kerdetz

      I died watching this video and still enjoyed it

    13. the boss 101

      jack start a potato war with techno over irish

    14. the boss 101

      techno tatoes

    15. W2P Games

      This new youtoos should’ve had the potato sack on his hip or back

    16. Jaedyn Applonie

      I love this gamemode

    17. Rebecca Pool

      am i the first youtuze

    18. Rebecca O'Callaghan

      They took a bit of potato and morphed into me. I fucking love the Irish personality 😂🤣🤣

    19. Patrick Bennett

      15:30 “ I’m freezing, he̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍e̮̟͈̣̖̰̩̹͈̾ͨ̑͑a̘̫͈̭͌͛͌̇̇̍

    20. Zohayr The Gamer Greek

      i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

    21. yes dog

      everyone's voice: high pitched screams CORPSE's voice: *deeper than the marine ocean*

    22. Not Epic Sax

      Am i to late to get a youtooz?

    23. Juliette Wachter

      I love that Corpse has a pink cat on his character.

    24. That one guy

      Me: opens the video expecting mass murder. Video: wEeWoO wEeWoO

    25. lookadoggy

      I died when corpse said I was waiting in spawn wtf

    26. Sara

      13:03 _“I look sauce”_

    27. Maurice Bogle

      how did you get thos hats

    28. Jjoker80

      It’s bell man

    29. Ryan Daniel

      Best Morphling kill idea: Kill then run away. If someone chases you, morph after a few seconds so they think you hit your cooldown. I'm 1000 IQ right here

    30. Nootmares_?

      y o u t o o z

    31. Dean Baldwin

      last round Corpes is big brain

    32. Someone

      I love the way I can tell this was edited by someone who isn’t Robin like instantly without checking the description 😂

    33. TheManWhoSpeaksInHands

      I hope your spelling Gaelic “Gaeilge”, pronounced Gwal- Gah, because although like Gaelic, Gaeilge is the name of the Irish language in Irish

    34. Carl Daniel Marzan

      If humans are 74% water, then Jack is 100% potato.

    35. umar mohiuddin

      this is not for kids plz stop swearing my 4 year old bro is with me

    36. Lizzyivy3


    37. Harleen Hufflepuff

      Going from watching TinaKitten to Jack was a mistake XD

    38. Robin Nicole

      I get toast and sykkuno mixed up every damn time lmao

    39. Eddiethefakemexicanconfirmed

      How do you get the septic eye hat is it a mod

    40. TheAdvertisement

      I love how on the first kill with Toast, Jack thought he was done for, but then everyone starts shouting in mourning for Toast and Jack just joins in. xD

    41. Dat_Smal _Boi

      But Sean when is it happening

    42. Steven Villa

      No one: Literally no one: Jack: weee woooo weeeeeee woooooooo

    43. Kristina Yun

      The fixed output taxonomically strip because ear cellularly moan among a scrawny sort. shivering, weak badger

    44. Spoupi Spooked

      Jack: *gets voted out as the jester* Jack: « Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance… but not for me »

    45. Mary Nesbitt

      My Great Grandma's Birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. she would of been 102 this year, but she passed away October 25, 2020 at the ripe age of 101. I miss her greatly and since her 100th birthday was the day I got my hair dyed (green) for the first time I'm going to make it a yearly thing to dye my hair green around her Birthday.

    46. fruit Canyon


    47. Liahna Hight

      16:18 The face if him trying to figure out what he should say 😂

    48. Kieran Tohill

      New imposter strat, just try and make ur self sound like jester by badly covering for yourself

    49. Hunter Carey

      y'all should do a undertale mod where the impostor is sans and gaster or chara and the crewmates are the other characters

    50. Eliza 1000

      Jack is doing fake tasks as jester 🤣🤣

    51. Kara-louise

      Day 5 of asking u to do awful asmr 3

    52. Leopomon

      11:13, honestly if it was me as jester, I would say "guys, I'm starting to see nothing but red, I think it's my bloodlust" at the end of the meeting and see how many would believe that I'm the impostor.

    53. Blooky

      Town of Salem Called. They want there role back

    54. Chelsea G

      Lol! Jestersizing should be added to the dictionary! ;p

    55. Jason Coffey


    56. Jason Coffey


    57. Jason Coffey


    58. Zoe Murray

      it's kind of just becoming a bit like werewolf

    59. frostie

      10:14 jack just scratched his armpit and then sniffed it wtf jack ni hate I love jack but just found it weird

    60. freshawacado

      i love ur vids

    61. RedThunderDan

      The women youtubers he is friends with all have ridiculous voices... I'm guessing their whole careers are revolved around "I'm so cute, pay attention to me"

      1. Skech of L.G.M.

        Actually not, but well done. You think Corpse is a serial killer from his voice as well?

    62. The Pixelated Potato

      Give me sack of potatoes and everything I'm going to buy them Mainly because I want the sack of potatoes... cuz I'm also eating Irish Stew I'm Irish

    63. atropa

      your eye cap looks like a cute plushy

    64. Tori

      That jester win was amazing!!

    65. joe olguin

      gasp* a tiny sack of potatoes

    66. S imp

      omg the potatos be cute and you look so cute as a plush!

    67. Khalied Shaiban

      هل سنحصل علي جوائز

    68. Khalied Shaiban

      كيف يتم اللعبه

    69. Alco Trippy

      can someone send me the link to this pls

    70. Heartless Hero

      (2:37-2:57) lol, no one notice jack saying "southeast", i would be like "how did you know that the body was there besides that ash is the one reporting it", and jack would be "... i f*ck*d up", but is still funny seeing seeing everyone overreacting on toast's death

    71. Ghost 1535


    72. Cady V

      Corpse's laugh at 4:08 is so lighthearted and wholesome ❤

    73. A A

      I’m always happy when he wins

    74. Julia Roa

      10:14 scratch n' sniff

    75. Kellan F

      I Irish dance so st Patrick’s was a big deal I’m first in the western region

    76. Kellan F

      The figure at the beginning lol Bragging about his own figure tahts just him lol

    77. Avery Vee

      im very curious to know what the mod that adds extra hats and colors is.

    78. Hunter X05

      I actually didn't know the floating green eye was called Sam

    79. Wizard641

      0:20 technoblade: are you sure about that?

    80. sen_stormy

      I wanna see a battle of all the youtooz

    81. و و

      corpse freaking out with his deep voice makes me more freaked out

    82. Sislover1124126

      Awwe Jack won every round

    83. Rocket

      You da man

    84. Xavier Largent

      to medic mod pls

    85. Ban that Vegan teacher21

      Long time now seen how have you been but I got a new channel so yea oh and did you get your shamrock shake this year ???

    86. Joseph Estrada

      Who remembers sneak thief and how he said they don’t exist. Edit: the plushies

    87. dodaTiffany

      Toasts “What?!” When Jack is revealed to be the jester is HILARIOUS! Lmfao. So good.

    88. angewomon143 Kirk

      You still need a decaf option for ur coffee jack, my mom can’t do caffeine and I wanna buy her a baggy or two or 90


      I feel like Ryan was inspired by Greg’s intro that’s why he did kinda similar intro on their second kings court. Just my thoughts 💭

    90. Bad_Script

      I just *really* wish occasionally everyone would be jester

    91. Gucci Flipflops


    92. Paxton Kraus

      I’d lose that little sack of potatoes so fast 😂

    93. Vanessa Knight


    94. Gaming Rabbit645

      technoplane is SHIVERING in its boots from the gladiator

    95. Lonewolf3515

      lol morphling is op and jester is interesting. ;)

    96. Nolan York

      The blue-eyed seaplane adversely change because wheel philly haunt an a minor creek. fascinated, boorish gondola

    97. Biona Tom

      I love Sykkuno and Jack interactions, they're so cute

    98. Savannah Lopez

      So does that mean if you get a sample of the snitch, you can't morph? (This is going back to when Sean couldn't morph into CORPSE)

    99. Redas HD


    100. Adrianne Engel

      The wee woo wee woo like Spongebob at the beginning I’m 💀