An Important Conversation...

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    I sat down with Dr. K to have an honest conversation about my issues.
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    DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice is not a substitute for seeing a licensed professional or attending therapy. If you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency, please call your nation's emergency telephone number.
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    1. jacksepticeye

      DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be taken as medical advice is not a substitute for seeing a licensed professional or attending therapy. If you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency, please call your nation's emergency telephone number.

      1. Dante tenorio

        @Outta Pocket wtf😂

      2. XuiMari 20

        @Outta Pocket chill?

      3. Jessica Camp

        I really relate to a lot of what you’ve said with the lose of a parent experience. Especially the large amount of support at right after the lose of a loved one and how people kinda fade out after that. You’re not alone and we’re still here for support. Every lose is different and like I said before it really changes you but your healing is unique to you, only you know how to cope with the emotions. Stay strong Sean. ♥️

      4. 虞鹏举

        sean, he's a fraud

      5. RoddTogers

        @Snakeymf Snakeymf Y'ain't got shit to say about that word, white boi!

    2. Tydd

      I'm half an hour in and I want this guy to be my therapist. A decade ago I had therapy for about 2 years and it was awful. I saw 4 different therapists in that time, all of whom made me feel worse about my mental health issues, and it put me off ever having therapy again, even though I know I probably need to.

    3. Ben Sobicj

      Ya know I watched jack for 3 years and stopped recently because it seemed like he had a problem every week and he didn’t just deal with it in his personal life he aired it to us in a video I’m glad I stopped watching He should take care of this in his personal life not try to get a “doctor” to prove that he has something wrong

    4. Dalenna Perez

      The entire time he spoke about his early family life, I was getting choked up. It wasn't till I was almost 30 years old that my parents ever said they loved me or that they were proud of me. Something about having older parents hardens your heart because they've been through so much shit that they don't feel the need to console their children. I appreciate this video so much. Happy I've found this channel

    5. JurassicJbeaar

      This video was deep to watch I watch it so many times and I'm going to share my story too and this is not for attention or for jack to see or anything this is the part of my story when I was like 13 years old which was 3 years ago now I have been a really nice and sweet and caring little kid who was willing to help anyone with anything even depressing people but... the thing was i never actually experienced depression in someone before or myself at all but as a kid I thought depression was like just a sadness that was bad and it stayed and stuff but when i turned 15 i made her friends online I made like 13 and 2 or 3 were extremely depressed with their lives and since I was a really caring and helping person I tried to help them but... when helping them I never really noticed that I was really really slowly changing and there anger and sadness and negative thoughts and stuff was affecting me without me realizing it and after a few months of trying to help I helped 2 of my friends lives get better and they were happy but this one girl I was friends with which was also my secret crush had a massive depression life and story and she had a bad addiction of depression ever since she was born she was born with it and we started to date and stuff and I for the first time experienced love and happiness for being with someone but the thing Is that everyone's depressing life and story's and stuff affected me badly like I get more upset really easily over everything I'm more clingy I get jealous extremely easily and I get really mad really easily and I use people's feelings against them and stuff without realizing it and when my girlfriend told me about it it made me think and I realized how much I changed and she broke up with me and said stuff that hurt me that I'm not going to go into detail to and experiencing losing a person you loved with all your heart and every bit of you was really rough for me and it changed me even more and when I was thinking of how much I changed I have been trying to make myself not so miserable and so mean and stuff and.. when I ask my friends for help they dont wanna help or they say they can't and when I try to do it solo I get so many feelings hitting me all at once like I feel mad upset i feel like crying and i feel like I'm being hold tightly and i feel devastated for losing my girlfriend and being really upset and mad at myself for changing and when I try to change back I get so so so much stress and anxiety and get upset and feel like having a mental breakdown and I have been feeling really burned out from everything I use to do I can't do anything like I use to enjoy cause my mind and body is yelling at me to not play or do it or watch and it has affected me badly and I have been thinking about getting either a irl or a online therapy to help me cause I have no one to go to and my ex is taking a break from me even tho I love her still so so so much and thanks for listening to my story and seriously if you guys have any problems that is too much for you to handle never be afraid to ask for help or call a therapy

      1. JurassicJbeaar

        Also I'm not blaming them for anything or wanna cause trouble they are really good people they just have some problems and stress in their life

    6. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    7. T-800

      Ireland isn't that religious anymore though

    8. Lexillios

      I hope you're feeling better now. 💜 I hope that who ever needs a therapist finds a GOOD therapist like yours. My dad is 78 and im in my 20s so I relate in a way

    9. Paxdead

      i miss the old jack with his hat and his irish vibe but now this jack is how to say this more like a normal youtuber with the WOW faces on the thumbnails


      What a f*cking troopa not many people would be soo open and sharing. Much respect Sean

    11. Aster Wesselink

      I can really relate to the part about being a people pleaser and caring more about others than about one’s self. I’m struggling with an obsession with a celebrity at the moment. The obsession got so bad that I actually cared more about said celebrity than about myself. And just recently I realised that I cared more about him than about myself to the point where I neglected my own needs and I couldn’t fully focus on my education anymore. I realised that I need to love myself more and so I’m now trying to break the emotional attachment to that celebrity so I can help myself. I know it’s different from caring more about people in your actual life than about yourself , but I can still relate. I’m 20 and I’m still figuring out what I want in this life. And the future scares me and makes me feel helpless so I escape into my daydreams. But I’m trying to break free and I’m confident I can succeed. Seeing so many people in this comment section dealing with similar issues makes me feel a little less lonely, helpless and lost. I hope all you guys out there can find yourselves and I hope things get better for you.

    12. Lukas Reimer


    13. Cee

      This was such a beautiful and vulnerable gift to give to us. Sharing this side of yourself must not have been easy and as much as you have been so open with your audience, I can’t imagine this didn’t come with some level of anxiety. Doing this has normalized going to therapy, or just talking to someone about how you truly feel, for so many. We need more influencers/celebrities/famous members of society to be open like this. Well done Jack!

    14. elextroguy

      Sorry to hear that jack

    15. Row

      FORGET ABOUT US, be your self before jacksepticeye

    16. nathan

      God, I hate the faint background music making everything intense. It's good if its short but its for a whole hour its so exhausting

    17. The Task Man

      Is this guy even a doctor?

    18. XuiMari 20

      I’m so surprised that (not everything), but a lot of things said within this conversation actually resonated with me. Please post more of these conversations. It’s important that as a community everyone’s like..on the same page? And understands everyone else mentally. I’ve certainly experienced second hand comfort from this, and I lowkey would like to talk to a therapist on my own now that I see what it can do.

    19. Špela Orel

      the ad before thw video was shy away by twenty one pilots and you fooking know i watched the whole thing again

    20. Davey Dave

      Just goes to show how intelligent and interesting 'our' Jack is 😊 Knowing and understanding is a lifetime achievement which i truly admire as it's damn hard too seperate reality and our concept of it. Let's face it we watch and enjoy the content he brings to us. As we take ourselves away from reality by our viewing of channels like this. Or watch a movie, go for a meal with friends etc.... Am grateful for videos such as this. We get too now see more of our chum, and i just want the best for him 😊 Thank you Jack, Gab and B.B. ❤

    21. s a m p l e t e x t

      This is heavy, but very much needed and appreciated. This does not fall on deaf ears.

    22. Sonder


    23. Jacob Gharib

      That was a very insightful experience. Watched it all. Good video

    24. Megan Bach

      Just know that we’re all here for you Jack. If you need to take a break then do it. I think I can speak for most subscribers when I say we support you. On top of that. This video hits hard, as someone who has mental issues. Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone. And to know that someone I look up to so much has similar issues to me just makes me, I don’t know, it’s not good that you have these issues, that’s not what I’m saying, but it’s good to feel like I’m not alone.

    25. Get Vectored

      Yea I’ve been going to a therapist for a year now and I still kind of feel uncomfortable talking about what’s going on because I don’t like talking about my life but it has gotten way easier

    26. John Acevedo

      This actually helped me jack , ik what you're going thru .

    27. The Enchanter

      Sean a famous you tuber gets problem with life The therapist: this is free real state

    28. acousticbeast9

      Why does it hurt so much to listen to this?

    29. that's not me fellas

      the way jack views the word "stan' is very different from me, idk if that's because of negative experiences with his fanbase or what? maybe eminem's infamous song? to me (and a lot of my peers) "stanning" means "being a big fan" of something, not necessarily "every moment of every day must be about The Thing". and to us "fan" now means casual fan; someone who has watched three episodes of a series would say that they're a fan of it. when i say "stan BTS", i mean give their music a listen and see if it maybe makes you happy, not "BECOME UNHEALTHILY OBSESSED WITH THEM SPEND EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY TALKING ABOUT THEM DO NOT TREAT THEM LIKE HUMANS". i feel like i need to change every place i've used the word "stan" to "fan" since "stanning" apparently equals idolization and obsession to many

    30. NotKryoPeePee


    31. Chase Deneen

      I am 20 years old and I’m almost done with my associates degree at my local college, and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. When Sean said, “you’re not gonna figure it out that quick,” it made me feel relieved!!! So thank you, Sean!!!

    32. Kara-louise

      Day 6 of asking you to do awful asmr 3

      1. Megan Bach

        Why? This is a video on a serious subject and you comment this?

    33. Corey Taylor

      This is such a healthy conversation with a therapist I love it! 😎🤙💯❤️

    34. Goldeneyescat

      Hearing that Jack struggles with similar stuff to me was very comforting, thank you Jack for for sharing this (also I’m crying now, which isn’t a bad thing)

    35. Shawn D

      This helped me a lot. Thanks Sean.

    36. zlizgirl

      Being non-religious and also being told to 'not tell grandma', I wonder if the family's indifference can be felt as dismissive. Religion is a culturally binding thing. While someone can't force themselves to believe, there is further separation from the Group by separating yourself from religion. Dismissive attitudes about the subject would be further distance in relationships.

    37. Jack

      Is this dude is not licenced, a professional, or even trained in anyway, and if he is I'm the world's best Scientologest

      1. Black death Crimson

        @Patrick sorry Patrick but I do believe he's a troll.

      2. Patrick

        He is a licensed professional and a Harvard grad, so I think he knows more about this than you do

    38. Niamh mcauliffe

      i wish you all the happiness in the world jack

    39. Seth Bettwizilch

      Me *casually listening in the background* Dr. K: "ahamkara" Me: "Damn you Riven, you bastard!"

      1. Black death Crimson

        Damn that raid

    40. Ashley

      "Does that require an F U?" *writes therapist notes*

    41. Meldorian

      Me:- Watching a deep video I can connect to USfilm Ad:- ‘At Pizza Hut we get asked: Do we deliver?’

    42. rachel kilby

      Thanks for sharing this with us. 🤗❤️

    43. sky mine123

      His one piece comment is unforgivable...

    44. Awsumsauz

      I want this dude as my councilor. He’s really good.

    45. jesiree morales

      we love you sm jack and me others feels so happy that you we're able to speak out and share this with us lots a love from all of us

    46. Janet Helen

      I am very surprised. I mean, you've said thing in other videos, deep things, you've told us things that make us cry, but this is a whole new step. You sharing this information with us is wonderful ❤ thank you Sean. 🙏💕 keep growing, keep being you.

    47. Bradley Cooper

      This is one reason I wouldn’t want to be famous because you get super self conscious about everything but you are super funny if you take breaks off I’m with you fully if you start posting normal again I’m with you on that too. You are good at what you do and if you need time off I don’t blame you

    48. M O

      rip his dad

    49. cockleships

      I really thought I'd watch a few minutes of this now and then watch the rest later while I was working out or something, the way I do with podcasts and then I suddenly realize I've been sucked in for half an hour and wasn't ready to stop watching. There was so much in here that was relatable and some light bulbs too. I really like Dr. K and how he explains things and of course I think Sean is great, but his deep serious videos are some of my favorites and this is no exception.

    50. Ruben Berliner

      Wow this is DEEP

    51. Luis Angelo


    52. Blue_Ink _Artist

      Listening to this conversation was actually pretty eye opening for me. Especially the connection that you guys made between getting interuptted/talked over/told your opinion doesn't matter is directly connected to your own self value. I'm gonna have to go into this with a therapist at some point, but even if I had kinda realized a lot of my self esteem/low value had come from my interactions with others it can still be eye opening to listen to a convo like this

    53. M Gilbert

      The fucking ambient music man... Whats the name? Who's it by?

    54. Snuz

      26:14 so I can resume later

    55. Dooglez125

      Being a psychologist student I love watching this

    56. Tracy Green

      What an amazing transparent video!? I love that you share this completely different side of yourself on the channel. I appreciate you!

    57. Jp Wright

      All the Destiny players freaked out at Jack mentioning worm and Dr. K calling it Ahamkara

    58. Jake M

      This is important. Thank you.

    59. Dallleekah

      First off, thank you so much for posting this video, Seán. Even though I wasn't part of this conversation, a lot of the points that you both talked about did get to me. I think everyone has something to learn from other people and their experiences, therefore I'm immensely grateful that you would share this piece of your life with us. I've slowly become better at recognising all the para-social conducts that I used to indulge in just for the sake of feeling like someone got me and I wasn't alone. One thing that I've realised hasn't changed though, for me at least, is that whenever I tell someone that I care about them, that they are loved, wanted, clever, beautiful etc... I do absolutely mean it. I am not forced to say it and I don't type out messages like that just to get a like or be well-seen by someone I look up to or to play mind tricks on them and gain their trusts or anything like that; I just want to be kind to people, and I try to think that whenever people say things like that as well, they do mean well. And I know a lot of the world is bad, there are many people who would do anything to achieve their goal but at the end of the day, if I can trust myself to be a nice, loving and genuine person with others (I'm still working on the self-love part of it lol) then I think others can as well. TL;DR: This video is very much appreciated, Seán. You are a genuinely beautiful person, take care.

    60. Kibby Cross

      i shit like everyone else

    61. sushi

      i suffer from anxiety disorder. i started medication and i've been wanting to get CBT since my medication isn't necessarily working for me- my mom said she'd schedule an appointment so i can try it out but she hasn't yet and its been a couple weeks and i've been getting anxious about whether or not a therapist would be good- to be honest i'm a little scared, but this video kinda relieves some of that anxiety

    62. Late In The Game

      Namaste😁 Thanks for sharing.

    63. Captain Caption

      Alok Kanojia OP in the chat

    64. A B

      Thank you for sharing this. For what it’s worth for some reason your video has helped me to make the Choice to see someone

    65. Joshua Jenkins

      This is beautiful man! Cheers for sharing.

    66. TraceD

      Probably one of my favourite videos yet. Its really good to just spread awareness of visiting psychologists and looking after mental healthy, even when you feel ok or are felling better. I hope you continue to do follow ups even if its in private and with another professional as Ive found it really help me maintain a health normal standard. Youve come so far and its really inspirational, and look forward so how you continue to improve your life and become a better person. Keep up livin life in its weird, messy, amazing way

    67. Kate Gonchar

      It's such a weird thing to feel so connected to a person online, really. What a weird thing to have a community that just follows a content creator because it loves what the creator does. Makes them feel happy, or cozy, or at peace, or provides a necessary escape, or provides some kind of control or routine in their life. It's also so weird to know that no matter what it's going to stay like that and each side is still so distant from another. The creator, Seán, as he said, puts out a version of himself, Jacksepticeye. That doesn't make it any less genuine, but it's still just a small part of who he really is, of him as a unique, whole self. I don't know, I find it fascinating that people can get so attached... But I guess I also wanted to say that there are people in this community who see (as much as they can) and value Seán. Even though we are never going to get to know the real Seán, at the end of the day we care about the real Seán more than Jacksepticeye. We see what kind of person you are even if we see just a small snippet of you. And that's okay, that's how it should be. I'm rambling, but either way, hope you are happy and feeling good. I genuinely hope you enjoy your life and live it to the fullest. But I know you do and you do your best to do that, if that makes sense. Anyway, kudos to you for being awesome, genuine, and so fucking self-aware :)

    68. Styxol

      I am yes

    69. Bryan Workman

      very cool

    70. Mcname555

      Hope your doing ok Jack thanks for getting on Dr. Ks stream and sharing this with your subs as well. Its healthy to see the human behind the person you follow

    71. moha who

      37:40 👁👄👁 what now

    72. moha who

      8:04 ive been tuning in every day not because its a regularly scheduled program its because i like and respect you as a person w genuinely good human being no matter what the fuck did you do id be here cause its like hanging out with your friends its not for where we're going or what we're doing its about being with some people that you feel good with we love you bro we love sean jack jasean and whatever you would like to name yourself with in a game you are a genuine human and we love you "no homo" edit: this video is amazing. thank you for making me seek professional help to end my agony

    73. Victoria

      I resonate with this a lot. Thank you a lot for sharing.

    74. Robert Purcell

      Thanks for the video inspired me to go back to therapy

    75. Dominic Archer

      I have never related to a video or a person more in my life...I literally feel so seen! Sean or Jack (whichever you prefer) I don't know you and you don't know me, but I love you and your content so much. I hope you're doing okay and hope that you continue this journey of self-discovery/understanding and blossom into that big green flower that you already are

    76. Noah Wattel

      I mean I'll just say I agree with some stuff and disagree with others. Like I think some of it is a step in the right direction but not quite there.

    77. AuthentiK

      What books did you read?

    78. zuzanna manson

      great video content. i think people who can relate to any of the conversation can also benefit from the advice thats given

    79. JUMBO TUBE!

      Is it weird that I got second hand therapy from this

    80. Jamie May

      i relate so much to this, though different circumstances of course. my mom and i earlier were talking and i was saying how i was the baby of the baby, meaning my dad has a lot of siblings and hes the youngest, and im his youngest so i understand feeling forgotten, being talked over and all of that. so this was helpful to me too. :) thank you for sharing

    81. Julyan Taylor

      Ah yes therapy

    82. ApekingBobo

      I imagine it's not just streamers but celebrity's in general who deal with "who can give the best condolences" dunno why I had to say this but I feel it ought to be mentioned.

    83. Mae Is Typing

      Love you, man.

    84. tavros nitram

      "At the end of the day, you shit like everyone else " quote of the year

      1. Isaiah Burnett

        I read this at the exact time he said it wtf😂

    85. kriscraws x

      I like this Dr K. Really on the same level as Sean. Cussin every now and then. 🤣

    86. Dovahkiin

      shoutout to Jack's/Gabs cat near the end of the video.

    87. Mary Mary

      i lost my dad a week ago, and im just happy i clicked on this video of yours talking about it as well, cause i don't have anyone really or therapist to think about it or share. just big thank u

    88. Amnyxia

      this was very interesting, thank you

    89. Jari Veen van der

      9th of February I lost my little brother (14yo) in a train accident... I also lost all of my 4 grandma's (it's complicated) last year, I am also struggling at school, but at this point, I'd rather spend a year in auswitch than a minute at school. I used to self-reflect a lot, but I stopped a few years ago (idk why). Seeing this video made me self-reflect a bit again. I think that this is what I need to do more, so thanks for helping me realize that.

    90. Angeluss Blade

      Thank you Jack this gave me the courage to go do the same. At least now I know is not as bad as I thought it would be.

    91. Ezra Smith

      Hi Seán, I'm not sure if you'll read this, but if you do, I want to say thank you. I discovered you a year ago during an extremely dark part of my life, and you helped me rediscover all the joy and happiness that life has to offer. The energy and PMA that you bring to your gaming content practically saved my life, and the content you post like this video reminds me to take time to sit with myself and think about all the progress I've made over the last year (in terms of mental health). You are truly an amazing creator and I think of you as a friend, even though we've never met. Again, thank you for all that you do.

    92. JC Davis

      Thank you for sharing this with your community, Sean❤

    93. Martijn De Vries

      33:20 "What are you feeling right now?" "Good" Literally goosebumps and tears in my eyes 🥺

    94. Katie Loesel

      My favorite part of therapy is when your therapist drops a truth bomb and you're just like... *explosion* *mic drop*

    95. Melissa Smits

      Hey Jack! I hope you're well. This was a great invitation to the processing of your recent -stuff- sorry for lack of a better term. You've been great to watch and clearly a good person to game with, we need more folks like you.

    96. artbox

      N Y A N

    97. Captain Oma oma

      Jacks got to much money. He can literally just take brey

    98. Jcrazy25

      Oh Gosh I thought it was Guava Juice in the Thumbnail an I freaked out for 3.2 seconds

    99. hclypjm

      I love when youtubers are real and they talk about some serious things. It makes people connect with them on another level. Sorry to hear about what has been happening though..

    100. jones1234567891011

      The part in the end where you talked about the feeling of everybody being better than you in college etc really resonated with me, I am close to finishing my studies and will be applying for jobs soon. And I really gotta deal with that feeling of not really deserving the job because I am kind of an "Imposter" and not really good at what I do.