I MADE THIS! | Minecraft with Gab - Part 2

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    We're BACK with more Minecraft bay-bee!
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Quakkzy

      90 percent of the comments aren’t about how great a couple these two are... i’m disappointed

    2. Ches_ shire707

      I need to know what shader he's using

    3. Shiro Indo

      If you think this is the most dangerous game ever, you haven't seen nothing yet, just wait til you play Gorilla Tag also yes i dare you to play this game without breaking a single furniture in your room

    4. pakalu papito

      Minecraft with other people seems like so much fun... ... but I have no people to play with 😶

    5. Twirly Tulip


    6. Damfumn- topic

      Jack:almost dead Gab:”do bees get angry when I hit them?”

    7. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    8. shii

      20:12 Jack hes just a child lmao

    9. A Snark

      Ahh Minecraft the only game where you could literally breed 2 day old sheep with there parents no matter there gender

    10. Quincy Epoo

      DID YOU SAY WILBER SUITY ITS F@#$@$# wilber scot

      1. Stabbed Ryan

        Ah yes a youtuber I like Wilber Scot

    11. Bob H


    12. Bob H

      2:49 the grinch irl

    13. damien galindo

      4:47 im short i have a porpose yay

    14. Frantic Frenzy

      Jack wasn't lucky in his own world, but he is lucky whenever his girlfriend jumps in the server XD

    15. MarsDude

      Which shader is this?

    16. Seán McAodhagain

      Jack and his railway system is like Felix with his sorting system

    17. Seán McAodhagain

      "All Dutch people are tall" Me: *looks at the YTuber Jelly*

    18. Seán McAodhagain

      Jack: "I'm gonna protect my girlfriend!" Also Jack: *runs away because he gets attacked a lot and his girlfriend protects him*

    19. Seán McAodhagain

      Jack you're 5'8??? I remember years ago that whenever I looked up your height it said 5'10, what happened?

    20. Cotton candy cupcake

      I have a sword to protect my girlfriend five seconds later... I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m going to die *runs behind girlfriend*

    21. Starhelper11

      A more dynamic duo? Easy: You and gab

    22. FireMire

      Name more iconic duo: Sean and death

    23. RTK Patrickman

      Jack is “MEGA SIMP" which is cool

    24. TeddyBear

      Gab: "What are you fighting?" Sean: "The fucking world." Jacksepticeye VS The World - Coming to a theater near you.

    25. Denki Kaminari

      I remember that portal incident 😂 ‘twas very amusing

    26. Harry Parker

      what shader's are you using?

    27. We Are BACON!

      Hey Sean look up Redstone tutorials. It may enlighten your beeg brain.

    28. We Are BACON!

      No, Dark Souls is the deadliest of games

    29. Nicolò Sportelli

      No offence but Tommyinnit,Ranboo and Wilbur are as good as you jack. Maybe better.

      1. Stabbed Ryan

        Thats kinda offensive i see them as equals and Jack said that as a joke

    30. Boris Koutsenok

      SEAN! read my 2 comments that I put on the video of your minecraft collaboration with evelin

    31. E.Π.Dmusic

      Omg what shader is this

    32. Bill’s Farm

      You can have solar power

    33. Annie Art

      And Wilbur soOooTY

    34. Michael De Santa

      What texture are they using?

    35. John Wright

      What resource pack do you use?

    36. Boris Koutsenok

      Jacksepticeye, can you please go back to your minecraft survival world and explore more of the new updates in your world and also. STOP BIENG MEAN TO CHUCK! Chuck the chicken is my favorite character in your minecraft series and every time you throw one of chuck's eggs, I want to punch you in your face even though I love you as my very best friend but still start being nice to chuck and use his eggs to make cake

    37. Boris Koutsenok

      Sean, every time you do a collaboration with other youtubers, I get a little sad, lonely, depressed and jelous of your awesome fun friendship with your friends, I would love to be apart of your friendship group, but someday, I will become best friends with you and your friends

    38. buble boy

      Name more an iconic duo Jack ding iņ the lava

    39. JC Typical

      What texture pack is he using

    40. Sir Spork

      Jack having a near death experience Gab: what are you screaming about Jack: *beh beh ÆUGHHRRÉŒ*

    41. Charlie Elmer

      Does jack know what PAWG means? I love his vids but its fuckin stupid

    42. TehRPGGuy 78

      Do I get respect from Jack because I’m living in the Nether in a base I made? Surviving is much more difficult in the Nether.


      I need part 3

    44. Jack EAG

      *jack giving an essay on short people defining tall people* *Me just wanting to make a short joke to him*

    45. Simon Pizarro


    46. Simon Pizarro

      theres a fortres..

    47. Anne Louise Busita

      Fun fact: im eating crispy patata: baked potato chips and salty. You can get it in Philippines

    48. Daniel Johnson

      No-one: Jack: oooh shi-shi-shi-shi-shi

    49. onisty 10

      Let's go I'm short

    50. LT Shayne


    51. luke oates

      "Tall people are tall because of short people" Me (a shortish person) "i have 3 things to say about that." "One that is definitely a shower thought" "Two i have never thought about it like that" "Three, Never before have i been so offended, by something i 100% agree with😂"

    52. Devin Willis

      jacks got a point about the tall an short people

    53. Connor MCADAMS


    54. GillyTheGilstar

      Jack and Gab the red stone power couple

    55. Woolawakka Woolawakka

      This is such a good, wholesome series. I love it.



    57. Turtle

      Bat flies into lava.. "What a dumdumb" - Jack Gab exploded by creeper... "oh noo..." - also jack You see here, the difference between seeing a Bat flying into lava and Gab being blown up by a creeper..

    58. OuterSphere

      Jacksepticeye 2021 “SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!”

    59. ItzJetJester

      25:40 Jack and dying in lava

    60. Glitch BR

      Sorry i cliked something i am not have cliked

    61. colourtastic

      I love that Gab is the architect whereas Jack is the miner

    62. Deauvion Mccarty

      They should make that a meme(BIRTH FOR MY AMUSEMENT)

    63. Fishvenom

      Gab: What are ya fighting? Jack: *e- du- da fuckin world*

    64. Aviator Jax

      Anyone know what shaders jack uses?

    65. William Nystad

      You kan craft rails

    66. Masked Necromancer

      Jack: "Whatcha dreamin' about?" Me: Struggles not to reference the scene in Helluva Boss Pilot episode where Blitzo says the exact same thing

    67. DP

      More iconic duo: Jack and "TOP OF THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    68. DigitalHarmony

      “See that mushroom?” “You want to build an enchantment table in there, don’t you?” “Yeahhhhhh.”

    69. MommyOf Creature

      What is that directional pointer jack is using??

    70. Luke's pet animal

      If you put gold amor with you the nether villager will not attack you

    71. Cloud

      Too all my "short" peeps on the internet, Jack has a point, so though some of you, should we meet may have to look up to me, please know i will always be looking up to you too

    72. shocker shocker

      I would have never played Minecraft but then they added potatoes

    73. Hannah Coyne

      when jack screamed i’m close i thought we were gonna simultaneously buss

    74. O w O

      he is short he said.... I'M F *IN 1,68!!!

    75. THElbhorsie

      *cries in small Dutch *

    76. Swimbot 66

      Jack when is solar power coming to minecraft sad daytime sensor noises

    77. Rime Nikleston

      did you know that if theres a lava pool in the ground, you will probebly find dimonds nerby

    78. Luna the Moon Bean

      Sean saying tommy wilbur and ranboo made me so unbelievably happy

    79. Mr_bacon

      Jack you gotta start a new hardcore minecraft world if you die there your world gets deketed so dont die please start s hardcore series!!

    80. Darknessdwell

      It’s funny how jack is using a pickax for dirt, not wearing gold around the piglins and not putting a door in the opening of the portal, still awesome nonetheless

    81. Oblivion E

      Jack you made me realize somthing that I have not seen and most people have not seen and addressed, when youtubers say stupid shit we don’t actually care we just brush it off but we

    82. AwesomeishGamer

      Could sean be a Vriska kinnie? He's got all the luck. All of it.

    83. Tyler Oestrich

      Maek bebe

    84. Panda 156

      Jack: we are never going to find anything good Gab smolders: look iron!

    85. Ethan Purser

      What texture pack is he using

    86. Moss

      20:10 The Mcyt/Dsmp Fandom: *Summoned*

    87. bhumish bakshi


    88. Too lng

      The double "awch" was cute


      jack should get sam again

    90. BurntIt


    91. Stephen Saxton

      More iconic duo Jack and lava

    92. alwand.f flower

      I love gabbys laugh its cute

    93. Joyce

      this series is so wholesome

    94. Joyce

      jack really is the king of dying and almost dying on minecraft

    95. James Adkins

      I watched the full stream so yeah ik it all

    96. Thegamingmonkey 45

      Yes jack u r rong I would know I am short sadly but ur still funny

    97. Kerem BURSALI

      Can we be friends

    98. Lil' Kat

      "If your short in real life, you serve a purpose!" How is me barely standing on my tiptoes to get a plastic container down from a high shelf in my cabinet a purpose? A purpose for me to suffer from my shortness?"

    99. Alex Scott

      I can hear your space button running down the tunnel

    100. Nugget Blood

      jack you spiting facts for the short people like me