The GREATEST IRISH SALESMAN Of All Time | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos

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    I found some GOLD for Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos
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    1. PewDiePie

      0:59 LUNK ALARM!!!

      1. LawlessElf


      2. TruBornStraw

        Im claiming my reply before it hits 500 limit. Imma come up with something creative later.

      3. Nora A

        Yeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      4. Pancake Dragon

        Who is this?

      5. Vibius

        Somebody stop him!

    2. Hunter S

      Magic mesh actually works tbh. It’s great

    3. Mikestion

      dae fockin' state o' yeh

    4. Hellium

      The people with the Tac Glasses weren't payed to say that they saw something, they actually did, there is a film on old monitors that organizes the light that comes through, and when you take it off, the monitor just looks white. So if you put that film on the glasses, you can see an image from a blank screen.

    5. Dragon

      My name is Ronnie 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    6. Xhan

      Product review episode, when?

    7. L L

      i had magic mesh and it doesent fit my home door or camper door .11111111/1000 best tragic mess

    8. Strawberry Shru

      I had the magic mesh and it ripped because my dog was still to dumb and bit and clawed its way through lmao

    9. STEEL- Train

      0:01 ayyy😂

    10. The watching place

      My Grandma in real life has a MagicMesh and it is GrEaT.

    11. Menelcrist

      my Parents actually bought a Magic Mesh, the Magnets are so strong that you have to open it per Hand, also my Cat hates it because of that, like the door is open but she still can't get in

    12. Taylor Lindsey

      Gamma has her arteries Me:⊙﹏⊙ My little brother: that's shate Us not Irish and wanting to be Irish ಠ_ʖಠ

    13. Bright Fox


    14. CrewMembersRock 123

      I didn't understand a single word they were saying... in the first clip...

    15. TheZipperDragon

      Sean, a SALAD a day, keeps the TAXMAN away. A BUDEDO a day keeps the DOCTOR away. Get it right, my guy.

    16. TheZipperDragon

      Ronnie seems like the most wholesome person, like he spends all his free time walking grandma across the street with her arthritis.

    17. TheZipperDragon

      I love how Sean reacts to Ronnie. Just goes all in on the accent at one point. I actually couldn't understand what he was saying after 'Grandma's got arthritis'

    18. Shirlohka


    19. Lily Wynnhoffe

      3:43 can somebody please translate this to English 😂

    20. Lily Wynnhoffe


    21. Alien Patato

      i now always quote “GRANDMAS GOT ARTHRITIS” in an Irish accent

    22. Aaron Kuzia

      Ronnie: speaks in an irish accent Jack: *AGGRESSIVE POTATO NOISES*

    23. T0xic Was taken

      Tac glasses: THEY MAKE YOU SEE MORE CLEAR!!! me: cant i just put on normal glasses?

    24. Thee3vansAlphonse

      i need a video of jack slapping the whiteboard going "LAUGH" on loop omg

    25. looongnoodle


    26. The gameboi Gamer

      jack got the tac glasses and got a tac virus on his tac computer on his tac youtube channel on tac youtube on the tac internet

    27. -]Na[-NoMaD

      Tacglasses are just polarized filter, just like the outer filter they have taken out from that lcd screen.

    28. Lexi Ackley

      I don't think Sean "gets more Irish" when there are other Irish lads in the video I think you guys just listen to him as much as me and you just can't hear the accent anymore because if I watch videos around people who don't watch as much as me they hear his accent immediately

    29. NotYourAveragePortuguese

      We need to get Ronny a bajillion views

    30. 1forallful

      I'm crying. But, the only tears I'm crying are "tears o' joy!"

    31. PF_Cactus

      the gimmick with the tacglasses actually works jack. but it's something generic you can do with any polorized sunglasses. it's done by removing the polarized filter on a certain type of monitor that makes it appear white to the naked eyes and using polorized sunglasses then makes it possible to see it again. (also works with certain 3d glasses)

    32. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode

      The magic mash is actually real, my grandmother has it.

    33. ME2 videos

      During magnet mesh we they showed putting it up the close up had the woman have normal nails but they at the wide shot there painted

    34. May Weirdo

      My dad has a magic mesh it’s awesome!

    35. Steve_Macc

      The tac glasses are just polarised glasses

    36. Elle mai

      Remember to hit that like button!

    37. Mi ao

      I want one please!! 🌺

    38. Ali cat Felix lawson

      My nanny has magic maths is very good


      Im just curious. Can jacksepticeye talk in scottish accent?

    40. ENTITY 303 PLAYZ

      You used robotwist with pewds

    41. Golden Doggo

      Missed it so much!

    42. Blood gods prophet

      Ronnie missed out and now he needs you to buy one so he can escape his damnation

    43. otis hawkridge

      8:45 reminds me of the rick and morty real fake doors commercial

    44. leahcim

      I have the magic mesh (or at least one of similar design) and it works just as advertised

    45. KONO Jamie

      I wonder..where have I seen the robo twist..With an otamatone and body suits- specifically a bat and an elf.

    46. TASBAU 8

      I guess the commercial works, because Sean bought them

    47. Fhau Rie

      The jam jar got me. More jam than jar 😂

    48. Njsmndz 2

      We actually have the magnet door in our home since the Philippines is a breeding ground for mosquitoes we installed it in doors so theres a safe room

    49. JB0N3S_007

      Every time you pause Ronnie stares into my soul

    50. Grumpy Goth Girl

      My dad had the magic mesh, it was awesome. 10/10

    51. JB0N3S_007

      Ronnie sounds like a Jamaican leprechaun

    52. AliveGhost

      I don't get why no one wants the magic mesh either. My family has one like that for our backyard door to let our dog go in and out when wanted and it's kept so many bugs out. Much less bugs get in then before.

    53. Sandra Hallenbeck

      How dare you do this to us. You were our leader. You pretended to call your phone... without a gojo at 6:48. 😭😭😭

    54. Danielle Mernitz

      I think the Ultimate Irish Prep Bowl takes after kitchen harps, which have adjustable blades and a slight incline so that the direction you were cutting was always down. The UIPB combines that with a bowl and a strainer.

    55. HungryCatGaming

      I wanna see the glasses!

    56. ll ll

      Mr. Jack my dad got the magic mesh and it works exactly as shown. The only problem was that after 3 months of using it, it broke.

    57. HungryCatGaming

      I did not expect my sleep paralysis demon would show up tonight...

    58. The Watcher

      Is it strange that i understood this 100%even when Jack started going mad irish seãn never change your amazing and you could sell me on anything

    59. Massage Jayne

      Hahahaha jack your not calling anybody

    60. Nadiah F. Zulkifli

      11:00 "I must be so gullible because I actually want this thing" Yes, at the time, you want them. But do you *use* them? I lowkey want a video of Jack USING the home video items he bought

    61. Red's Hourglas

      Little do people know that sunglasses were invented because of snow. In fact they were originally called snow glasses.

    62. MotoMan Gaming

      I need more Ronnie in my life, BRING HIM BACK PLZZZ

    63. Foxel Teh Foxxo!

      tac glasses when ;-;

    64. Pedro de Matthaeis

      The website looks like something straight out of gta 5

    65. peter khamneian

      you dont peel sqwash

    66. Ooompy

      I literally have the magic mesh. The only problem is that it doesn't close automatically anymore and there's holes in it from how thin the mesh is.

      1. Ooompy

        @AliveGhost I honestly don't know it could just be because I've had it for 2 years and its old

      2. AliveGhost

        The hell is going on to put holes in it? You just go through and it closes. you aren't busting through the mesh lol.

    67. Shaun Martin

      Whether your on the trail or on the golf course on the water or on the slopes on a roof or in the middle of nowhere you'll see more clear

    68. Goatqueen

      22:00 it’s a green screen, plus you can do that with 3D glasses from a theatre, it just has to be on an angle

    69. Greyson Basilio

      20:11 when your too lazy to use hands and your body.

    70. Nick Reyes

      Is it me or does Ronnie look kinda like nogla??

    71. Meme Doge

      18:38 I own one of these

    72. Krystal Peake

      seán: *naming a bunch of tactical products* me: *flashbacks to unus annus tactical shovel*

    73. Crazyshovelman

      xD this meme will never get old xD "grandmas got artritis"

    74. pipBash

      My family has a magic mesh. The day we got that we thought our prayers had been answered, that the heavens above had given us a gift to end our suffering. Little did we know, we had entered a war. The day we put it up, it began. Piece by piece, thread by thread, it started unraveling around the door attachments. What we thought was a gift from angels was really the devil in disguise. We did what we could. Even the power of industrial grade duck tape did nothing. It was determined to be a shit product. We fought valiantly with weapons of drills and nailguns, but in the end, we could never win. 3/5 stars, it was alright.

    75. acidicshow

      5:49 the captions says "we love bananas" the captions don't respect the Irish

    76. Lukas Scheeprs

      I had one of thoses magic meeshes it stopped clossing within a week of getting it

    77. Tawni Haynie

      Hi Jack. Great video. Please stay safe and healthy and take care of yourself and your family members. To all members also Talk to you later my friend. ☺☺☺😇😇😇

    78. NutmegBGB

      Okay, my family had one of those Magic Mesh things and it didn't work for shiiiiiiit. The magnets never closed all the way at the bottom and the bugs that got caught in it just stayed there, so everytime any of us wanted to go outside, suddenly it was cloudy with a chance god-knows-what with a rain of bugs (also known as "precipisatan") in our hair. The damn thing frayed like twine in a tumble drier if you so much as breathed on it and by the time we decided that it was more trouble than it's worth it looked like it owed a badger money. 0/10 wouldn't take it if it was free.

    79. Shooketh

      Those mesh magnetic things are good until the magnets don't line up properly and the adhesive starts to lose stickiness and YOUR DOG PULLS EM DOWN AS SHE STEAMROLLS HER ASS INTO ROOMS.

    80. Simon Gorringe

      Where the laugh board at?!

    81. mknz

      fun fact my aunt has that magic mesh door... the magnets broke lol

    82. nooby

      Jack: why does no one like magic mesh? Me: there's a reason why theirs no cats in that advert....

    83. Sekiron

      about those tactglasses, what they did is possibke they simply needed to remove a filter on the monitor Linus did a similar video , his glasses were just more scuffed

    84. shrek 69

      IM IRISH

    85. Probably Just Trying My Best

      21:35 The glasses didn't make it more clear, they just turned the saturation up XD

    86. The Emerald Emperor Variety Channel

      Ronnie looks like he could be the host of Irish blues clues except its called indigo’s hintigos

    87. Anthony Lipke

      Robo twist dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dun dun.

    88. Ash Stitches

      Sean: *Rings bell* Me: *Doesn't have a bell so swings around my water bottle*

    89. Joseph Chimakile

      0:04 Granny's Arthritis to Granny.

    90. Joseph Chimakile

      0:01 Granny's Arthritis.

    91. Sky Canez


    92. Gaming Just For Naught

      They just took off the polarization out of the monitor and created glasses using that polaroid screen

    93. witty _BEP BUP BAP

      3:44 I AM CONFUSION

    94. Yeehaw000

      wait a sec 14:49 how is that sexism????

    95. Cliona magee


    96. TheZipperDragon

      If there isn't already one, there should be a USfilm channel that buys & reviews these products.

    97. Anke Smith

      Jack tried the robo twist with Felix

    98. Apple Pencil

      Unrelated but I’m waiting for the day that Seán accepts he’s short.

    99. DeltaSone

      15:31 i actually just died laughing

    100. Schwepps

      15:08 anyone remembers when he saw one of these? He was wearing an elf costume and had a bat friend :)