I HATE SPIDERS | Kill It With Fire

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    Warning: If you have a fear of spiders, don't watch this video
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    Published on 20 days ago


    1. jacksepticeye

      Hitting LIKE is free btw did you know that??

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      5. Pan Bąbel


    2. Ad Life


    3. ???

      3:30 phantom satanvoice act 5:22 clock kiler satan voice act 5:30 neon devil voice act

    4. NotTotally Tara

      Gab's slightly concerned and mortified "Holy shit" at the end of the intro was PERFECT. I can imagine Jack coming by and being like "hey babe, can you film me for an intro real quick?" and then it hard cuts to the hairspray flamethrower and Jack's manic expression.

    5. Mutella C

      "They could even be inside" "every time I get anxious"

    6. Scarla Knight

      More please

    7. Doomthekilleer

      MOREE!!!! MOREEE!!!!

    8. Mønix


    9. Avedish Animations

      Da phucK was that intro

    10. Caiden Schaub

      Jack you gotta become a fuckin actor

    11. insert good name


    12. GeeklingNo1

      You don't know how happy i am to have a cat that will kill all the spiders for me

    13. Mars Enormous

      Does he respond ps I liked

    14. SilverJade TYT7897

      I'm so paranoid after watching this, but the bloodshed was somewhat satisfying... no offense to spiders or spider fans. I still hate spiders tho.

    15. Kristofer Saks

      The bit in the beginning gave me vibes of the movie Split for some reason.

    16. Starfire Android

      I kept laughing everytime he got mad at the picture Jack called Samantha because my ex girlfriend's name is Samantha. It's just funny to me for some reason.

    17. DAckert 1081

      I loved the intro

    18. Amanda Bunny

      Theres spiders everywhere- they could even be inside yo- VAPING CAN DELIVER TOXIC METALS LIKE NICKLE AND LEAD INTO YOUR LUNGS- best thing to happen while I'm trying to watch jack kill spiders lmao-

    19. Un0r1h4dox

      “DIE YOU EIGHT LEGGED SPAWN OF SATAN!”- Jacksepticeye 2021

    20. jeremy boston

      The transition was amazing from action to the jazz is amazing

    21. kitterpawz

      as someone with BAD bad arachnophobia, jack makes this easier to watch

    22. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    23. MaidOfPasta

      We respect spiders in my house but I’m still losing it over this video 🤣🤣

    24. Gethin Stanley

      Jack is awesome and so funny I watch him everyday

    25. Mikki3k

      What if a guy was just walking around on the other side of the outhouse and heard Sean go “I can smell you I know your here”😅

    26. VOCA MEMES

      POV : your a spider 1:39

    27. Penitence

      Forget about Netflix & Chill, we've got Snack & Smack.

    28. Gavin Ruiz

      That was the weirdest 2 minutes of a video EVER (the start)

    29. Lonewolfx13

      Should have edited invader zim instead of spongebob XD

    30. Razorclaw 101

      Jacks neighbors be like TF hes doing in there

    31. Ghosthoyt12

      Jack turned into Jim carry at 8:40

    32. Noah Auden

      You see I like that jack actually accepted he's the crazy one.

    33. Activocado

      I love the funny intros to the videos

    34. ZenzuPlayz

      no spiders where harmed in the making of the video

    35. Charles Cavill

      Animal support brain cells force me to dislike this. come on, Sean. That's not cool.

    36. Harlow Vibes

      that one kid in the candle section:

    37. Michael Martinez

      Sometimes the intros give me nightmares only sometimes

    38. Robbie Bowman

      If your afraid of spiders then you should try spider style of kung fu

    39. Onése Vanessa

      11:47 I couldn't keep it together anymore. The idea of someone throwing a cheese puff on the floor and then pulling out a double barrelled shotgun to steak out and kill a spider.... I'm crying laughing rn

    40. AussieGamer2589 — Gaming, Memes and More

      Everyone about knows the long lasting hatred between Gaelic Warriors and Spiders.

    41. unknown mistery?

      Me: *walking towards the bathroom* Jack: I'M GOING TO THE BATHROOM Me: well what a coincidence

    42. Dememeitized

      Jack: oh yea I re member you *One long pause later* Jack: Samanthaaaaa?

    43. Jared Kolker

      This was my first impression of him in 5 years I loved this guy so much I drew the eye on my wall so I clicked on the vid in my recommended

    44. Bobblob951 !!!

      instead of a kitchen gun, it is now the kitchen shotgun (if you know the video i am talking about then you get it)

    45. Bálint Csirke

      19:13 spider be like: you missed me😈😈😈

    46. Mara Rima Hennessy

      I thought he was hyped up on coffee or something till I realized my playback speed was still doubled 😂

    47. cosmic gamer

      Jack i think I know y Samantha left 10:25

    48. Da Gitman

      14:13 This is how we do the dishes in this house! SHOTGUN!!! SPIDER!!! AND YOU!!!

    49. Jack McCullagh

      This is how I would love to take care of any spiders in my house

    50. Gentle_Criminal 1

      Kill everything with fire

    51. Justin Steed

      You need to make unuthere video

    52. TheGamingKing

      you are so dramtic shut upppppp

    53. Rolando Mejia

      Nice, really showed that solid snake experience you got

    54. XO XD

      I can imagine his neighbors seeing him breath aggressively crawling around his yard like he was being shot at in his back yard and they're like: Neighbors: Classic Jack! What? You thought they'd be weirded out? Look at this man's version of normal volume during USfilm lol

    55. XianpelpzYT


    56. Galeb Duhr

      I think Jack is finally going insane

    57. eeveelution gaming

      I have to scroll down to the comment section to avoid skin crawling

    58. Midnyght Ryder

      jumping spiders damn near sent me into cardiac arrest...

    59. LUNAR THAR

      Dude this looks like an epic movie trailer in the beginning of the video

    60. hoshi- nohrian

      Direct Father Ted joke. No episode beats this ever sorry.

    61. Ali Shah


    62. Abri Rich

      The intro was interesting...

    63. Nate Shriber

      This game reminds me of jazzpunk

    64. JORDEN zavala

      "Call an ambulance.. But not for me "breathes" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    65. Avery Masters

      Actual intros? What is this, Slimecicle?

    66. adamthecoolkid 9

      9:16 IT GAVE BIRTH XD

    67. Godly Shadow

      14:13 when mom interrupts my game to do the dishes.

    68. Nateatron09

      Is a full version of the beginning available on Netflix or something?

    69. Richard Jones

      I never noticed how blue seans eyes are there so vibrant

    70. Jacob Archila

      This intro was absolutely amazing keep up the great work

    71. :]

      I think its funny how my math treacher last year was named samantha and her last name was webb (being realted to both the spiders cause webs and stuff and to the heart break moment in the beginning

    72. Isaac Anderson

      like a gremlin

    73. Matthew Nelson

      Saw the shadow of the ash from my cigarette falling as Seán shot the first red spider and I nearly lost my s&!@.

    74. Sonja Birch

      Lol just tell em spiders to feck off 🤣they will listen... no really, works for Mrs Brown

    75. MrHeroo

      Jack in the kitchen part:I cant feed the spiders there isnt any left the radar:Shows a little red dot.....

    76. Quinton Lewis

      I have never jumped this much from spiders, Jack always makes stuff funny. Even if it is a horror game, I bet he could make if funny

    77. Volkan Manco

      finding spiders are just like me trying to find my will to live

    78. viktor garaj


    79. Sub Scorpion

      Kumoko doesn't approve this


      wadu heck

    81. Joshua Dennis

      The beginning of the video Jack Uruk-hai

    82. Abigail Chiu

      I flinched when the jumping spiders attacked 😭

    83. Ashley Anderson

      I NEED this game to be in VR it would make it scarier lol

    84. TheBestBud

      The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout Down came the gun and shot the spider out Out came the ooz from the little spiders head And the itsy bitsy spider, w a s d e a d

    85. TheSpawnOfYouTube

      The jumping spider jump scared me lmao

    86. Brittany Iannone

      Sean's level of aracnophobia is the same level as mine. I have almost burned down a house trying to kill a spider tho.

    87. Da Gitman

      Please do another video on this game soon! It’s awesome watching you play it!

    88. Big Dumbass

      "They could even be inside y- OPERA GX IS THE WORLD'S"

    89. vuk colic

      WAW the new john wick movie trailer look so COOL

    90. Moosification

      Can we just show some appreciation for the amazing acting in that intro?

    91. Timelynx

      I want to see more so bad!

    92. Patrick Corfield

      Also when the black console bounced that had me doing the rolls

    93. Patrick Corfield

      Sitting here watching one of the top three BEST youtubers and I'm eating my lil reese's pieces currently choking of laughter

    94. Unstable Graham

      So this is what it felt like for the aot characters who got eaten by a titan..

    95. Peanut

      “You can buy new furniture, but you can’t buy sanity” My new favorite quote, I’m gonna frame it and hang it above my bed

    96. daniicefox

      Jack really said kitchen gun

    97. Chris Tisdale

      Jacks neighbors calling the mental institution

    98. Kinda Arson

      14:13 insert kitchen gun joke here

    99. Jake1702

      Peter Parker: *sad spider noises*

    100. It’s M3

      opening scene: me trying to find who asked