Minecraft with my Girlfriend - Part 1

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    I played Minecraft with Gab! Our new adventure and life begins
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    1. jacksepticeye

      Let it be known that gamers CAN have girlfriends!

      1. Just Julli

        I've had 7...... break up with me

      2. Gery Ghost

        we first gotta be lvl 80 and I'm still grinding for xp

      3. DANWILL2174

        I'd like to see more of this 😁

      4. Ryan Joseph


      5. Lagw

        Hope has commeth back!!

    2. Cyari Williams

      How did they get their game to look so realistic

    3. Sarah Jane

      Does anyone know what mod they are using to make their game look so beautiful?

    4. Cole Riner

      27:24 pause and look... think about it

    5. Jose Jaimes

      Whats the pack/skin used for this world

    6. Big Nuggie

      Jack, when you feel smoll, THINK TALL THOUGHTS

    7. AO Craft

      That sandwich joke was funny tho😂

    8. kaiki

      what shaders are those?

    9. FrostyOwO

      Um is it jus me that wants to know jacks specs lol

    10. andres ortega

      Hey Sean. How did you get the cool shaders?

    11. CasualChip

      8:54 You learn something new everyday when your with your babe 😂

    12. Bertie000 YT

      Nice father ted referencing.

    13. Gůmmi Gumlord

      Sean is so disgustingly sweet with Gab that I want to cry 😭 They're so cute!

    14. ✿MJF✿

      The lack of torches stress me

    15. Tanaka's Microscopic Hair

      Feels good to be a gangster😎 *AÆÀÂÄÃÅĀÏĮ*

    16. Mie E

      Does anyone have the link to those shaders?

    17. Isaac Adams

      My friend: are you a cat or a dog person? Me who’s both: uhhh... Uhhh...

    18. Meme God

      You know ive been watching sean for 6 years and never knew he had a girlfriend

    19. Chandler Daigle

      18:01 **gets hit by an arrow and moves to the right** **looks in front of him**

    20. Yum Yum Galaxy

      What shaders are those?

    21. LEGO78 Taco

      Thats adorable

    22. Nina Rances

      i really love Seán and Evelyn's creativity in Minecraft😊

    23. Isaac Bennett

      This shader is making my laptop cry

    24. Quincy Epoo

      simps are alode but not to much simping

    25. Dudistdude

      what shaders are these?

    26. That guy Evan1224

      14:31, as vanossgaming would put it “TERRORIST!!”

    27. Wala Abusultan

      "i dont wanna listen to these ba-ba-bastards when we go to bed" "the ba-ba-biietches" flippin golden

    28. Oreo K64

      I’m back

    29. poopboi 123

      i made that sandwitch joke as well like 3 years ago!!!

    30. Juliette Wachter

      I AM proud of you boi!

    31. Sir Flynn YT

      I was searching for the skip button not realizing it was a part of the video.. dang it.. 🤣🤣

    32. Nicholas Owler

      Water looks like jello

    33. gabriel kanaan

      shes even taller on the thumbnail! yall are too cute X)

    34. Kayla Matney

      When the ads come on right when he starts promoting his coffee😂

    35. FTFoxy

      video: we will be right back youtube:plays add

    36. Alecxander Vazquez

      Sean's charger needed to be put at a certain angle, that's all! his battery was running low-

    37. Jolene Johnson


    38. LadyOf Hell

      2:33 You're right it needs more fire lol jk jk

    39. iPhone X

      That was amazing!

    40. emily gaddis

      i got a ad right in the middle of his coffie ad

    41. amanda Sondergaard

      Relationship goals

    42. Luminous Moon

      This minecraft is so different...for some reason I prefer the old one.

    43. Charanjit Singh

      Who else waiting for part 2

    44. Gina


    45. Gina

      Take a shot everytime Sean dies

    46. Kurushi

      I never heard of this person before he started dating Gab.

    47. Evan Thompson

      Sean you can crouch to put a chest on a chest, u don’t need a back wall

    48. E.Π.Dmusic

      0:54 Bliki?! Damn

    49. Dy66La57N7 1222

      YAL ARE CUTE!!!!!!!

    50. James Conner

      Dude what version is this

    51. makkusun

      My favourite thing is how supportive you are at each other for small things. You both are so wholesome ❤️

    52. Boris Koutsenok

      jacksepticeye, you and your girlfriend are awesome , fun, amazing people who are fun and I would love to hang out with and be in your collaberation of playing minecraft and it would be very fun to play minecraft with you and your girlfriend.

    53. Kirsten Maier

      Does anyone know which shader is being used? I'd like to try it out. TY!

    54. Headphone_ Girl

      Newbies: jacksepticpie Normal: jack Veterans that have been subscribed from the beginning: Sean

    55. AP CUSTOMS

      What shader pack is this

    56. Crazy Kid607

      what is that texture pack or is it a mod

    57. Gabriel Salvatore

      An ad decided to play when jacks ad happened

    58. Axolotl 563

      i need to know what those shaders are

    59. merkitten

      the anxiety I get watching people mine in the dark is wild

    60. KevinFunniest

      Everyone: JACK! Just build rails. You dont have to find them

    61. Mattgeez

      The return of the king

    62. Big Ed

      Anyone know what shaders he got?

    63. Squish Alex

      I'm so glad I decided to watch this instead of at dead of night. This is much more refreshing and relaxing

    64. Li-bat09 .T

      Good video Jack

    65. Sierra :0

      I got an ad in the middle of the ad-

    66. Nike Headband

      2:22 that hurt me.

    67. Deegan Hartman

      He used a pickaxe on dirt XD


      when he tried to put the chest on the chest it triggered me. all he had to do was hold shift xD

    69. Mariofan

      0:46 Jacksepticeye you can't cuss you will get demonitized

    70. Nafisa Rani Anindita

      the bad luck he had on this video HAHAHAH.

    71. NotXSco

      Should be titled 28 minutes and 32 seconds of Jack simping.

    72. Frosted Slime

      Jack and Gab in a forest fire: Hmm.. IDK, this spot just doesn't feel right for a house. Maybe up that hill?

    73. Ssteven playz

      Way more calm then pewds and marzia

    74. Les Story

      Jack why did you paint you nails black ;-;

    75. Big fan of laser beam Use code lasar

      Do a video with no sewering

    76. Adam Foolio

      I love how whenever his girlfriend is around him he turns into a nervous mess lmaoooo he's made more mistakes in this one video than he has had in his entire Minecraft series 😂😂 Also I lost my shit when that creeper dropped and he snuck in an advertisement lmaooo

    77. Nikai Mifsud

      what shaders is he using

    78. vananyask1

      awww they're so cute

    79. Dude Chill

      I want the name of the mods they use 🙂💖

    80. McDullyman

      This is so fucking wholesome

    81. Efren Ortiz


    82. Tuan Shareef

      i like how jacks girlfriend is more raging than jack

    83. Gabbyy :D

      jack what’s the shader pack?

    84. Fazbear101

      What shader are you using? I would like to know for when I play Minecraft please.

    85. wholesomewheat 097

      you guys are so wholesome I love it never break up get married and love each other forever

    86. MaryJane Dominguez

      I haven't watched Sean in so long I forgot what his voice sounds like 😭

    87. Julia Silveira

      Ah, to play minecraft with your bae, is this the ultimate goal?

    88. Marius Trulsrud

      Guys buy his coffie it's the best coffie I've tasted...

    89. Freddy chance

      If u want to place a chest on a chest just crouch

    90. Nate Ramirez

      00:30 Sean: gamers never die Me:NOT EVEN CLOSE BABY TECHNOBLADE NEVER Dies 👑👑 🐷🐷

    91. Lady.Whatever

      Sean: Minecraft with my girlfriend Me: You have a girlfriend? Nice ! 😁

    92. Cutie Cosplayers

      24:43 BEBE

    93. xxx yyy

      Nice to see nothing has changed with Jack and Minecraft :D :D Lava and falling deep :D

    94. Austin Brake

      9:45 Madness... it... could... have been... SPARTA

      1. Austin Brake

        that scene goes through my head every dam time i hear the word madness (thinks about it)

    95. wenderlusts

      whats the graphics called

    96. Puppy Gamer

      27:31 they said Jesus at the same time!

    97. Sharkplut

      i dont know if im the only one who thinks this but jack just dont hit the same anymore

    98. L 3 M 0 N

      Out of all the me me’s The horror games The other shit :) This is just wholesome and beautiful. i love it It make me feel like happy boi c:

    99. Abbie Maitland

      Anyone know what shader they’re using?

    100. Lizzyivy3

      Jack: do you want a coffee Add:'cuts him off' do you wanna be like andy Me: ShOokEtH pika face 😯😬😶😑