Who did this to me?

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    1. Luke Scott

      When he said he was vibing to JoJo songs, I thought he was talking about Siwa and I was about to get so mad 😂😂

    2. Jacob Padilla


    3. Uige

      the bottom left picture with the no beard filter reminds me of tom scott for some reason

    4. Jacob Baldwin

      Naruto's fans stand on their feet Jack.

    5. Laura N

      I loooove over the garden wall! It's so adorable, v sad they took it off Netflix 😢

    6. Quincy Laas

      I just realized in Emily is away too jack ends up with Evelyn and now he’s with.... Evelyn

    7. sfstein

      dragon ball..... that's one baaaaad dragon there >;}c

    8. James

      me who is homeschooled and has no choice about HW.

    9. James

      lol, I'm going out with jack Septiceye for lemonade.

    10. Flutter Butter

      Whoever put that clip of Monster musume in the video is a person of culture (idk who jacks editor is but I love them all the same)

    11. emma hatcher

      d i g i o r n o


      What was that anime that jacksepticeye named? Please comment me

    13. Golem

      Please never shave your beard

    14. Timothy Wolfe

      No offense but I think the youtus would be cuter with a little Sam on his shoulder

    15. david mcgaugh

      sakura mocked one orphan in front of another and never apologized and did next to nothing the rest of the series

    16. Kylie Keener

      Who else had nostalgia when Jack screamed happy wheels my sadness just went away

    17. David Mcdonald

      Bro jack hit up divide music he makes bangers

    18. DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ

      I'd love to chill with ya over a coke Jack!

    19. Axel Carlisle

      i've been subbed since your 250k draw my life

    20. Ezekiel Williamson

      Love how he put monster museum for the anime thing 😂

    21. addison :D

      jack: *starts twerking* random add that pops onto my screen: hope. lives. here.

    22. Doggie Doge

      I did this to you

    23. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator

    24. Chase Peiffer

      Jack don't worry I am subscribed

    25. MyNemWynx

      13:22 really thought he was about to do megalovania

    26. PolarPTato

      12:35 It's Good To Hear Those Words Again.

    27. Christian Robinson


    28. Tumeric81

      I'd love to drink lemonade with ya

    29. Amanda Woods

      Lol can't wait to watch meme time on my birthday it'll make me feel better since hardly anyone really ever remembers that my birthday is April 19th. At least I have jack's videos to help me feel better. I always watch his videos when I'm sad or need a good laugh. I thank him for making good videos. I'd die of happiness if he actually saw this. Thanks jack. You've helped me smile when I didn't wanna anymore.

    30. Lukas Reimer


    31. Kennedy Giffen

      But my fav drink is lemonade too

    32. Kennedy Giffen

      Can we go out on both of our birthdays? Mine's in September. We can do a pub crawl

    33. RandomShtuffs

      I always pay my gum debts. I bum a piece, next week I give them a piece. The gum Business is cut throat and you might not have any kneecaps in the future

    34. Cookie Crusader

      The Jacksepticeye coffee do be pretty good though ngl

    35. RandomShtuffs

      God 2014 was an eternity ago

    36. Giran 0

      I'm still waiting for that drink

    37. Luna

      My birthday is September 24th, I've been subscribed for years. I like a good ale.

    38. Luna

      Bad dragon? Dragon balls? Oh my....

    39. A ; - ;

      when he said “you know what they say about men with big feet...” i thought he was going a COMPLETELY different direction.

    40. SpasticNinja

      The gum thing is 100% b/c of school. You have to share with the class if it was allowed at all

    41. Daniel Buller

      What the farnicle is Drake and Josh

    42. darling in the franxx

      It's Meme Time, it's Meme Time Gather all your friends, it's Meme Time It's Meme Time, it's Meme Time The only cure for sadness.

      1. darling in the franxx

        ^ i agree with this smarr man

      2. darling in the franxx

        imagine jack liked this or comment

    43. Parker

      My friend: I'm sad. Me: throws phone at there heads. MEME TIME

    44. Natsu Hinata

      You know what scares me most..... Nothing.....absolutely nothing I lied, what scares me the most is what’ll happen when all our favourite creators stop posting

    45. Chelsea Salvi

      Hey jack can I get a shout out on April please its my 21st birthday and it would mean a lot to me if you could do that. Thank you. My name is Chelsea by the way.

    46. russki

      sean and pewds rap?

    47. rlkku

      different platforms have their own anime communities so there are differing opinion's but yes she is 100% useless

    48. GreenYorkie

      its dijornos theme... well it certainly isnt delivery

    49. Kayla Matney

      I love that right when he said “it looks like I’m talking to you right now” two videos popped up on both sides of his face 😂

    50. Jack Watts

      Sean looks about ten in the top middle at 15:30

    51. BluJay

      Jack: Viking! Viking! Viking! Me: Vikings are scottish

    52. Bottle Of Water

      Jack could make a brutal metal song next👀

    53. Person Person

      No wait Sean is that 0.1 percent

    54. Nitro

      I would love to have a 1 on 1 nerf war with this crazy awesome man

    55. Noah Spaulding

      You should to boyinaband about that rap album

    56. Midnyght Sabre

      I wonder if that 57.8/42.3 was a rounding error... you know, like if it was like 57.76% but it rounded up to 57.8% The world may never know...

    57. Ankfnuttis LuckyDucky

      Jack: I dont really watch Anime but- Me: I heared enough

    58. Recxil 死

      corpse and jack make a song ?

    59. Harlow Vibes


    60. Mariah Harper

      I love seeing you twerk to "Meme Time" lol.

    61. Blitzo

      That would be nice for a youtuber to celebrate my 17th birthday with me

    62. Blitzo

      I've been subscribed since 2014- 2018 uwu

    63. Lillie Murphy

      I swore I hated anime for my first 21 years of my life. I REFUSED to watched it. Then one day I accidentally watched 7 deadly sins (I clicked the wrong show) and it caught my attention. Now all I watch is anime

    64. Bxby Jiminie

      Jack: I would to collab with more musically inclined people Me: imagining jack lip syncing to one of corpses raps like rae did

    65. taehyuns card tricks

      bro he read the meme where it was like “but you’ve watched him since he was 8” and that made me realize i really have been watching jack since he basically started his channel, when i was i think around 9 or 10. im 17 now, WOW

    66. TheAdvertisement

      Imagine getting removed and your meme is still seen.

    67. Sienna Holmes

      ok Sean, I love you. but you can’t be calling my man Sasuke a bitch. 😙

    68. Liz Hittle

      look at dat CAKE

    69. Liz Hittle

      The one of him holding the coffee looks like Ewan McGregor!!!

    70. Liz Hittle

      Please check out Ultramarine's animations of you!! They're amazing!!

    71. Liz Hittle

      Robin just keeps getting better and better, right along with Jack

    72. Liz Hittle

      3:36 wHOA WHOA HEY NOW 🤣😂

    73. Millia Ramirez

      3:36 ... anyways

    74. Jacob Mills


    75. X The Void

      Half of us are gay, Jack. You expect us to be able to do math right 🙄✋

    76. Joshua Dennis

      Yeah the best part of JoJo is the openings

    77. Tori Mil

      When someone has gum Me: politely asks Them: what, can't afford it yourself The both of us cause we watch jack: HAHA Poor Me afterwards in the corner: TwT👍

    78. Brax Bro

      Why don't we go out for Straight fuckin water

    79. That one girl

      Hey jack do you go to church?

    80. That one girl

      Haha I’m not a moocher 🥸😂😎

    81. AnimeFreak9415

      I literally died at the fart question.

    82. some japanese person

      Sean, it's my birthday. Where are you? 😐

    83. Ben MCauley

      Jacks NAILS THOUGH

    84. Sonja Birch

      Sean me boyo, and I mean this with much love and devotion, you lad are like a modern day cross of Mrs Browns boys and Father Ted. Everything is gold. Never give up, NEVER SURRENDER!

    85. Addison Tatum

      Legit paused the video at the first second and the scream cut off and earraped me lol I am now prepared.

    86. *shh its a secret*

      Seans nails are nicer than mine

    87. John Sanchez

      I'm sorry now I'm subbed

    88. XevTheCursed

      3:36, bad dragon anyone else see it?

    89. Carson Productions

      Video idea: revisit five nights at Freddys

    90. M E

      what is going on in the bottom left and right corners of the frame

    91. Sarah Elizabeth

      Naruto Fans will always be divided over Sakura. There are people who only see her as she first was and not how she grew. Others only see how she grew and not where she started.

    92. Floral Medic

      “That’s me with Jojo songs...”. Me - ... Jojo... Siwa??

    93. SoulVmcp

      17:52 so this was posted on my birthday where sean at?? ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

    94. Alice Leu

      “2 + 2 = What the fuck.” Jack 2021

    95. M.A Rafi Amorshandi

      19:36 Is that a jojo reference

    96. Mr Psyco

      When jack said "anime got really good in 2014" and in the background it just played monster musume i visibly died.

      1. Jazmin Ross

        1. I just laughed, it's humor to me. 2. I'm so glad I finally found a comment about this, lol. I wasn't sure if anyone else knew what was happening or just didn't point it out.

    97. Adorable Angoli

      Um... I - I subscribed..... 😳

    98. Tyler Wells

      he said it. he said the thing 12:30

    99. Sharleeza Juillerat

      Corpse and Jack making songs together??🙏🙏🥰

    100. Sarah LaFortune

      Grunkle Stan though