Turning People Into Wine

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    A nice vintage human wine, a great year!
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    1. jacksepticeye


      1. Cheesecake

        hello there

      2. Mel Parker

        Swiss cheese

      3. Mark Kelly


      4. Mark Kelly


      5. Dr Cheeze


    2. An onymous

      is it bad when he said "the long arm of the law" i heard "the long dong of the law"

    3. Mel Parker

      Swiss cheese

    4. Rian Bradley

      What game is this

    5. NearsightedDevil

      Play totally accurate battle simulator and

    6. Jaxir Raywhisper

      This is the laziest series ever. And I dont mean Jack, I mean the devs. It is basically one game divided into three for profit.

    7. Mutella C

      he sounded like Karl urban when he was impersonating a lawyer.

    8. N1 the captain

      9:42 are these two trying to get murdered? Because they really make it seem like they want to get murdered

    9. Oliver Jumba

      Is that a bannana in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

    10. Soph

      25:24 why did this sound exactly like Charlie XD

    11. Natalie G

      Jack: I need a good banana line Me:... *Sorry, but you can't peel your way outta this one..*

    12. Newbie Gaming

      5:16 Missed oprtunity. Should've yelled "OBJECTION!" when knocking them out. Edit: correcting time-stamp.


      now im saying cheese instead of geez

    14. Anthony Johnson

      lawyer attack

    15. Frank axe


    16. Connor Mills-Dudding

      24:48 “now the helmet matches my hair”

    17. Matthew Gibson


    18. Skull Hunter3221

      26:26 yes your in Russia or another name for it ussr

    19. Daniel Hanna

      Damn that guy was just enjoying his bird and you pushed him over killing him. The disrespect


      You mean our soda can

    21. Jeffery Stiles

      I love the part with the cheese

    22. BitterJoy Xx

      4:12 Not me trying to remember who that voice is, it's Thor, damn. Continue on with the video :D edit: I was wrong, it's not Thor lmao

    23. James Jorgensen

      Taste breefcase

    24. Noah Worden

      he didnt even finish the game using the serum

    25. Gabriel Fish

      Jack: you say we don't have to kill any one. also Jack: can I get in the tank and shoot everyone dead

    26. Sean Sullivan

      I think im going to throw a brief case at my mom hahahaha

    27. Cibian Ray


    28. Hellrevargen

      He Hates trains so he tock Steps to get awye from them

    29. Lukas Reimer


    30. The Man Behind the Drawing

      Oh CHEESE she turned on him!

    31. Endi Rusu

      fun fact: Agent 47 was born in Romania (ir atleast was growing up training as a assassin in Romania)

    32. Addison Gernaey

      1:50 made me laugh so hard LOL

    33. Bone Man

      I didn’t like Berlin but the more I played it for level 20 mastery I loved it but any level I didn’t like I played through and then liked it more except Colorado

    34. zach 8

      No he sticks blue berries up his a-

    35. Siniplier


    36. Alira Christensen

      Love your videos you crack me up everytime 🤣 cheers from downunder!

    37. Daniel Trott

      Just as he did the lawyer attack, there was an ad for an injury law firm

    38. Lily or something

      NO jack it’s a WATER I know people are majority water but you can’t just do that- jack, JACK NO STOP

    39. Kara-louise

      Day 3 of asking you to do awful asmr 3

    40. andra

      jack: they don't even know i have a banana in my pocket maybe the boys thought 47 was excited to see them 😳

    41. Sterling Ordes

      Why does the guy remind me of JerryRigEverything

    42. Dezmond Radcliffe

      I Watch all of your vids and the old ones

    43. Ethan Schroeder

      Does anyone else think the train part looks like the toy story 3 game🧐🧐

    44. Jeremiah MIC

      A twilight reference? I feel like I’m 13 again

    45. Pixel Banana


    46. Micro Trash

      As another Irishman once said, “vino humano.”

    47. Egg Man

      26:39 Who knew diplomacy would work so well? *Immediately plots massacre*

    48. Alex Shellhamer

      "Cheese" "Cheese" "Cheese" "Cheese" "Cheese" "Cheese" "Cheese" "Cheese" - Pam cheese

    49. tijn schulte

      it seems like jack had a little inspiration from aot

    50. Viktor Approves

      Title sounds like RE 8 plot

    51. BeeMeat

      LAWYER ATTACK //*bonk*

    52. Samuel Mast

      ah talking to everybody is better than killing everybody... can i get into the tank and shoot everyone dead?

    53. Tornado the SkyWing

      Breaking News! C H E E S E

    54. Zimmj002music

      3:55 "Does the future look bright?" All I could think was "The future's bright...The future's Orange"

    55. RJ

      Jack: i cant be dead there's another level. But hes playing the first game. So he should have said "i cant be dead theres another 2 games." Edit: never mind i realised at the end he was on the first game but he had all the storylines on one game

    56. Deant


    57. Gordon Ramsay


    58. some random kid in the intenet idk

      5:17 see kids this is what happens when you dont pay taxes and your lawyer is also mad at you

    59. Wesley

      i wish jack wouldve taken this game a little more seriously, its a really amazing game if he didnt play it like a joke.

    60. Rocket

      You da man

    61. Brendan Jacobson

      Cannibalism or good taste in whine?

    62. Yamada Noshiro

      I laugh for those cheeses 🤣🤣

    63. Blake Hhg

      Jack: “I don’t know who you work for” “OO MUFFIN”

    64. Dark knight clan Salvage_Reaper

      these video is very cheesy

    65. Geo Vibes

      jack: where am i again? russia? me, a romanian: he's a little confused, but he's got the spirit

    66. Lil_Frog_Cult


    67. Chris Dease

      Ohh muffin

    68. Phoenixcat220

      *Reads title* Me: HE'S JESUS

    69. ThornyDrood

      Agent 47 almost got another hit - I mistakenly took a bite of my lunch right when the cheese bit started... XD

    70. SladesGirl

      I can tell I'm tired because when he imitated the finger pointing with the sound effect I couldn't stop giggling

    71. Dr. Ford

      He's kinda turned into jesus

    72. Sophia Mizen

      Jack: I don’t think this is going to work Also Jack: I swear it’s going to work What Happens: Target is hit with a banana and immediately gets up and yells for help

    73. Sire gaming101


    74. Gharmon

      jack: talking things out is better than killing. also jack: can i shoot everyone dead? 26:40

    75. VoidFPS

      Agent 47 reached apex pred holllly smokkkesss

    76. Deezxxx Dillabough

      good to be back Could agree when the game works no lag exctra :P

    77. The Legendary Booty Bandit


    78. Kiaan Drilo

      15:05 "Wanna know one of the least ap*peel*ing ways to die?" "So, this might not seem appeeling, but hear me out." "Hey, wanna see somethin that's fuckin bananas?"

    79. Spencer Gallucci

      By the title thought this would be Resident Evil

    80. Cooper Dodds

      Ay Sean pro tip; if you ever need a screwdriver it’s gonna be stuck to a barrel, always

    81. Alessio Jackman

      It’s Actualy zekes spinal fluid

    82. rane hinkle

      random hit man guy: i think you already know what this is sean: TITA- eren yeager: NO JUST NO


      MY NAME IS NEIL!!!

    84. Bob Bucket

      Damn Sean you pulled a Fargo in the vineyard brutal I love it 😂

    85. Smithy_YT

      Jack: guys I don't know what you're up to, who you work for- ooh a muffin ...23:40

    86. Jaxson Dav

      Eat your heart out Jesus.

    87. Aniboofair

      My men has more careers then johnny sins

    88. Justin Anderson

      Taste Briefcase! that part cracked me up

    89. Jackie McIntosh

      2:43 that dude spoke major truth "Oh you god"

    90. Sb22 3

      Those frames are *chefs kiss*

    91. Sam Ward

      In this vid you you look like captain priste from call of duty

    92. Carnage King48

      Anyone else remember floppy banana?

    93. PIZZAPE

      News: records segment Agent 47: foot go walk heh heh

    94. Pandy the Panda

      I think Neil is the greatest camera man. He recorded all of this.

    95. FLARE Zplays

      hah the guy said duty

    96. Cody Li

      The sable snowman metrically blot because syrup randomly excite worth a wakeful burst. precious, smelly prison

    97. Tyler Randle

      The Banana jokes were very....appealing.... :DDD

    98. Kangalow

      This gives me old thumbnail nostalgia

    99. Kanimates

      Headcannon: all the guards in Hit Man 3 that pat you down are secretly gay

    100. Jaxcraft 28

      25:37: PFFFT! Is this how you act when you're the impostor in Among Us, Sèan? XD